‘Time’ continued...

Written by Carla Kettner; Directed by Mel Damski; (as "fanscribed" by  Lynn from PAX-aired episode.)


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Scene now at McGintyís, Lois is sitting at one end of the bar on the phone, Gary and Marissa are on the other end, both versions of May 15th paper are laid out


Lois: (on phone) {I missed the first thing she was saying, my tape started a second late} ÖNo I just want to stay a couple of more days here with Gary. He just seems to have a lot on his mind.


(scan down bar to Gary and Marissa)


Gary: Dylan Ross was a gang member who killed his rival in cold blood.  Luciusí paper says Ross Convicted. The actual paper says Ross Granted Mistrial


Marissa: You think Lucius changing the paper had something to do with the verdict?


Gary: I donít know


Marissa: I donít get it


Gary: I donít get it either


Marissa: I mean how could Lucius saving you from a traffic accident change a jury verdict?


{Gary notices disco song on juke box in the background}


Marissa: Gary?


{Flash back to essay competition: Gary backstage with other kids while someone is reading their essay on stage. - Gary is wearing a Saturday Night Fever type white suite.}


Boy (from tour group): Well, if it isnít the disco duck himself.


Young Gary: Get lost creep.


(Lois comes backstage)


Lois: Oh itís so exciting! Here. (handing him essay) Iíve highlighted everything youíre supposed to emphasize. Now, smile (she rubs something on his teeth). There you go


Young Gary: EW, what are you doing?

Lois: Itís just Vaseline; it will keep your lips from sticking to your teeth. Now remember Iím very proud of you and so is your father. Now, Iím going to be on the third row center, super 8, enjoy yourself. (pats his cheeks)


Young Gary:  Okay


Lois: Smile


Man on the stage: Now our next finalist, Jessica Sackey and her essay, ď1776: Thereís nothing broken we canít fix.Ē


(Jessica looking very nervous, taking deep breaths)


Young Gary: Jessica youíre on, go!


Jessica: Iím going to vomit


Man on stage: Miss Jessica Sackey.


Jessica: I canít do this Gary


Young Gary: Jessica get a grip, your not going to vomit, youíre not going to faint and your not going to break out. Youíre going to win and your parents are going to be proud of you, okay? (holds up crossed finger for good luck)


Jessica: Okay (turns to get essay, canít seem to find it) My essay! Itís gone


Man from the stage: (comes back stage) Jessica Sackey we need you now!


Jessica: My essay, itís gone. It was sitting right here!


Man: Well check your pockets


Jessica: I donít have any pocketsÖ


(Gary notices other boy standing with something behind his back)


Gary: Give it back!


Boy: I donít know what youíre talking about?


Young Gary: Give back her essay!


(Gary tried to see behind the boyís back, boy runs)


Young Gary: Give back her essay!

(the boy runs from behind the stage, across the stage, chased by young Gary, Lois in the audience sees Gary chasing the boy)


Man: Boys, boys, get back here!


Lois:  Gary!


(Gary tackles the boy on the other side of the stage)


Gary: Give it back!


Boy: Get off of me! (Gary wrestles essay out of boyís hand, crowd has gathered around the two)


Man: What is going on here!?


Boy: He took Jessica Sackeyís essay!


Lois: Gary Hobson!


Scene to current day, Gary sleeping on the sofa, mumbling in his sleep, dreaming


Loisí voice: Gary, Gary


Gary: no (still sleeping)


Lois: Gary, Gary wake up (shakes him to wake him up)


Gary: (wakes suddenly) what?


Lois: Youíre having a nightmare


Gary: the essayÖI was dreaming about the contestÖ.what happened with the contest?


Lois: Iíll tell you what happened. We came all the way to Chicago and you didnít even get to read your essay because you got into a fight with a horrid little boy from Barrington


{clock radio clicks on in background, news is playing}


Gary: No, I mean what happenedÖ


Cat: meow, (thud of newspaper)


(Gary gets up to retrieve the paper, opens it and sees headline: Baylor held in Z-Bar shooting: Nurse dies


Voice on the radio: Ö.and thatís the day in history for today, May 15


Gary:  (quietly to himself) May 15Ö.May 15


Scene: Armstrong walking down the street in front of the police station, Gary walks up to him to try and speak to him


Armstrong: Look, I really donít want to talk to you right now


Gary: Baylorís going to do something, tonight


Armstrong: In case you havenít noticed Iím driving a desk these days!


