‘The Wall, Part 2’ continued...

Written by Bob Brush; Directed by James Quinn
Fanscribed by earlydues


[Gary is walking the streets, trying not to be noticed. Police cars are all around.]

Woman on Police Scanner: Unit Six, continue on bridge. Suspect believed to be on foot and may be armed.

[Gary still walking.]

Woman on Police Scanner: All units, suspect last seen on the corner of Clark and Wagner…

[Gary calls Hanratty's from a phone booth. Hanratty answers, passes the phone to Marissa.]

Hanratty: Hold on, here she is.

Marissa: Gary? Where are you?

Gary: Marley's alive.

Marissa: What? How do you know that?

Gary: Something I found in my apartment. Listen, I don't have time. If Marley's the one that sent Hawks the letter bomb, he's also the one that killed him last night.

Marissa: But why? After all this time?

Gary: I don't know, maybe he thought Hawks knew something. Maybe Hawks did know something. If Snow was right, Hawks wouldn't believe him, now Hawks is dead. Listen, Marissa, just keep working on that photograph. There's something more in there, I'm sure of it now.

Marissa: Well, what are you going to do?

Gary: What am I going to do? I'm going to find Marley. I - -

[Sirens from nearby Police car.]

Marissa: Gary, that's crazy. You don't even know where to look.

[Gary drops telephone and leaves]

Marissa: Gary? Gar - -.

[Interrogation Room. Crumb brings Chuck in. Dobbs is waiting in the room.]

Chuck: Awww, what? Again? You just released me.

Crumb: In that case, welcome back.

Chuck: On what grounds?

Crumb: Aiding and abetting a fugitive.

Chuck: What? It was his own house!

Crumb: I wanna know what he was doing there.

Chuck: You know, the usual stuff - - shower, shave, eatin' cereal --

Crumb: Look, Fishburn- -

Chuck: Fishman.

Crumb: Whatever. You're not helping yourself here, you know.

Chuck: Just as long as I'm not helping you. So, he got away then?

Crumb: Yeah, he got away.

Chuck: Good.

Crumb: Now listen - -

Chuck: No, you listen. You can keep me here as long as you want and it won't do you any good. You know as well as I do, Gary is not the one you're looking for.

Woman Officer: Detective Crumb, there's a phone call. It's the one you've been waiting for.

Crumb: Yeah, okay. I'll be back.

Chuck: Yeah, I'm sure you will. Take your time.

[Crumb leaves the room. Chuck is now alone with Dobbs.]

Chuck: Ah, What?

Dobbs: He was looking for something. Something he left behind? Something he found?

Chuck: I have nothing to say.

Dobbs: You don't have to.

[Dobbs leaves the room, leaving door ajar to allow Chuck to escape.]

[Crumb's Office; Dobbs is there packing his briefcase. He places an envelope on Crumb's desk and picks up his gun. Crumb enters.]

Crumb: Going somewhere?

Dobbs: The president's due in about an hour.

Crumb: Oh, I see. So you thought you'd just run out there and save the world, huh?

Dobbs: Someone has to. So far you haven't.

Crumb: Yeah. Well, I'm just an ignorant flatfoot, out chasing murderers. I don't have a fancy briefcase or nothin' like that. But something's been bothering me.

Dobbs: What would that be?

Crumb: Why'd you let him go? Hobson. You had him. Twice. And you let him run. What are you up to?

Dobbs: If you have questions, check with my employer.

Crumb: Oh, well, I, I, I did that. They gave me the usual party-line run-around. So I went somewhere else. Friends of mine in the agency. They tell me a completely different story.

Dobbs: Oh? May I see that?

Crumb: They tell me you're a renegade. A man on a mission. One that the agency doesn't even acknowledge exists. You've been after this guy for three decades now, haven't you?

Dobbs: Who?

Crumb: Marley. J. T. Marley. There's not a shred of evidence that he's still alive, but you think he is. And you'll do anything to find him, wouldn't you? Including selling me down the river. Maybe even Hobson.

Dobbs: What do you think you know?

Crumb: I know this. I want you out of my office and out of my precinct. Right now.

