115 "The Wall, Part 2"
(Original Air Date: February 8, 1997)

Written by Bob Brush; Directed by James Quinn
Fanscribed by earlydues

Previously on Early Edition:

[Scenes shown from previous episode: Phone guys have just cut a hole in the wall of the Sun-Times archives room.]

Phone guy: What is that?

[Morris brings a box to Gary at the Blackstone.]

Morris: I brought you something. Just turned up today - in a hole in the wall.

[Gary, Chuck, Marissa in Gary's apartment trying to figure out what the contents of the box mean.]

Marissa: Snow knew it was going to happen.

Gary: He was there.

Chuck: US Secret Service. J. T. Marley.

Marissa: Bingo. Snow needed help. That's who he went to.

[Scene of Gary running.]

Dobbs: The president is due in town. I'm here to make sure everything goes well.

[Crumb's office: Dobbs is talking to Gary and Harry Hawks]

Dobbs: I'm what you might call a hunter.

Hawks: Hunting for what?

Dobbs: One that hasn't shown up on the radar screen -- yet.

[Scene of Gary waking up abruptly in the middle of the night.]

Dobbs: For instance, people who think they know things that the rest of us don't.

[Scene of Gary running again. Then back to Gary looking more closely at the photograph in Snow's newspaper.]

Hawks: Him and his crackpot theories. Oswald was just a dupe? Come on.

Gary: And what about the cat?

Hawks: What cat?

Gary: Snow's cat.

[Hawks' office at the Sun-Times.]

Gary: And what about Marley

Hawks: They found his bones scattered all over a mountaintop in central Peru.

[That night: Gary has gone to Hawks for help. He turns around Hawks' chair...]

Gary: Hawk- -

[Hawks is dead. Shot through the head.]

Marissa: Maybe someone's trying to set you up.

[Outside of Police Station. Police have Chuck in custody. Gary arrives looking for help.]

Crumb: There he is

Chuck: Gary, run!

[Scene of Gary running again.]


[Gary on El, riding alone. Night of Hawks' murder.]

Chuck Voiceover: In the end, it didn't matter who was right and who was wrong. Things happen as they happen. You can't change the past. Trouble was, only one man knew the truth, and he was gone. Unless… he wasn't.


[Gary on El, sleeping. Is the next morning.]

El Train Security: Hey! No sleeping on the train. You want a bed, find a shelter.

[Gary wakes up, sees a woman across the aisle reading a Sun-Times. He grabs it away from her.]

Gary: That's my paper.

Woman: Hey, get out of here, I just bought that.

[Gary checks date on paper.]

Gary: I'm sorry, I --

Woman: Nut. Jeez…

[Gary exits train and heads down steps, passing a couple of police officers.]

Police1: Find that guy yet?

Police2: No, but they'll get him. It's only a matter of time.

Police1: Yeah. Every unit in town's after him.

[Gary heads towards the exit; hears Cat.]

Cat: Meow

[Cat is sitting on windowsill with paper. Gary takes the paper and Cat runs out of room. Gary starts to follow.]

Gary: Hey.

[Security/Police guys are coming down the steps by that doorway.]

Police1: He was on the train?

El Train Security: I'm pretty sure.

Police1: Call it in.

[Gary sees them and exits another way. He steps aside at a corner to check out the Paper.]

Gary: Oh, no.

[Police Station; Crumb is being mobbed by reporters.]

Crumb: No comment, no comment, no comment. Oh, come on. Make a hole here, will you? What, are they giving out free beer?

Reporterette: Detective, can you give us any news about last night's murder of Harry Hawks?

Crumb: No.

Reporterette: Can we assume the assailant is still at large?

Crumb: Assume what you will. You're going to assume anyhow.

Reporter: You do have an accomplice under arrest, is that true?

Crumb: In my line of work, nothing is true.

Reporterette: Is there any connection between this murder and the president's visit to Chicago?

Crumb: Yeah, and my fat Aunt Rosie is the real queen of England. Don't make me laugh.

[Crumb's Office; Dobbs is there.]

Crumb: Damn bloodhounds.

Dobbs: Just part of what makes this country great.

Crumb: You. Don't you ever sleep?

Dobbs: Not today. Any news on Hobson?

Crumb: Yeah. He's sittin' right in this chair. Dollars to donuts, the guy skipped town.

