Early Edition Trivia

105:  "Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog"
(lottery scheme, dognapping)
"Thief Swipes..." Answers

1. What is Gary doing at the beginning of the show?

2. What job does Gary go to apply for?

3. What was the job at Al’s auto wash with the flexible hours?

4. What is the name of the lottery?

5. What is the Jackpot at the beginning of the show?

6. Who tries to swipe the Mayor’s dog?

7. What is the Mayor’s name?

8. What is the Mayor’s dog’s name and what kind of dog is it?

9. What is Phil’s dog’s name?

10. Where is Phil from originally?

11. When and how did Phil come to the United States?

12. What is Phil’s job?

13. How was Phil’s dog killed?

14. What is the reason Chuck gives for Gary not eating the hot dog?

15. What does Phil want from the mayor?

16. What does Phil get from the mayor?

17. What was on the back of the autographed piece of paper?

18. What is the bartender’s name?

19. What is the Jackpot at the end of the show?

20. What does Gary buy while waiting to buy the lottery ticket?

21. What network airs the live lottery “drawing?”

22. What is Gary’s room number at the Blackstone?

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