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309: In Gary We Trust

1. What are Gary and Erica eating as the episode opens?
a. Pizza

2. The headline in the Paper reads, "Calamities rock city." What four "calamities" happen while Gary and Erica kiss?
a. A woman chokes, a waiter slips and falls, a robber comes in the restaurant, and there’s an explosion and fire in the kitchen. (Also accepted: Gary and Erica kiss, Gary and Erica kiss, Gary and Erica kiss, and Gary and Erica kiss.)

3. How does their "date" end?
a. Cat meows and wakes Gary up from his nightmare-- I mean, dream.

4. Gary tells Marissa that he has saved which four people that day?
a. A fireman, two rock climbers and a pastry chef

5. How does Marissa know that Gary is staring at Erica?
a. She says he always makes groaning noises when he looks at her

6. How does Gary explain the groaning noises?
a. He says, "I’m digesting!"

7. What nickname does Marissa use for Gary?
a. Don Juan

8. Who did Erica 'dump' a month ago?
a. "Mr. Perfect." (a.k.a. Nick Sterling)

9. Who or what does Gary blame his lack of a relationship on?
a. The Paper

10. What does Erica need more of from Amy and Jose?
a. More potatoes, the order on 7 and 8

11. How many hours until they're "home free?"
a. Two

12. What brand of Chicken Broth is on the shelving in the kitchen?
a. College Inn

13. Gary asks Erica out - not for a date, but for what?
a. "A meal. A meal together. In a restaurant."

14. Who does Erica turn to for advice on how to dress for her non-date with Gary?
a. Henry

15. What three outfit "styles" does she have him choose between?
a. "I'm available," "I'm not available," and "I'm available under the right circumstances"

16. What is the "small truth about women" that Erica divulges to Henry?
a. "All things being equal, we like to keep our options open"

17. What does Marissa say when Gary asks her how he looks?
a. "Gary, you're asking a blind woman how you look. Maybe you're a little nervous?"

18. What terms does Gary use to refer to the non-date?
a. A "Pre-date" or "test date"

19. Marissa says, "If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it's probably not ________."
a. a fish

20. Who would Gary call if he needed an insult?
a. Chuck

21. What does Gary have to do before the non-date?
a. Stop a towel boy from getting shot

22. What is the name of the towel boy?
a. Skippy

23. Who are the two men Skippy greets as they stop for towels?
a. Mr. M and a Mr. Smolsky

24. What question does the first man ask of Skippy?
a. "Ace those mid-terms, Skippy?"

25. What is Smolsky’s first name?
a. George (or Georgie)

26. What is the other man's first name?
a. Mickey

27. Where are the men having their discussion?
a. In a steam room

28. What three law enforcement units have come to arrest the men?
a. FBI, Treasury, Chicago P.D.

29. What do the cops ask the two men to do that makes Gary wince?
a. "Drop your towels"

30. Back at McGinty’s who is discussing Erica’s appearance?
a. Patrick & Marissa

31. What kind of lipstick is Erica wearing?
a. Glossy

32. What is the name of the State’s Attorney?
a. Vincent Corbell

33. What is Gary’s excuse for being in the steam room?
a. He had a frog in his throat and he needed the humidity

34. What is Mickey’s full name?’
a. Mickey Mulfreed

35. According to Corbell, if they don't get the case to the grand jury, Smolsky and Mulfreed will be laughing all the way to where?
a. Argentina

36. How does the FBI agent describe Gary?
a. "Clean. Weird, but clean"

37. What kind of gun did Gary see?
a. The kind that shoots.

38. How soon can they book a Grand Jury?
a. 48 hours

39. What illegal activities are Mulfreed & Smolsky involved in?
a. A counterfeiting ring

40. Which agency does Agent Dawson work for?
a. The Treasury

41. What was Agent Dawson’s cover?
a. He was "Skippy" the towel boy

42. What condition does Gary claim to suffer from so that he doesn’t have to spend the night in a motel?
a. Nocturnal Agoraphobia – he has to sleep in his own bed

