Early Edition Trivia

216: "Where or When"
(Gary is confined to a wheelchair and spies on his neighbors.)
"Where or When" Answers

1. Where does Gary go to perform his save at the beginning?

2. What is the save?

3. What is the child's name?

4. Why does Gary go back onto the scaffolding after getting the child safely off?

5. What is the name of the toy?

6. What does Gary "see" that makes him stay out there too long?

7. What happens when Gary stays out there a little too long?

8. What is the extent of Gary's injury?

9. Why is it so hot in Gary's loft?

10. What do Gary and Chuck answer when Marissa asks how the patient is?

11. How does Gary describe a woman that he wants Chuck to save from drowning?

12. What programs does Gary flip through on TV before coming to his senses and turning it off?

13. What does Gary use to control his broken radiator?

14. What does Gary see in the building across the alley?

15. What is the name of the woman Chuck has to save and how old is she?

16. Why was the woman going to drown?

17. How does Chuck describe the woman he saves from drowning?

18. What is the name of the new waitress that they hired?

19. Who does she look like?

20. The waitress moved to Chicago from where?

21. What medication is Gary taking?

22. Gary and Chuck are always doing this - - that's why they're partners.

23. What does Chuck say the new waitress wants to do, whether she knows it or not?

24. What is the occupation of the exercising woman?

25. Chuck tells Gary that spying on his neighbors is like "doing a" what?

26. Who does Gary see in Ann's apartment that night?

27. When Gary tells Marissa about what he saw in Ann's apartment, what does she ask him?

28. What does Gary dream about?

29. What is the headline and who is in the picture in the paper the next morning?

30. What does Gary think the older man and the younger man from the building across the way are plotting?

31. Why does he think this?

32. Who does Gary call when he "witnesses" this plot?

33. What was Gary using to spy on his neighbors - telescope or binoculars?

34. How does Gary describe the gun?

35. To what movie does Chuck compare their situation?

36. Who does Chuck say the stewardess, Gary, and the mystery man would be in this movie?

37. Marissa says that Chuck just described which movie?

38. What does the younger man in the other apartment do for a living?

39. What is they younger man's name?

40. What does he say he was plotting?

41. Who is the older man and what is his occupation?

42. Why was the older man in Ann's apartment?

43. What is Crumb's "word of advice" to Gary?

44. What year is the Paper from?

45. What is the name, age, and occupation of the woman that was murdered?

46. Where was this woman murdered?

47. What is the murdered woman's relationship to the new waitress?

48. How does Ann say her grandparents died?

49. When does Ann say her grandmother was married?

50. What has Gary been dreaming about ever since the accident?

51. What is Ann's reaction to being confronted by the mystery writer?

52. What disease does Chuck say he'll catch if he goes down to the basement one more time?

53. What song plays in Gary's dream?

54. How does Chuck wake up Gary?

55. What message does Gary think that Daria was trying to tell him?

56. What is the headline and picture in today's Paper?

57. What does Chuck say his two choices are?

58. Who does Gary suspect killed Daria?

59. What leads Gary to this conclusion?

60. Who stands guard outside Ann's door to warn her about her impending murder?

61. What happens to him?

62. When Gary can't contact Chuck what does he do?

63. What kind of phone does Gary have?

64. When he can't get Ann what does he do?

65. Why is Gary alone in his room when he thinks Sinclair is coming to kill him?

66. How long had Lou been married in 1944?

67. Who was the father of Daria's child?

68. Who really killed Daria?

69. Why was Daria killed?

70. Why didn't Lou turn in the killer?

71. Who arrives at Ann's door?

72. What happens to Lou Sinclair when he tries to prevent Ann's murder?

73. What happens to Mrs. Sinclair?

74. Why did the killer want to murder Ann?

75. What did Lou give to Ann?

76. Who gets kisses from Ann before she leaves for Muncie?

77. What was Ann's grandfather's name?

78. What did the letter say?

79. What else is in the envelope and why is it unusual?

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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