Early Edition Trivia

213: "Walk, Don't Run"
(Gary accepts a post as City Supervisor in order to get a traffic light built at a busy intersection, unaware that he's being used to help salvage the reputation of a corrupt political machine)
"Walk, Don't Run" Answers

1. What girl-mauling creature crawled from the Zoo to the Memorial Park Botanical Gardens?

2. What is the name, age, and town of the girl that will be mauled?

3. How does the bar patron finish the sentence: "Tune into next week's wild kingdom as Gary Hobson faces..."?

4. What did Gary use to distract the creature?

5. What company owns the cement truck that will kill a 7 year old?

6. At what intersection will the accident occur?

7. What is the name of the 7 year old the truck will kill?

8. What is the name of the boy killed last year at the same place?

9. What is the name of the Sun-Times reporter?

10. What is Kovalesky's license plate number?

11. What is the name of the Civil Engineer?

12. Whom did Gary replace as Supervisor?

13. What are the names of the other Supervisors?

14. According to Chuck, what are three of the "perks" of Gary's new position?

15. What will be destroyed to make way for a new office building?

16. Who tries to bribe Gary?

17. What happens when Gary votes the "wrong" way?

18. According to Chuck, what did Patrick Henry say?

19. What is Gary's response when Chuck tells him he can't vote the "wrong" way?

20. Whom does Gary rescue from a gas explosion?

21. How does Chuck interrupt the council meeting?

22. After Chuck is dragged out, who gets up to stall the meeting further?

23. Upon submitting his resignation, whom does Gary name as his replacement?

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