Gary: Heís going to hurt somebody


Armstrong: yesterday youíre telling me to keep my hands off, today youíre telling me to call out the posse


Gary: Look, I was tryingÖ


Armstrong: Öand I wonít even ask where you get your information from because I never get a straight answer anyway.  What I want to know is what business is it of yours? Because lately everywhere I go I am tripping all over Gary Hobson!


Gary:  Listen to me, youíve gotta stay on Baylor!


Armstrong: news flash buddy, I donít work for you and you donít work for this department, so justÖjust get out of my face!


Gary: Armstrong Iím giving you the truth, the truth!


Armstrong: Okay, one more time alright, for old times sake. How do you know? (pause) I thought so.


Gary: Look have I ever steered you wrong? Ever?!


(Armstrong turns to walk away)


Gary: okay fine, but by God I warned you and youíre going to have to live with that (turns and started to walk away)


Armstrong: you want me to lose my job over this!


(Flashback to young Gary running down the hall after incident with essay)


Lois: (off screen) Gary, Gary get back here!


(Young Gary runs into the menís room, sees two men having a conversation and stops at the door; the two men are Judge Romick and the Defense Lawyer from current day trial)


Judge Romick:  You want me to lose my job over this? Because thatís the least of whatís going to happen here


Defense Lawyer: I gave you $30,000


Judge: And I told you Iíd handle it my way


Defense Lawyer: Not good enough! My boyís got 25 to life riding on those jury instructions


Judge: my instructions were fine, after 10 years I can read juries like a book. Iím telling you theyíre going to come back hung, heís going to walk


Defense Lawyer: You better hope he does


(Lawyer sees Young Gary in the mirror and starts to chase after him)


Defense Lawyer: That kid heard the whole thing!


Judge: Let him go, heís just a kid


(Lawyer chases young Gary out of the bathroom and down the hall, they run out the front of the hotel, Gary trips on the curb and falls into the street into the path of an oncoming pickup truck, Lucius snow reaches down and grabs Gary back up just in time for the truck to miss him Ė Judge and Lawyer are standing in the front of the hotel watching)


Judge: If that boy had been killedÖ.


Defense Lawyer:  what!  What would your have done? Because itís too late for second thoughts my friend.


Scene: Current day, Gary opens the door to Judge Romickís office and walks in


Judge: (back to the door) I expect people to knock!  (turns and sees Gary)  MrÖ Hobson, right? What can I do for you?


Gary: I didnít understand it when I was a kid, but I understand it now


Judge: Understand what?


Gary: The Ross case, 1976, you took a bribe


Judge: I ah, I have no idea what youíre talking about


Gary: Oh you took money to get Dylan Ross off 24 years ago


Judge: This is insane, I donít issue the verdicts, thatís up to the juries


Gary: But you give instructions that make it impossible to convict, you manipulate the system.  Just like you suppressed the gun in the Baylor case


Judge: I had every right to suppress that gun!


Gary: you had every reason not to. Dylan Ross 24 years ago, William Baylor today, how many cases in between, Iím just wondering?


Judge: Get out!


Gary: no, how many judge?


Judge: I have done nothing in my career that is legally insupportable


Gary: oh, is that how it works?


Judge: if I did, the appellate court would overturn me in a nanosecond


Gary: and thatís how you justify letting guilty people go free so they can kill again? Let me ask you something, how is it you put a robe on every morning and you go out and sit in front of that flag and just what is it, your honor that youíre going to tell your granddaughter


Judge: how dare you. This is unfounded speculation; Iím calling the deputy (heads to desk to get to phone)


Gary: I was there! I was the kid 24 years ago that you chased out into that street. I was the kid that almost got run over! Do you remember that? Because today is the day it all came back to me.


(judge puts down phone)


Judge: I was in the middle of the Ross trial; I was running for circuit judge. My campaign was somewhat challenged to say to least. Tinsley promised me $30,000 and the support of several influential members of the trial attorneys association.


Gary: you were bought



Judge: I told myself it was politics, the exigencies of war. It was easier after that

Besides, itís still up to the jury


Gary: so all you do is stack the deck


Judge: I process over 100 cases a year Mr. Hobson. Iíve done favors for Tinsley maybe 6 times; half those men were back in the system within weeks. Iíve done a hell of a lot more good than bad in my career


Gary: and that makes it right?


