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307: "Up Chuck"
(A desperate Chuck comes back to town trying to convince Gary that he's hit the big time.)
"Up Chuck" Answers

1. What is the advertisement for on the bus?

2. What pulls up in front of McGinty’s while Gary is still asleep?

3. Where does the mystery person find a key for McGinty's?

4. What does the person do on the way through the office?

5. Who is the person, and what two-word greeting does Gary get from this person?

6. What item in Gary's room does Chuck ask if he ever uses?

7. How long has Chuck been gone?

8. How many times has Gary heard from Chuck since he left?

9. What is Chuck's shirt made of?

10. Who's "people" does Chuck say he can get on the phone?

11. What is Chuck's comment when Gary suspects him of wanting to take a look at the paper?

12. What does Chuck tell Gary, "friend to friend?"

13. What kind of therapy does Chuck do/take for his tension?

14. What is the name of Chuck's "therapy" doctor?

15. What is the name of the program that Chuck says he’s trying to sell?

16. Who are the main characters in this project?

17. What is Chuck's "one-liner" for his new project?

18. What does Marissa say about the project?

19. What is Chuck’s reaction to Marissa's statement about the program?

20. About what does Marissa prompt Gary to tell Chuck?

21. What does Chuck say when Erica enters the bar?

22. What does Erica tell Chuck she found under a loose floorboard?

23. What does Chuck do with Gary and Marissa before leaving on his errands?

24. What word does Gary use to describe Chuck when Erica questions their friendship?

25. What/Who does Gary see on his way to his first save of the day?

26. What is the headline in Gary’s paper that he first has to deal with?

27. How will this accident occur?

28. What are the names of two of the cheerleaders?

29. What is the cheer the girls give for Gary?

30. What is "Al's Italian Beef Sandwich" rated, and what beverage is advertised on their sign at the corner of E. Wells?

31. What is Chuck’s idea of treating Gary to lunch?

32. What does Chuck offer to do for Gary when Gary tells him about being followed?

33. What is the name of the chauffeur?

34. What is the next headline in Gary’s paper?

35. What is the cause of this accident?

36. Who is the man that's been following Gary?

37. What is the name of Chuck’s production company?

38. How did Chuck manage to rent the limo?

39. Where did Chuck lose most of the $100,000 the old lady gave him?

40. What is the truth of Bikini Force?

41. What was Chuck's one good idea when he went to Hollywood?

42. How long was a studio interested in Chuck's idea?

43. What did their focus groups and research show?

44. Why did Chuck hire someone to video tape Gary?

45. What is "totally different" between Chuck's idea and Gary's circumstances?

46. What is Chuck’s first offer to Gary in exchange for allowing him to use the "early edition" concept for a television show?

47. What does he up the ante to as Gary closes the door on him?

48. What is Chuck's third offer?

49. What does Chuck yell to Gary through the door of the loft?

50. What does Gary do while Chuck is pleading with him?

51. How long has Chuck's nephew been following Gary?

52. What does Chuck owe his nephew?

53. What is his nephew's name?

54. What does Chuck say is the reason he hired him?

55. What did Leonard do for "effect?"

56. Over which shoulder does Gary have the towel while talking to Marissa?

57. What does Marissa call Chuck's actions?

58. What had Gary been telling people when they question why he's friends with him?

59. Who does the "photographer" call in order to sell his copy of the tape of Gary?

60. What kind of series does he intend on running?

61. What unusual behavior does Cat exhibit the next morning?

62. What story and picture is on the front page?

63. What happens to the paper after Gary reads the headline and story?

64. What is Patrick's advice when he sees Gary's blank paper?

65. What does Gary think the blank paper means?

66. What makes him rethink that idea?

67. Leonard's roommate asks what day it is. What day is it and why does he need to know for sure?

68. What beverage is advertised on the wall of Leonard's room?

69. Which "Jerry" is Leonard's idol, according to his roommate?

70. What other "Jerrys" does Chuck guess might be the idol?

71. To whom did Jerry lose the "Siamese twins" story last summer?

72. What is the theme of the show that Gary and Chuck go to?

73. Who are the two guests on Jerry's show?

74. Who is Gary mistaken for when he crosses the stage towards Leonard?

75. What name does Gary call Chuck on national television?

76. What does Chuck answer when Chet asks if he's sleeping with Audrey, too?

77. While arguing over McGinty's, what does Gary say when Chuck tells him he was "managing?"

78. What is Chuck's response to Gary's statement, "You couldn't manage a toll booth, friend?"

79. What is the caption over the scenes of Gary and Chuck arguing?

80. What is the number on the building where the Springer show is being taped?

81. Who is driving the limo?

82. What is the main headline in the Paper after the print is restored?

83. What time is the disaster supposed to strike?

84. What time is it when Gary’s paper is restored?

85. How many people will be killed?

86. What is the *other* headline that grabs his attention?

87. What’s different or odd about the picture of Chuck in the paper?

88. What news is Chet telling his momma on the phone?

89. Who arrives as Gary is attempting to borrow the phone from Chet?

90. What does Patrick say Gary is, to help convince Chet to give him the phone without a fight?

91. Where does Chet tell Gary to send his cell phone?

92. Chet says he *could* have been a Nuclear Physicist except for what?

93. What are the names of Leonard's parents?

94. What is the call sign for the plane?

95. What is the nearest runway?

96. What does Gary tell Patrick to look for?

97. Near which exit on the expressway are Patrick, Gary, and Marissa?

98. Chuck offers to write Leonard a check for how much money?

99. What does he up it to after Leonard says he has expenses?

100. How does Chuck attempt to stop the limo?

101. How does Gary stop the traffic on the expressway?

102. How does Chuck greet Gary when he’s safe again?

103. Where does the plane land?

104. What does the headline change to in the paper?

105. What is the theme of the next Jerry Springer show?

106. Who is helping the cheerleaders out of the plane?

107. What is Gary reading as he closes McGinty’s at the end of the day?

108. How has Chuck finally found success in Hollywood?

109. What is the name of the movie he will be producing?

110. What is on Gary's end-table?

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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