Early Edition Trivia

115:  "The Wall pt 2
(The paper reveals that Gary will assassinate the president)
"The Wall pt 2" Answers

1. Where has Gary spent his night in exile?

2. Where and when is Gary supposed to kill President Tyson?

3. Where does Gary, Marissa and Morris go to get the photo blown up?

4. How does Morris threaten Hanratty?

5. What does Gary find in his apartment?

6. Chuck tells Crumb that Gary was doing what at his apartment?

7. What are the elderly man’s words of wisdom?

8. What does Dobbs leave on Crumb’s desk?

9. What does Chuck find in the photo?

10. What phrase does Dobbs use twice?

11. What is DGT-920?

12. What happens to the real Dobbs?

13. How did Marley know Gary would show up at 13th floor?

14. Why does Marley say he assassinated Kennedy?

15. What *is* the envelope on Crumb’s desk?

16. What happens to Marley?

17. Why doesn’t anyone ever hear about the assassination attempt?

18. Where was Dobbs buried?

19. Where was Marley buried?

20. What is Hawks’ memorial?

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