Judge: Thatís not what I said


Gary: Look, out of all those people you cut loose thereís one thing you forgot in the middle of it all, the victims. You forgot the victims and the victimís family, the victimís friends, and all thatís going to be on your head


Judge: you think I donít know that?


Gary: William Baylor should be in jail but heís not heís over at the Z-bar tonight, with a lonely nurse. Sheís lonely because her boyfriend dumped her. Only tonight heís not just going to settle for a phone number and an address


Judge: how do you know that?


Gary: How the hell can you live with the possibility?


(Lindsey opens the door and walks in)


Lindsey: Grandpa, is everything okay?


Gary: (turns to leave, places his hand on top of Lindseyís head as he goes) Explain it to her (leaves and closes door)


Lindsey: what was he saying grandpa?


Judge:  He thinksÖ.I did something wrong


Lindsey:  but youíd never do anything wrongÖwould you grandpa?


Scene: Gary and Lois sitting on the sofa in Garyís apartment


Lois: Honey, you never told me any of this


Gary: Mom what did you want me to do? I was already in trouble for the contest and Iím supposed to tell you I almost got run over in the street?


Lois: But then, okay tell me this, how did Lucius Snow saving you change the trial?


Gary: I donít know, I... I figure, if I had been hit by the truck, Judge Romick, he might have intervened. Out of guilt he would have felt responsible, called the jury backÖ I donít know


Lois:  But because you livedÖ


Gary: In a way he sort of made a pack with the devil didnít he? And because of that William Baylorís out on the street tonight and heís going to try and kill this girl and itís all on the same day that Lucius Snow saved my life 24 years ago, and itís because of me.


(Headline about Baylor killing nurse fades into scene at the Z-Bar, nurse sitting alone at the bar and Baylor comes and sits next to her)


Baylor: Why the pout?


Nurse: Lousy day


Baylor: personal or professional?


Nurse: why?


Baylor: Well personal I can fix right away, professional may take me a couple of days


Nurse: really?


Baylor: really


Nurse: Whatís the price tag?


Baylor: Hey Drew, Hillary needs a refill


Nurse: Howíd you know my name?


Baylor: I own this place


(Nurse reaches for the drink bartender just put in front of her; Gary runs up from behind and grabs the drink from her hand)


Gary: You donít want to do that


Baylor: Hey!


Gary: In fact you donít want to be with this guy at all


Baylor: Get Traney!


Gary: Your friend here just had an interesting adventure in the legal system; did he tell you about that?


Nurse: whatís he talking about?


Baylor: Nothing, heís nuts!


Bouncer:  Whatís the problem boss?


Baylor: Get this looser out of her now!


(bouncer grabs Gary from behind twists his arm behind his back and starts to drag him out)


Gary: Maybe your friend didnít tell you how he murdered his girlfriend


Baylor: Get him out, now!


(Bouncer brings Gary outside to the alley on the side of the bar, punches him several times in the stomach, Gary falls back into the trashcans, the bouncer goes back inside)


Bouncer: Stay out of here!


(Back inside the bar)


Baylor: You okay sweetheart?


(back to the alley, Judge Romick sees Gary on the ground)


Judge: What happened? Who did this? Is Baylor in there?


(Garyís still on the ground, having trouble standing up or speaking, paper is next to him on the ground, Judge sees the headline about Baylor killing the nurse, picks up the paper to look closer)


Judge: What is this? Whatís going on?


(Gary grabs paper out of his hand and tries to stand up)


Gary: (gasping for air still) IímÖtrying ...to clean up the mess that you made yesterday (coughing)


Judge: This is all my fault. (walks away to go to the front of the bar)


(nurse and Baylor now standing outside the front of the bar)


Nurse: Leave me alone creep! Get away from me


(she slaps Baylor across the face and tries to walks away, Baylor grabs her arm and tries to pull her back, she uses her free hand to scratch him in the forehead and walks away, Baylor touches his face and sees blood, pulls gun out of his pocket and points it in the direction the nurse is walking. Judge Romick coming up the street towards Baylor runs up in front of the nurse)


Judge: Baylor no!


(gun is fired, Judge falls to the ground)


Nurse: AHHH!


(Gary runs up from behind nurse and Judge and tackles Baylor and slams his upper body several times to the ground until he drops the gun and is unconscious then runs over to the Judge where nurse is kneeling over him)


Gary:  Come on, go call 911. (nurse leaves to call; Gary kneels over Judge)


Judge: Is she okay?