Dobbs: No, he's around. I can feel it.

Crumb: So can they. You know, I still can't believe that he killed Hawks.

Dobbs: Neither can he. He's in total denial. That's what makes him so dangerous.

Crumb: Oh, come on. You don't still think he's going for the president? We've got half the force looking for him.

Dobbs: He's a man with a mission. Now he's got nothing to lose.

Crumb: Why not put out a statement?

Dobbs: No. We don't want to start a panic.

Crumb: Then you better tell your people

Dobbs: They know

Assistant Detective: Sir, about the detainee. We can't hold him much longer.

Crumb: Yeah, okay, we're coming. Dobbs, who's Marley?

Dobbs: Pardon?

Crumb: Last night you said maybe he'd lead us - -

Dobbs: No. I misspoke myself. It's none of your concern.

Crumb: Oh, the hell it's not. We got a murder here.

Dobbs: Classified - - need to know. You don't.

[Dobbs starts to leave for interrogation room. Crumb follows.]

Crumb: Just a minute. You think I'm going to stand around twiddling my thumbs while you run my operation, you're out of your mind. You got information, I want it.

Dobbs: Butt out. This is my business. I'll handle it my way. All right? Shall we?

[Dobbs gestures towards the interrogation room. He and Crumb enter.]

Dobbs: Mr. Fishman.

Chuck: Yeah.

Dobbs: It's time we had a little talk.

[Navy Pier. Marissa is waiting for Gary to arrive.]

Gary: Marissa.

Marissa: Gary? Are you all right? Guess that's a stupid question

Gary: Hawks is dead

Marissa: So I heard. What happened?

Gary: What happened? I don't know what happened. He was dead when I found him. They think I did it.

Marissa: Well, then you just have to tell them you didn't do it.

Gary: It's not that simple, is it?

Marissa: Well, someone's got to tell them. You can tell them, I can tell them, Chuck. What about Chuck?

Gary: They arrested Chuck last night. They found him in my apartment. They found enough evidence to prove I'm some kind of assassin or something. I go back to them, they're going to lock me up for the rest of my life.

Marissa: Well, what about that Agent Dobbs? Maybe if you went to him…

Gary: Dobbs? Dobbs thinks I'm some kind of a lunatic. Besides, they're setting him up, too, and according to the paper, I'm still going to kill him

Marissa: You don't believe that, do you?

Gary: Marissa, I don’t know what to believe. Maybe I'm crazy or something, I don't know.

Marissa: You're not crazy, Gary. Remember the paper only tells you what's going to happen unless you change it.

Gary: But Marissa, what if I can't change it? I got to think.

[Interrogation Room. Dobbs and Crumb are 'grilling' Chuck.]

Chuck: Look, I told you what I know. This has all been a big mistake.

Dobbs: You say he's your friend.

Chuck: Yeah.

Dobbs: He tells you everything.

Chuck: Yeah?

Dobbs: But you don't know anything?

Chuck: Yeah, I know he didn't do what you say he did.

Crumb: He already did it.

Chuck: The guy spends all his time saving people. He's a hero. You know that.

Dobbs: Look, I know what you're feeling You think you know someone, and then one day you open a door, and something else is there. You say it's not him. Okay, I'm open. Help him with this.

Chuck: How?

Dobbs: Tell us where he is. It's for his own good.

[Coffee Shop. TV is on in background. Gary and Marissa are talking things over.]

TV Man: In the news at 10 am: The president heads for Chicago. Air Force One lifted off just minutes ago from Washington's Dulles Airport on its way to the windy city. The president and the first lady will arrive at O'Hare International some time just after noon, where dignitaries…

Marissa: I won't accept this. There has to be something we can do.

Gary: There isn't something we can do. Today at 2 o'clock I'm going to be on the top floor of that building with a rifle.

Marissa: Gary, that's crazy. You won't be there.

Gary: What, are you saying the paper's wrong?

Marissa: No, what I'm saying is, you need to find a way to change that headline.

Gary: What am I supposed to do? Wish it away? Because I've tried that. That doesn't work.

Marissa: Then we need to find someone to help you. Someone you know, someone who trusts you, Gary.

Gary: Marissa, half this town is out looking for me right now.

Marissa: Lucius Snow.