Dobbs: Nice knowing you, Crumb.

[Chuck running. Stops at a phone booth and checks the phone book.]

Chuck: Yes. Pawn Shop. Pawn Shop. Hanratty's.

[Crumb's Office.]

Assistant Detective: Sir?

Crumb: Oh, get me that guy, uh, uh, Fishburn.

Assistant Detective: Fishman.

Crumb: Yeah, whatever. Get him.

Assistant Detective: Can't.

Crumb: What?

Assistant Detective: Well, see, there's a… problem.

[Navy Pier. Gary standing at railing looking out. An elderly man standing nearby walks towards him.]

Elderly Man: Waiting for something?

Gary: Yeah, something like that.

Elderly Man: I was thinking of going up there and seeing the motorcade. The president's coming, you know.

Gary: Yeah. Yeah, so I heard.

Elderly Man: The hurt won't last forever you know?

Gary: What?

Elderly Man: Whatever's troubling you. You're young, you'll get over it.

Gary: I'm not so sure. See, I've gotta be somewhere today and I'm not sure I want to be there. I mean, I don't have to go. I could stay here. I could stay right here, but no. I can't do that. Something's going to happen. Whether I'm there or not, something's going to happen. You can't cheat it and you can't wish it away.

Elderly Man: Then don't.

Gary: What?

Elderly Man: You can't run away from your fate. Might as well go toward it. Good luck to you.

[Elderly Man walks away.]

[Dobbs walking down crowded sidewalks. Gary walking down crowded sidewalks. Gary stops in front of the Randolph Building and checks his paper. "FATAL SHOTS FROM 13TH FLOOR"]

[Gary climbs the stairs to 13th floor and begins to look around.]


Chuck: He went where?

Marissa: He said to find Marley.

Chuck: And you let him go? This is not good. We've got to call someone.

Marissa: He made me promise that I wouldn't. He thinks it's his fate or something. He thinks the Paper needs him to go there.

Chuck: Yeah? Well, I don't. And I didn't promise him anything. Excuse me. Can I use your phone?

Hanratty: Oh, sure. Go ahead.

Marissa: Who are you calling?

Chuck: I'm going to call 9-1-1 and - -

Hanratty: Before you do, you might want to look at this.

[Chuck looks at the picture.]

[Randolph Building, Gary is looking around some more. The sound of wings flapping grabs his attention.]


Hanratty: Well, do you see what you're looking for?

Morris: Far as I can tell, not a thing. Same as it was before, only clearer. The cat and those three fellas.

Marissa: There has to be something. Something that Snow wanted us to know.

Hanratty: Snow? Do he know about me, too?

Chuck: You know what? There is something.

Hanratty: What?

Chuck: Could you zoom in to that part of the picture there, please?

Hanratty: Yeah.

Chuck: Can you enhance it?

[Randolph Building; Gary sees a rifle and walks towards it.]

[Hanratty's. The picture is getting clearer and clearer.]

Marissa: What is it, Chuck?

Chuck: That face… I know that face.

Morris: Of course we know who it is. It says right on the picture. It's Marley.

Chuck: Marley. 30 years ago. Can you age him 30 years?

Hanratty: Yeah.

[Randolph Building. Gary still looking at rifle. Dobbs appears.]

Dobbs: Like a moth to the flame.

Gary: Dobbs, listen to me, you got to get out of here. Look, I know what you're thinking. The gun. Hawks. I was there, but I - -

Dobbs: And now you're here.

Gary: Listen, Dobbs. We're being set up. You and I. Both of us. Someone's settin' us up.

Dobbs: And who might that be?

Gary: Marley. J.T. Marley. He's alive, Dobbs.

Dobbs: No, he isn't.

[Dobbs gestures behind him. Gary looks to see the feet of what is apparently a dead man.]

Gary: You got Marley.

Dobbs: No, you did. And that isn't Marley. It's Dobbs. Are things beginning to fall into place?

[Gary realizes that Marley has been masquerading as Dobbs. He grabs for the rifle, but Dobbs/Marley stops him by aiming gun at him.]