43. Who do they bring in to watch over Gary?
a. Brigatti

44. What are the first words out of Brigatti’s mouth?
a. "Move it or lose 'em. Okay, who needs baby-sitting?"

45. What does Marissa say to explain why Gary canceled his lunch with Erica?
a. He has trouble making time for personal things. And he's been a little gun-shy since the divorce

46. How does Patrick describe Brigatti when she comes into McGinty’s with Gary?
a. Major babe

47. What is Brigatti's first name?
a. Toni

48. Who does Patrick say is upstairs with Gary?
a. a "relative-type acquaintance" - his Aunt Edith

49. What agency does Brigatti work for?
a. The U. S. Marshal Service

50. What is Gary carrying around as Brigatti searches the room?
a. the Meridian

51. What is Brigatti looking for in Gary's underwear drawer?
a. bugs -- listening devices

52. What does Brigatti find under the bed?
a. Cat

53. Why is the Treasury involved in the case?
a. Because it's counterfeiting

54. Why are the "Feds" involved?
a. Because there are RICO issues

55. Why is the Marshal's office involved?
a. Because Gary is a federal witness

56. Why is the Chicago P.D. involved?
a. Because it's Chicago

57. What other agency does Brigatti threaten to bring into the picture?
a. Animal Control

58. What is Brigatti allergic to?
a. Cat

59. When Brigatti checks in with Corbell, how does she describe Gary?
a. "resistant but controllable"

60. What items does Brigatti remove and set on the coffee table?
a. Handcuffs, her badge, her gun(s)

61. How does Gary explain his "personal activities" and "demanding hobbies" that make it inconvenient for him to have Brigatti around?
a. "The fact of the matter is, that at certain times, on certain days, I have this certain urge to be at certain places where things may or may not be about to happen"

62. What percentage of germs does Gary say comes from sharing newspapers?
a. 65%

63. How much would it cost Brigatti to buy her own copy of the Sun-Times?
a. 35 cents

64. What is the headline in Gary’s paper?
a. Secretary plunges to death downtown

65. What does Marissa say when Gary asks her how he's going to handle the Paper?
a. "Every time you've asked for help, I've helped. But you got some little cookie stashed upstairs you want to ditch -- that is not my zip code."

66. What nickname does Marissa use for Gary?
a. Casanova

67. What headline does Gary see further in the Paper?
a. "Witness shot in bar"

68. What does Gary do when he realizes what the headline means?
a. Shoves Marissa off of the bar stool, does a flying tackle into a towel-clad Brigatti to get her out of the way before the bullets start to fly

69. What excuse does Gary use to get away from Brigatti long enough to save the secretary?
a. He tells her he needs to go to the Men’s room while she goes to see Corbell

70. What two items does Gary take on his way to find the secretary?
a. Box of Kleenex from the bathroom, bouquet of flowers from a street vendor

71. What is the name of the Special Agent who was the last person to have the gun?
a. Bob Kingman

72. What is the name of the secretary?
a. Joanne Valentine

73. What is her fiancé's name?
a. Leo

74. Why does she want to commit suicide?
a. Her fiancé is late and she thinks he’s leaving her

75. What is Gary's condition when he finally emerges from the bathroom?
a. Sweaty and breathing hard

76. Where is Gary going to take Erica for lunch?
a. Cafe Carlucci on Sheffield

77. Who is at McGinty's and follows Erica out?
a. Bob Kingman

78. Why is the restaurant familiar?
a. It's the same one as in Gary's dream at the beginning of the episode

79. What does Gary do when he leans forward to kiss Erica?
a. He knocks the paper off the table onto the floor

80. Who kidnaps Brigatti?
a. Smolsky

81. Where has Brigatti been taken?
a. Chinatown Marina

82. What nickname does Smolsky use for Brigatti?
a. Dirty Harriet

83. Who was in the leak in the State’s Attorney’s Office?
a. State's Attorney Corbell

84. What does Erica use to knock out the bad guy?
a. An oar

85. Why was Bob following Brigatti?
a. He was worried about her -- with Gary. He was jealous of Gary

86. What do Gary and Erica plan to stop for on their way back to McGinty's?
a. Hot Chocolate

Thanks to Janet for coming up with most of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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