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216: Where or When

1. Where does Gary go to perform his save at the beginning?
a. to a waterfront construction site

2. What is the save?
a. a 9 year old child is going to fall and be critically injured

3. What is the child's name?
a. Justine

4. Why does Gary go back onto the scaffolding after getting the child safely off?
a. to get her teddy bear

5. What is the name of the toy?
a. Harriet

6. What does Gary "see" that makes him stay out there too long?
a. a young woman dressed in 40's clothes

7. What happens when Gary stays out there a little too long?
a. the scaffolding gives way under his weight and he falls breaking through the railing that is supposed to keep people safe

8. What is the extent of Gary's injury?
a. He breaks his right leg and ends up in a cast extending beyond his knee

9. Why is it so hot in Gary's loft?
a. The radiator is broken

10. What do Gary and Chuck answer when Marissa asks how the patient is?
a. Chuck says "Grouchy" and Gary says "Fine"

11. How does Gary describe a woman that he wants Chuck to save from drowning?
a. Scantily clad in a bathing suit - - sounds like a bikini to him

12. What programs does Gary flip through on TV before coming to his senses and turning it off?
a. Mating habits of scorpions, QVC, Jerry Springer

13. What does Gary use to control his broken radiator?
a. A bowling pin that he keeps on his window sill

14. What does Gary see in the building across the alley?
a. A woman exercising, a younger man on the phone, an older man and his wife arguing, and a woman that looks like the woman that he saw from the scaffolding

15. What is the name of the woman Chuck has to save and how old is she?
a. Cleo Gaylord, age 29

16. Why was the woman going to drown?
a. Her foot was caught in the drain

17. How does Chuck describe the woman he saves from drowning?
a. Flapping thighs. Big, huge, milky white, flapping thighs; Moby Dick

18. What is the name of the new waitress that they hired?
a. Ann

19. Who does she look like?
a. The woman that Gary saw from the scaffolding

20. The waitress moved to Chicago from where?
a. Muncie, IN

21. What medication is Gary taking?
a. Darvaset

22. Gary and Chuck are always doing this - - that's why they're partners.
a. Finishing each other's sentences

23. What does Chuck say the new waitress wants to do, whether she knows it or not?
a. She wants to date Chuck

24. What is the occupation of the exercising woman?
a. Flight attendant

25. Chuck tells Gary that spying on his neighbors is like "doing a" what?
a. a Rear Window

26. Who does Gary see in Ann's apartment that night?
a. the older man that he saw arguing with his wife earlier in the day

27. When Gary tells Marissa about what he saw in Ann's apartment, what does she ask him?
a. "How much medication have you been taking, Gary?"

28. What does Gary dream about?
a. a woman being shot while dancing to swing music

29. What is the headline and who is in the picture in the paper the next morning?
a. "Woman shot to death" with picture of a woman that looks like his new waitress

30. What does Gary think the older man and the younger man from the building across the way are plotting?
a. Murder

31. Why does he think this?
a. The headline about a murder and they had a gun and what looked like an envelope of money

32. Who does Gary call when he "witnesses" this plot?
a. Crumb

33. What was Gary using to spy on his neighbors - telescope or binoculars?
a. Binoculars

34. How does Gary describe the gun?
a. The kind that goes "bang"

35. To what movie does Chuck compare their situation?
a. Body Double

36. Who does Chuck say the stewardess, Gary, and the mystery man would be in this movie?
a. Stewardess is Melanie Griffith, Gary is Ingrid Bergman, the Mystery Man is James Mason

37. Marissa says that Chuck just described which movie?
a. Body Heat, not Body Double

38. What does the younger man in the other apartment do for a living?
a. He's a mystery writer

39. What is they younger man's name?
a. Raymond Malone

40. What does he say he was plotting?
a. A book, not a murder

41. Who is the older man and what is his occupation?
a. Lou Sinclair, Ann's Landlord

42. Why was the older man in Ann's apartment?
a. To check if the outlets were fixed

43. What is Crumb's "word of advice" to Gary?
a. "Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory, with a candlestick."

