Earlydues' Early Edition Trivia
307: Up Chuck

1. What is the advertisement for on the bus?
a. Jerry Springer show

2. What pulls up in front of McGinty’s while Gary is still asleep?
a. A black stretch limousine

3. Where does the mystery person find a key for McGinty's?
a. In a replica gas lamp outside the building

4. What does the person do on the way through the office?
a. Stops and wipes a smudge off of the picture of Chuck

5. Who is the person, and what two-word greeting does Gary get from this person?
a. Chuck -- "I’m back!"

6. What item in Gary's room does Chuck ask if he ever uses?
a. Snow-shoes

7. How long has Chuck been gone?
a. Six months

8. How many times has Gary heard from Chuck since he left?
a. Twice

9. What is Chuck's shirt made of?
a. Ultra-suede, from a very, very rare cow

10. Who's "people" does Chuck say he can get on the phone?
a. Jack's people, Barbra's people, Steven's people

11. What is Chuck's comment when Gary suspects him of wanting to take a look at the paper?
a. "You still get that thing?"

12. What does Chuck tell Gary, "friend to friend?"
a. The world doesn't revolve around you and your newspaper

13. What kind of therapy does Chuck do/take for his tension?
a. Accutherapy

14. What is the name of Chuck's "therapy" doctor?
a. Dr. Rajah Maduk

15. What is the name of the program that Chuck says he’s trying to sell?
a. Bikini Force

16. Who are the main characters in this project?
a. Female cops on roller blades

17. What is Chuck's "one-liner" for his new project?
a. "They're young, they're hot, they're on the beach, and they're under cover... just barely"

18. What does Marissa say about the project?
a. "Chuck that’s awful!"

19. What is Chuck’s reaction to Marissa's statement about the program?
a. He kisses her

20. About what does Marissa prompt Gary to tell Chuck?
a. Giving his half of the bar to Marissa

21. What does Chuck say when Erica enters the bar?
a. "Who's the babe?"

22. What does Erica tell Chuck she found under a loose floorboard?
a. Receipts, unpaid bills & tax returns

23. What does Chuck do with Gary and Marissa before leaving on his errands?
a. Group hug

24. What word does Gary use to describe Chuck when Erica questions their friendship?
a. He's "Chuck-like"

25. What/Who does Gary see on his way to his first save of the day?
a. A strange man who appears to be following him

26. What is the headline in Gary’s paper that he first has to deal with?
a. Cheerleader killed in school yard accident

27. How will this accident occur?
a. A javelin thrower slips on a baseball in the grass

28. What are the names of two of the cheerleaders?
a. Cindy and Tammy

29. What is the cheer the girls give for Gary?
a. "Gary, Gary he’s our man, If he can’t do it no one can. For Gary Hobson we are rootin', He's strong and brave and really cute. Gary Hobson, you saved our lives, Gary, do you have a wife?"

30. What is "Al's Italian Beef Sandwich" rated, and what beverage is advertised on their sign at the corner of E. Wells?
a. Rated #1; Diet Coke

31. What is Chuck’s idea of treating Gary to lunch?
a. Super deluxe steak sandwich and a large fry in the back seat of the limo

32. What does Chuck offer to do for Gary when Gary tells him about being followed?
a. Watch his back and give him a little peace of mind

33. What is the name of the chauffeur?
a. Russell

34. What is the next headline in Gary’s paper?
a. Little league players injured in freak accident

35. What is the cause of this accident?
a. A moving man’s strap snaps allowing a refrigerator to fall

36. Who is the man that's been following Gary?
a. Chuck's nephew

37. What is the name of Chuck’s production company?
a. Fishman Productions

38. How did Chuck manage to rent the limo?
a. It’s a midweek special – 3 days for the price of 2 and he had a coupon for the gas. Also he used his credit card.

39. Where did Chuck lose most of the $100,000 the old lady gave him?
a. In Vegas

40. What is the truth of Bikini Force?
a. Chuck had nothing to do with it, he overheard two big-shots talking in a trendy bar

41. What was Chuck's one good idea when he went to Hollywood?
a. A story about a guy who gets tomorrow's newspaper today

42. How long was a studio interested in Chuck's idea?
a. For about a week

43. What did their focus groups and research show?
a. People didn't buy into the premise; guys on the street just don't find him believable

44. Why did Chuck hire someone to video tape Gary?
a. To sell his concept, to generate publicity; get some news footage and leak it to news stations to get the hype machine rolling

45. What is "totally different" between Chuck's idea and Gary's circumstances?
a. The guy's name is Harry, he gets a magazine, and it's delivered by a dog

46. What is Chuck’s first offer to Gary in exchange for allowing him to use the "early edition" concept for a television show?
a. Ownership of the show, 10% of the gross and a $200 per episode consultanting fee

47. What does he up the ante to as Gary closes the door on him?
a. 15% plus merchandising

48. What is Chuck's third offer?
a. 20% plus a trailer

49. What does Chuck yell to Gary through the door of the loft?
a. Gar', please, don't let me down. Let me in. Gar', C'mon. I'm sorry! Forgive me! I love you. Gary!