Dobbs: That won't do you much good. It isn't loaded. But now, at least, we have your fingerprints. Put it down, please. Now… may I have my lighter?


[View of motorcade.]

Man: The president's motorcade is making it's way toward the city. The snow has stopped, the weather is clearing, and the president is looking forward to a great day here in the windy city.

[Randolph Building. Gary is handcuffed to some scaffolding.]

Dobbs: Hell of a view, wouldn't you say? What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? Dobbs wouldn't have liked this. Heights always made him queasy. That's why he always took the train.

Gary: When did he die?

Dobbs: Oh, officially, about an hour ago. But he's been my guest for the past few days. Awaiting his moment.

Gary: Kind of like you, huh?

Dobbs: Kind of sad to see him go. We had a history together. 35 years, cat and mouse. But eventually everyone comes to their time. Even me.

Gary: How about that plane crash you died in. How did you make that happen?

Dobbs: Oh, simply a matter of logistics.

Gary: Logistics. When do I become part of your logistics?

Dobbs: Not yet. It's best for the time of death to be as accurate as possible.

Gary: Well, you got it all figured out, don't you?

Dobbs: In my line of business, one has to. You had me worried for a while. I was afraid you might get yourself caught.

Gary: What made you so sure I'd show up?

Dobbs: That paper of yours. I've seen it before, you know?

Gary: Yeah. In Dallas. Lucius Snow.

Dobbs: Must be a burden, knowing what's going to happen.

Gary: I'm not going to do it, Marley.

Dobbs: Of course not. You know it and I know it, but no one else will.

Gary: Don't be so sure. There's a lot of people that know you're alive.

Dobbs: Maybe so, but maybe I'm just a figment of Dobbs' imagination. In any case, they'll find you and they'll find him, and they'll see a puzzle that fits.

Gary: What about Crumb? He's going to find you, Dobbs.

Dobbs: Ahh, yes… Crumb. I wouldn't worry about him.

[Crumb's Office. Crumb is pacing.]

Crumb: Something ain't right. Something just ain't right.

[Close-up on the letter on his desk. Written on it is: "Maybe this will explain things."]

[Hanratty's. Chuck sees the picture of an aged Marley.]

Chuck: Dobbs.

[Outside; Chuck and Marissa hailing a cab.]

Chuck: Taxi! All right, curb, curb, curb. Taxi! Whoa.

[Motorcade sirens wailing.]

[Randolph Building.]

Gary: What time is it?

Dobbs: The waiting's the hardest part. Too bad Snow isn't here. You never met him, did you? He was completely nave. Reminds me of you.

Gary: He almost stopped you, didn't he?

Dobbs: You tell me.

Gary: Okay. He came to the book depository in Dallas. He came there 'cause no one else would listen to what he had to say. I know how that feels. When he got there, he found a man with a rifle. Oswald. Only Oswald wasn't alone. Was he?

Dobbs: It's your theory.

Gary: It was the first time you met Snow, wasn't it? You introduced yourself. You gave him your card. Then you escorted him out and told him everything was going to be fine. A few minutes later, John Kennedy was dead.

Dobbs: My, my.

Gary: Only that's where your logistics fell apart. 'Cause Oswald didn't die when he was supposed to. Instead, he ran. A few months later, you supposedly died in a plane crash.

Dobbs: Anything else?

Gary: Yeah. Why?

Dobbs: No matter how things are, someone always wants something changed, and there's always someone to do it.

Gary: "Man without a country."

Dobbs: "Soul is a country unto itself."

Gary: But you don't have one.

Dobbs: When I need one, I borrow one.

Gary: And then what?

Dobbs: After that, I just throw it away.

[Crumb's Office]

Crumb: [on phone] Yes sir, Mr. Mayor. I know you want action. Yes, sir. I know who's in town. The eyes of the world are upon us. Yes, Sir. Same to you.

[Hangs up.]

Crumb: Get me a car. I'm going down there.

Assistant Detective: Down where?

Crumb: Wherever the president's going. Something's going to happen today. I, I, I, I can feel it.

[Crumb sees the envelope on his desk.]

