Early Edition Trivia

203: "The Wedding"
(Gary's high school/college sweetheart is getting married and McGinty's is catering)
"The Wedding" Answers

1. In what unusual spot is the cat/paper waiting for Gary?

2. Why is there so much action going on in the kitchen?

3. What is the story that the cat’s been trying to get Gary to see?

4. What street corner does Gary have to rush to and at what time?

5. What are the words of wisdom on the church sign?

6. What special talent does the cabaret performer possess?

7. The cabaret performer makes what suggestion to Gary?

8. What does the cabaret performer do to Gary?

9. Whose wedding is McGinty’s catering?

10. How many little gold chairs did the rental man bring?

11. How does Gary know the bride-to-be?

12. What is the name of the man from the US Marshal Service?

13. What is Genie’s father’s name and why is he in hiding?

14. What does Gary find in a drawer in the vestibule?

15. What is the name of the suspect priest?

16. Who does Gary agree to pick up at the train station?

17. What did Gary give to Genie that she has kept all these years?

18. Another fellow classmate, Stevie Unger, is working on a cure for what?

19. At what church is the wedding to take place?

20. How does Uncle Bob introduce himself to Chuck, and how does Chuck respond?

21. In the story about the fatal shooting at the wedding, which hospital are the victims taken to?

22. What does Gary ask Chuck to do to delay Uncle Bob?

23. What is blocking traffic on the bridge?

24. Where and when is “the drop” going to take place?

25. According to Genie, who does Stan say he is?

26. What does Chuck tell Uncle Bob his long range plans for McGinty’s are?

27. Where and when does the paper say a “traffic accident kills resteranteur?”

28. What and who was the cause of the traffic accident?

29. Rental man says he’s seen “better brakes on a _______.”

30. What is Chuck’s answer when rental man says, “Kiss my Polish butt!”

31. What does the cop call Chuck’s car?

32. What is Fr Romano’s real profession?

33. How many people will be killed in the bomb blast?

34. What did the police find in Chuck’s car to delay him?

35. What is Uncle Bob’s gift?

36. Gary sneaks into the church dressed as?

37. What is the real identity of Uncle Bob?

38. What gets blown up by the bomb?

39. Chuck tells the cooks, “Don’t use the good _____ ____ - use the domestic!”

40. Why did the real Uncle Bob miss the wedding?

41. How long does Chuck think the marriage will last?

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