Gary: Oh, yeah, yeah, you saved her life Judge, you saved her life.


Judge: Tell LindseyÖ..


Gary: Yeah.


(Judge dies)


Scene: still outside the bar, police have arrived; ambulance had come; Gary looking at new headline that has appeared: Death of a Judge

Looks up from headline and stares at Baylor as heís being put into the police car, glances back at headline then up again and sees Armstrong walking towards him


Armstrong: Should have never happened.


Gary: (mumbling) Well maybe it had to happen.


Armstrong: What was that?


Gary: Nothing.


Armstrong: You know what the judge was doing here Hobson?


Gary: No.


Armstrong: No idea?


Gary: No. (turns to leave)


Armstrong: Iím not done with you yet Hobson


Gary: Well what is it that you want to know?


Armstrong: I want to know everythingÖbut Iím patient


Gary: Well you know where to find me. (turns again to leave)


Armstrong: Hey Hobson Ö.thanks


(Flashback to young Gary and Jessica in front of hotel, Jessica getting ready to leave)


Jessica: Thanks, Gary.


Young Gary: Goodbye.


Jessica: Bye.


(Jessica gets into cab, she and Young Gary wave goodbye. Young Gary starts to walk back to the hotel entrance, Lucius Snow calls to him from the sidewalk)


Lucius: I think you dropped this, kid. (hands him a pocketknife with key attached) You ought to be a little more careful, huh?


Young Gary:  This is cool, but itís, uh, itís not mine.


Lucius: Youíre Gary Hobson, right?


Young Gary: Yeah.


Lucius: Arenít those your initial right thereÖ.G.H.? (points to initials on knife)


Young Gary: Yeah! ButÖ


Lucius: You hang on to it and take care of yourself.


Young Gary: Thanks, Mister.


Scene to present time: Gary in his apartment walks over and opens a drawer, finds the pocket knife, notices the key has initials on it, ITB


Gary: I.T.BÖ..I.T.B?


(Goes to box of stuff he got from Morris, pulls out the passbook from Illinois Trust Bank)


Scene: Gary in room at bank with safe deposit box, opens the box with the key and inside is envelope with his name on it, he picks it up....


Scene changes to cemetery: Cat sitting on Lucius Snowís headstone, Gary standing in front of the grave.  He sees Judge Romick burial service concluding a short distance away from him. . . he opens letter and begins to read it.


Voice of Lucius Snow:  Dear Gary, I imagine by the time you get this letter, youíve got a whole lot more questions than Iíve got answers. I can tell you that I wasnít the first to get the paper and I doubt that youíll be the last. But I am certain, that by now whatever debt you think you owe me has been paid in full a thousand times over. In this you have found your gift, and I know that you serve it with honor.


(Gary looks at the pocket knife again, thinking. Looks over at the Judgeís burial service and sees Lindsey, walks over to speak with her)


Lindsey:  All these people talked about him at the funeral, but nobody really knew him.


Gary: No.


Lindsey: He loved me so much; he made me feel so special. I wanted someone to say that at the funeral, but nobody did.


Gary: Lindsey, you remember your grandfather the way you want to remember him.


Lindsey: My mom says that we just have to accept that it was his time, you know, Godís plan and all that.


Gary: Well you know what I think?  I think maybe sometimes we got a say in that plan. Remember that for me, will ya?


Voice off screen: Lindsey, honey.


Lindsey: I gotta go.


(she starts to walk away)


Gary: Hey LindseyÖ.I think you dropped this.


(hands her the pocket knife)


Lindsey:  Itís not mine.


Gary:  Well itís got your initials on it.


(L.R. is now inscribed on the pocket knife)


Lindsey:  YeahÖbut.


Gary:  You hang on to that, okay?


Lindsey:  Thanks.


(Gary nods, she walks away)


Gary: (to himself) Take care.


(Gary walks towards the front entrance of the cemetery to leave)


Voice of Lucius Snow:  I can tell you that we are the messengers between time and its keeper.  You, of all people, know how fragile life is. So, somewhere between the pages of our newspaper Gary Hobson, find time to live it.


(Gary pauses at the front gate of the cemetery watching people on the street: a young couple walking arm and arm, a mother and father pushing child in a stroller, a group of older men taking Tai Chi in the park across the street . . . Gary smiles to himself and walks away. Pan across the front gate of the cemetery and see Lucius Snow watching Gary walk away.)

The end.

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