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114: The Wall pt 1

1. What are Gary, Marissa, & Chuck doing at the beginning of episode?
a. making a budget for Gary

2. How much is Gary going to bet at the track?
a. $16

3. What’s wrong with the paper?
a. marks on the paper, “sloppy headline”

4. What does Gary tell Chuck to bet on?
a. 3rd race at Pembleton, 3-6-2 Trifecta, pays $160

5. Who was the letter bomb going to injure?
a. Sun-Times Editor (Harry Hawks)

6. What did the reporter misspell again?
a. brassiere

7. What is the Secret Service agent’s name?
a. John Dobbs

8. What is the President’s name (in Early Edition land)?
a. President Tyson

9. What unexpected thing happened at the track?
a. There was a last minute scratch

10. What did Chuck bet on?
a. His lucky number, 7

11. How much did Chuck win at the track?
a. “42 Grand and change”

12. What is the name of the seven horse in the third race?
a. Mr Snow’s Cat

13. What does Morris give Gary?
a. A package labeled “Property of Lucius Snow”

14. Where was the package found?
a. in a hole in the wall in the archives room of the Sun-Times

15. What is in the package?
a. items from Kennedy Assassination, newspaper, ticket, business card, etc

16. Whose business card was in the package?
a. J T Marley, Secret Service

17. What does Chuck tell Hawks they are researching?
a. white breasted bob-tailed Bolivian Finches, very rare

18. What wakes Gary up at 3:01 am?
a. thunder and lightening

19. What does Gary see in the photograph?
a. Snow’s Cat

20. How many banks does Gary tell Dobbs he robbed?
a. all of them

21. What’s the name of the guy selling newspapers?
a. Mike

22. What was Snow’s theory?
a. Renegade agents, falsified certificates, Oswald was a dupe

23. How and when did Marley supposedly die?
a. in a plane crash in Central Peru a couple months “after Dallas”

24. Where does Gary keep the money from the track?
a. in his desk on the right hand side

25. Why is the paper smudgy?
a. there’s another headline

26. What does Chuck find in Gary’s desk drawer?
a. a magnifying glass, the money from the track, a map of the presidential route, and a gun

27. What is unusual about the magnifying glass?
a. It mysteriously changes directions from one scene to the next

28. What does the other headline/story say?
a. President Tyson will be shot by Gary Hobson, who will also kill Dobbs

29. How many times is Chuck arrested?
a. 2

30. What happens to Hawks?
a. fatal gunshot to head

31. What is Detective Crumb’s first name?
a. Zeke

32. What is newspaper editor Hawks’ first name?
a. Harry

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