Crumb: What is this? "Maybe this will explain things."

[Crumb starts to open the envelope, but is interrupted by the sounds of a dog barking and arguing. He drops the envelope back on his desk and walks out of the office.]

Crumb: What the hell is this?

Chuck: Get your hands off me.

Marissa: Let him go!

Chuck: I just need to see Crumb.

Assistant Detective: Yeah, what you're going to see is a bunch of years in jail.

Chuck: Fine! Lock me up. Do whatever you want! Just let me talk to him for two seconds.

Crumb: You! Let him go. This better be good.

Chuck: Crumb, listen to me.

Crumb: Oh, listen to you? After you made a fool out of me and my entire department?

Chuck: Forget about that. That's ancient history. This is about Dobbs.

Crumb: No, no, no, no. I never want to hear that name again.

Chuck: Dobbs isn't who you think he is.

Crumb: Oh, that's news? Lock him up.

Chuck: What do you mean, lock me up? Hold on!

Marissa: Wait! Please, Detective Crumb. Just look at this.

Crumb: What is it?

Marissa: Just look at it.

Crumb: What? This is - -

Marissa: Dallas. 1963. Check out the name.

Crumb: Oh, no. This is some kind of a trick. You think I'm going to fall for this?

[Explosion in Crumb's office rocks the police station.]

Crumb: All right, leave it! Leave it! Sergeant, I want every man available. Where's Hobson?

Marissa: I promised him I --

Crumb: Look, wherever he is, that's where Marley is.

Marissa: All right. The Randolph Building, 13th floor.

[Outside of Randolph Building. Crumb and Assistant Detective arrive.]

Assistant Detective: Should we call the Secret Service?

Crumb: No, no. This guy is mine.

[Sirens wailing from motorcade.]

[Randolph Building.]

Dobbs: It's almost time. History repeats itself.

Gary: You don't really think this is going to happen, do you Marley?

Dobbs: You have to admit, it's rather well planned.

Gary: Well, I'm not so sure. It seems to me like you made a few mistakes.

Dobbs: Such as?

Gary: How about Hawks? The letter bomb to Hawks. You meant to kill him, but you didn't.

Dobbs: True. But it got me you, didn't it?

Gary: That's still not what you planned.

Dobbs: You're here, aren't you?

Gary: My choice.

Dobbs: Admit it. These past few days you've fantasized squeezing the trigger. Immortality a heartbeat away. You've been tempted.

Gary: No, I haven't.

Dobbs: Of course you have.

Gary: All right, you're so sure, let me have the rifle. I'll take the shot.

Dobbs: No, I don't think so.

[View of motorcade getting closer to its destination. Crumb and Detective rushing up the stairs at Randolph Building. Gary is getting more and more frantic to find a way to stop Dobbs/Marley.]

Gary: Listen, Marley. What you said before about not having a soul. That was a lie, wasn't it?

[Dobbs begins to take aim out the window.]

Gary: You hear a voice of your own, don't you? You're lost, Marley. You're drowning in your own logistics. You're so far gone, you don't even remember when you were you!

[Crumb arrives on the scene.]

Crumb: Dobbs, get away from that gun!

[Dobbs glances over, but continues to take aim at the motorcade.]

Crumb: Now!

[Crumb shoots Dobbs.]

Dobbs: Oh!

[Dobbs falls to the floor and dies. The Paper changes headlines: PRESIDENT'S VISIT PRODUCES LANDMARK AGREEMENT]

[Scene of Gary sleeping.]

Chuck Voiceover: It never made the papers.

[Gary sitting in kitchen area reading Lost Chicago book.]

Chuck Voiceover: On the books, it never happened. Anyone who knew, said nothing.

Cat: Meow.

[Paper thuds. Gary glances up. He retrieves the Paper and Cat comes into apartment.]

[Scene of Gary on lakeside bench.]

Chuck: They buried Dobbs at Arlington. Gave Marley an unmarked grave. Harry Hawks had a park named after him downtown. People missed him. And… things moved on. Only now, for one man, things were different. From now on, that paper would never be the same.


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