50. What does Gary do while Chuck is pleading with him?
a. Breaks the video tape in half and pulls out the tape

51. How long has Chuck's nephew been following Gary?
a. Two weeks

52. What does Chuck owe his nephew?
a. $250

53. What is his nephew's name?
a. Leonard Trotter

54. What does Chuck say is the reason he hired him?
a. Because Leonard's mother kept pestering him: "Leonard wants to be a movie director. What can you do for Leonard?"

55. What did Leonard do for "effect?"
a. Filmed half of the stuff out of focus

56. Over which shoulder does Gary have the towel while talking to Marissa?
a. His left

57. What does Marissa call Chuck's actions?
a. An act of desperation

58. What had Gary been telling people when they question why he's friends with him?
a. "Chuck's got a big heart, Chuck is very loyal"

59. Who does the "photographer" call in order to sell his copy of the tape of Gary?
a. Jerry Springer

60. What kind of series does he intend on running?
a. Real Life Heroes Series

61. What unusual behavior does Cat exhibit the next morning?
a. He growls and scratches at Gary

62. What story and picture is on the front page?
a. "Chicago’s Secret Samaritan"; picture of Gary helping with the refrigerator

63. What happens to the paper after Gary reads the headline and story?
a. It fades away into a blank paper

64. What is Patrick's advice when he sees Gary's blank paper?
a. Take it back to the newsstand and demand a refund

65. What does Gary think the blank paper means?
a. "Maybe I’m done" (He thinks his "wish" has finally come true)

66. What makes him rethink that idea?
a. He hears a siren noise from outside and reflexively tries to find a story about it in the Paper

67. Leonard's roommate asks what day it is. What day is it and why does he need to know for sure?
a. "Is today Tuesday, because I need to find my pants"

68. What beverage is advertised on the wall of Leonard's room?
a. Goose Island Beer

69. Which "Jerry" is Leonard's idol, according to his roommate?
a. Jerry Springer

70. What other "Jerrys" does Chuck guess might be the idol?
a. Jerry Lewis, Jerry Mathers, Jerry Garcia

71. To whom did Jerry lose the "Siamese twins" story last summer?
a. Geraldo

72. What is the theme of the show that Gary and Chuck go to?
a. Brides Who Cheat

73. Who are the two guests on Jerry's show?
a. Chet and Audrey

74. Who is Gary mistaken for when he crosses the stage towards Leonard?
a. The bride’s lover

75. What name does Gary call Chuck on national television?
a. Jerk

76. What does Chuck answer when Chet asks if he's sleeping with Audrey, too?
a. Maybe

77. While arguing over McGinty's, what does Gary say when Chuck tells him he was "managing?"
a. "You were managing us into the ground!"

78. What is Chuck's response to Gary's statement, "You couldn't manage a toll booth, friend?"
a. "You couldn't manage a pay toilet"

79. What is the caption over the scenes of Gary and Chuck arguing?
a. "Best Friends. Now they want to kill each other"

80. What is the number on the building where the Springer show is being taped?
a. 455

81. Who is driving the limo?
a. Leonard

82. What is the main headline in the Paper after the print is restored?
a. Cheerleading team killed in plane crash

83. What time is the disaster supposed to strike?
a. 1:30 PM

84. What time is it when Gary’s paper is restored?
a. 1 PM

85. How many people will be killed?
a. 10 members of the cheerleading team plus their coach

86. What is the *other* headline that grabs his attention?
a. Hollywood producer killed in expressway accident

87. What’s different or odd about the picture of Chuck in the paper?
a. He’s wearing glasses

88. What news is Chet telling his momma on the phone?
a. He and Audrey got married on live TV

89. Who arrives as Gary is attempting to borrow the phone from Chet?
a. Marissa and Patrick in the McGinty's van

90. What does Patrick say Gary is, to help convince Chet to give him the phone without a fight?
a. A black belt

91. Where does Chet tell Gary to send his cell phone?
a. University of Chicago Department of Nuclear Physics Lab

92. Chet says he *could* have been a Nuclear Physicist except for what?
a. The math.

93. What are the names of Leonard's parents?
a. Lila & Al Trotter

94. What is the call sign for the plane?
a. November 2712

95. What is the nearest runway?
a. Waukegan

96. What does Gary tell Patrick to look for?
a. A stretch limo going the wrong way

97. Near which exit on the expressway are Patrick, Gary, and Marissa?
a. Jefferson Park

98. Chuck offers to write Leonard a check for how much money?
a. $300

99. What does he up it to after Leonard says he has expenses?
a. $350

100. How does Chuck attempt to stop the limo?
a. He grabs for the keys

101. How does Gary stop the traffic on the expressway?
a. He has Patrick step on the brake while he turns the wheel

102. How does Chuck greet Gary when he’s safe again?
a. He hugs him

103. Where does the plane land?
a. On the now empty freeway

104. What does the headline change to in the paper?
a. Plane makes miraculous expressway landing

105. What is the theme of the next Jerry Springer show?
a. Cheerleaders who faced death

106. Who is helping the cheerleaders out of the plane?
a. Chuck

107. What is Gary reading as he closes McGinty’s at the end of the day?
a. A postcard Chuck sent him from Hollywood

108. How has Chuck finally found success in Hollywood?
a. He sold the cheerleader’s story to CBS

109. What is the name of the movie he will be producing?
a. Pom Poms at 30,000 feet

110. What is on Gary's end-table?
a. A picture of Gary and Chuck

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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