Gary: What?

Marissa: Lucius Snow.

Gary: What about Lucius Snow?

Marissa: Gary, that picture that was in the wall - - where is it?

Gary: Forget about the photograph, would you?

Marissa: Maybe that's the reason why it came to you.

Gary: Well, if that's the reason, it's too late. It's gone. I gave it to Hawks.

[Gary has a lightbulb moment.]

Gary: Marissa… you don't think that's the reason Hawks got killed, do you?

Marissa: I think we need to get that picture back and find out what's really in it.

[Sun-Times Archives. Gary and Marissa are looking for Morris.]

Gary: Morris! Morris? Morris, you down here?

Marissa: Gosh, this place feels like a tomb.

Gary: Yeah, it does. I'm going to look around.

Marissa: Okay.

Gary: Hey, Morris?

[Morris comes around corner with a gun pointed at Gary.]

Morris: Stop right there. Put your hands up. Go ahead. Now, come closer… but slow.

Marissa: Gary?

Gary: It's all right.

Morris: That's far enough. Keep them up. Been reading about you in the paper. You're in a world of trouble, son.

Gary: Yeah.

Morris: Always figured, sooner or later, this business would come to no good. [pause] So how can I help you?


[Sun-Times Archives. Gary spreads the contents of an envelope in front of him.]

Gary: This is everything.

Morris: Everything Mr Hawks sent back yesterday afternoon. If Snow's things weren't on his desk, they should be here.

Gary: Well, if it's not here, either he threw it out, which I highly doubt, or someone took it.

Marissa: Well, then, we need to find out who that someone is.

Morris: Now see? That's exactly why I borrowed this firearm. If this fella's killing people, it ain't going to be me. Sorry I can't be of more help. I feel sorry for Mr. Hawks.

Marissa: What about that picture from the newspaper?

Morris: I haven't seen it. It must be gone, too.

Marissa: Okay, well, then the Warren Commission report. There was a picture in there, too.

Gary: It was all blurry.

Marissa: So unblur it.

Gary: Oh, unblur it. Of course. Just like that.

Marissa: Listen, I read that they take pictures like that all the time and make them crystal clear.

Gary: And where are you going to unblur it? NASA?

Morris: Oh, you could do that, I suppose. Or we might just drop in on Hanratty.

[Crumb's Office - - telephone rings.]

Crumb: [on phone] Yeah. No. No, nothing yet. Well tell the mayor we're making progress. Well I don't care if it's true or not. Tell him anyway! [hangs up] This is nuts. 60 billion cops in this city, we can't find one guy.

Assistant Detective: We're looking.

Crumb: "We're looking." Your starting to sound like me, now. /sigh/ Where the hell is this guy?

[Hanratty's Pawn Shop. Morris pounds on the door.]

Gary: This is Hanratty's?

Morris: Cousin of mine. Don't judge a book by its cover.

[Morris pounds on door again]

Morris: It's me. Morris. Open up.

Hanratty: I'm closed, dude.

Morris: Hanratty, don't make me tell your mama.

[Hanratty has let them inside and is now looking at the Warren Commission book.]

Hanratty: A picture. You had me open up for a picture? If you want an enlargement, go to Fotomat, brother.

Morris: Well, we need more than just a 10 by 12. We need something special. You know.

Hanratty: I'm a pawnbroker, you understand? And who are they, anyway?

Morris: None of your business.

Hanratty: That's right. And my business ain't none of theirs.

Morris: Hanratty these folks are my friends. And they need your help. I'd hate to think you'd let them down.

Hanratty: Not my problem, brother.

Morris: Well, then I'll tell you what is. The immigration department has an office two blocks from here. What if I just drop in and just drop a few hints about your illegal passport business?

[Morris has convinced Hanratty to help them. They all head towards the back of store.]

Hanratty: And don't be touching nothing.

Morris: Where'd this stuff come from, anyway? Fall off a truck?

Gary: Morris, this is a pawn shop.

Morris: In a manner of speaking.

Gary: What can he do for us here?

[They enter the "back room" of the pawn shop.]

Hanratty: Watch your step.

Gary: All right. So what are we going to do in - -

[Hanratty opens a hidden door which leads to a room filled with high-tech equipment.]

Hanratty: Come on.

Morris: Come on. Welcome to the bat cave.

