Early Edition Trivia

114:  "The Wall pt 1"
(Secret Service suspects Gary of foul play)
"The Wall pt 1" Answers

1. What are Gary, Marissa, & Chuck doing at the beginning of episode?

2. How much is Gary going to bet at the track?

3. What’s wrong with the paper?

4. What does Gary tell Chuck to bet on?

5. Who was the letter bomb going to injure?

6. What did the reporter misspell again?

7. What is the Secret Service agent’s name?

8. What is the President’s name (in Early Edition land)?

9. What unexpected thing happened at the track?

10. What did Chuck bet on?

11. How much did Chuck win at the track?

12. What is the name of the seven horse in the third race?

13. What does Morris give Gary?

14. Where was the package found?

15. What is in the package?

16. Whose business card was in the package?

17. What does Chuck tell Hawks they are researching?

18. What wakes Gary up at 3:01 am?

19. What does Gary see in the photograph?

20. How many banks does Gary tell Dobbs he robbed?

21. What’s the name of the guy selling newspapers?

22. What was Snow’s theory?

23. How and when did Marley supposedly die?

24. Where does Gary keep the money from the track?

25. Why is the paper smudgy?

26. What does Chuck find in Gary’s desk drawer?

27. What is unusual about the magnifying glass?

28. What does the other headline/story say?

29. How many times is Chuck arrested?

30. What happens to Hawks?

31. What is Detective Crumb’s first name?

32. What is newspaper editor Hawks’ first name?

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