Early Edition Trivia

212: "Romancing the Throne"
(A bored, sheltered princess stows away in Gary's car, but he must leave her with Chuck when his help is needed elsewhere)
"Romancing the Throne" Answers

1. Gary reads of a "bovine obstruction" on which track out of what place of the train?

2. What is the cow's name?

3. How did the cow get loose?

4. Gary and Chuck had plans for the evening, but Gary does this instead.

5. What is the name of the Princess and where is she from?

6. She is the only daughter of whom?

7. Who are the members of the "welcoming" committee?

8. What happened to Gary's paper the next morning and why?

9. What 3 newsworthy events does Gary find in the paper that Chuck says aren't worth it?

10. Where is the Princess' home country located, and what are it's primary industries?

11. In what room of the Chicago Hilton will Gary find the lovers?

12. What does Gary drive?

13. What does Gary find in his vehicle?

14. Describe the kind of pajamas the Princess would like.

15. What happens to Gary when he next goes for the morning paper?

16. What book does Gary have on his coffee table, and who is the author?

17. What does the Princess tell Gary her name is?

18. The Princess' "Lady-in-Waiting" has held that position for how many years?

19. Chuck tells Gary that the Princess' home country has a stamp with what on it?

20. At what eatery does Gary find the Princess?

21. What will happen to the "22-year-old mother of 2" at the Ice Rink?

22. What is Vesty's job?

22. How does Vesty find out where the Princess is?

23. How does Vesty describe the Princess?

24. What does the Princess say as she tosses Gary's newspaper pages around?

25. What does Vesty tell the Lady-in-Waiting they should do at McGinty's?

26. What does Gary buy for the Princess?

27. How does Gary describe why he does what he does?

28. What does Chuck do while keeping a lookout for Gary and the Princess?

29. What is the new McGinty's tradition?

30. What perplexing item does the Princess see on McGinty's menu?

31. What train will derail with the Princess aboard?

32. The out-of-control van is for what company?

33. What was the Princess' favorite part of Chicago?

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