Gary: Where'd you get this?

Hanratty: Fell off a truck. Give me the picture.

[Police Station. Dobbs walks by Crumb's office while Crumb is talking to detective.]

Crumb: You let Fishy go? On whose authority?

Assistant Detective: Agent Dobbs, sir. He said that - -

Crumb: Dobbs. Hey, Dobbs! What the hell have you done?

Dobbs: There's no reason to hold him. He's told us what he knows.

Crumb: He's a material witness in a murder investigation.

Dobbs: Maybe. Right now he's worth more to me out there.

Crumb: Now, you don't really thing he's going to lead us to Hobson, do you? The guy may look like a clown, but he can't be that stupid.

Dobbs: We'll see.

[Chuck running.]


Hanratty: Well, it's in. What are we looking for?

Morris: None of your business. Just make the thing clear.

Hanratty: Well, you don't have to cop a 'tude, my man.

Gary: Marissa. Three hours - - it takes that long?

Marissa: That's what he said.

Gary: Listen, I don't have that much time.

Marissa: Yeah, I know, but there might be a clue in there, Gary.

Gary: A clue to what? Something that happened 30 years ago?

Marissa: Maybe something that might be happening today.

Gary: Fine. You stay here. Me, I'm going home.

Marissa: The hotel? Gary, they'll find you there.

Gary: No they won't. Look, 4 o'clock I'm going to be where this paper says. Only question is, with who?

[Fire escape at Blackstone - Gary climbs to his window and sneaks in. His room is in shambles. Cat is sitting on the top of the couch.]

Cat: Meow

[Gary walks through the room and is surprised by Chuck.]

Chuck: Ppsst.

Gary: D'oh! What are you doing here?

Chuck: I'm waiting for you.

Gary: What do you mean, you're waiting for me? What the - -? Why would I be stupid enough to come back here?

Chuck: I don't know, but you did. By the way, you need a new housekeeper.

Gary: Anyone follow you here?

Chuck: Yes. But I lost them.

[Outside of Blackstone. Crumb and Dobbs arrive.]

Crumb: He in there?

Cop on Scene: Two of them.

Dobbs: Okay, get going.

Crumb: Just waiting for some backup.

Dobbs: There's no time for that. Go.

[Crumb and Cop on Scene walk towards the Blackstone.]

Crumb: Screw him. Get some backup.

[Gary's Apartment.]

Chuck: Gar, what the hell are we supposed to be looking for, anyway, huh?

Gary: I don't know.

Chuck: Well, I don't know, either. Gar, is there something you're not telling me? You know, I'm starting to think that, ah, maybe…

Gary: Maybe what? [pause] Yeah, I know. I'm beginning to believe that myself.

Chuck: I mean, these guys mean serious business.

Cat: Meow.

[Cat is meowing at something on the floor. Gary picks up a lighter and sees initials on it: J.T.M.]

Chuck: What is it?

Gary: He's alive.

Chuck: Who?

Gary: "J.T.M." He's here.

Chuck: Who?

Gary: Marley.

[Elevator bell dings. Chuck checks the hallway through the peep-hole and sees the police coming.]

Chuck: You gotta get out of here now!

Gary: If you hear anything, go to Hanratty's pawn shop.

Chuck: Hanratty's pawn shop. Go!

[Gary rushes out window. Chuck pretends he's been on the couch reading the whole time.]

Crumb: Open up! Police!

[The police break in.]

Chuck: Oh, hello fellas. Welcome back.

Cop on Scene: Over here.

Crumb: All right, where's your little playmate.

Cop on Scene: He's out of the building, Detective!

Crumb: Cuff him!

[Gary rushes down fire escape. As he's walking away he is stopped by Dobbs, who is pointing a gun at him.]

Dobbs: Hobson! Don't make me do this. Turn yourself in. You're a sick man. We can help you.

Gary: It's not what you think, Dobbs.

Dobbs: Then I've got no choice, do I?

[Their 'discussion' is interrupted by Crumb, who has just come out a doorway between Dobbs and Gary. Gary uses his chance to run away, followed by Crumb.]

Crumb: Hey! Hey, Hobson!

[Crumb runs down the street after Gary, but can't keep up.]

Crumb: Ahhh, my leg! Aaaaahhhh! Damn you!



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