44. What year is the Paper from?
a. 1944

45. What is the name, age, and occupation of the woman that was murdered?
a. Ms. Daria DeLongpre, age 24, "Hotbed USO Hostess"

46. Where was this woman murdered?
a. At McGinty's

47. What is the murdered woman's relationship to the new waitress?
a. Daria is her grandmother

48. How does Ann say her grandparents died?
a. Her grandfather died in World War II and her grandmother was killed in a car accident

49. When does Ann say her grandmother was married?
a. a month before her grandfather was shipped off to the South Pacific

50. What has Gary been dreaming about ever since the accident?
a. Daria

51. What is Ann's reaction to being confronted by the mystery writer?
a. Scared, but at the same time she was angry, strong

52. What disease does Chuck say he'll catch if he goes down to the basement one more time?
a. Hantavirus

53. What song plays in Gary's dream?
a. Where or When

54. How does Chuck wake up Gary?
a. Throws cereal at him

55. What message does Gary think that Daria was trying to tell him?
a. Some things that happen for the first time, seem to be happening again

56. What is the headline and picture in today's Paper?
a. Waitress murdered - shot to death; picture of Ann

57. What does Chuck say his two choices are?
a. A date with Ann... or impaled by a six foot power drill

58. Who does Gary suspect killed Daria?
a. The landlord - Lou Sinclair

59. What leads Gary to this conclusion?
a. Cat knocks over box of memorabilia and he finds a picture of Lou and Daria in it

60. Who stands guard outside Ann's door to warn her about her impending murder?
a. Chuck

61. What happens to him?
a. He's knocked out and left bound & gagged in a janitor's closet

62. When Gary can't contact Chuck what does he do?
a. He tries to call Ann but her line is busy

63. What kind of phone does Gary have?
a. An old-fashioned rotary phone

64. When he can't get Ann what does he do?
a. He calls Lou Sinclair and accuses him of being a murderer/would-be murderer

65. Why is Gary alone in his room when he thinks Sinclair is coming to kill him?
a. He sent Marissa downstairs to call Crumb

66. How long had Lou been married in 1944?
a. three years

67. Who was the father of Daria's child?
a. A Marine who was killed in action in the South Pacific before they could be married

68. Who really killed Daria?
a. Norma Sinclair, the landlord's wife

69. Why was Daria killed?
a. Because Norma's husband wanted to divorce her (it was a miserable marriage from the start) and marry Daria

70. Why didn't Lou turn in the killer?
a. Norma told him that she was three months pregnant - he couldn't turn in the mother of his child.

71. Who arrives at Ann's door?
a. Norma

72. What happens to Lou Sinclair when he tries to prevent Ann's murder?
a. He's shot by his wife

73. What happens to Mrs. Sinclair?
a. Crumb comes along in time to save Ann by disarming Norma and makes a citizen's arrest

74. Why did the killer want to murder Ann?
a. She was a tramp, just like the other one. She wanted to ruin them.

75. What did Lou give to Ann?
a. a letter from one of the soldiers that served with her grandfather

76. Who gets kisses from Ann before she leaves for Muncie?
a. Gary & Marissa (Chuck gets a good-bye only)

77. What was Ann's grandfather's name?
a. Jimmy

78. What did the letter say?
a. Dear Ms. DeLongpre, I served with your fiancé, Jimmy, in Guadalcanal. Please take a moment to let me explain. It was a Japanese sneak attack at night. Somehow Jimmy knew it before everyone else. He had a sixth sense about that kind of thing. He got everyone up and took out three of the enemy before going down himself. The second thing you need to know is that Jimmy loved you very much. You were his whole life and I hope these words bring you some comfort. I've enclosed a picture of Jimmy and some of the guys. I hope you meet another guy like him someday. Good luck, Corporal Sam Jones.

79. What else is in the envelope and why is it unusual?
a. A photo of her grandfather and his unit. Gary is a dead ringer for one of the men in the picture.

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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