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3.1 The Premise
3.2 The Principle Characters
3.3 The Recurring Characters
3.4 Season One (1996/1997)
3.5 Season Two (1997/1998)
3.6 Season Three (1998/1999)
3.7 Season Four (1999/2000)
3.8 Setting








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3.1 The Premise

Gary Hobson, an unassuming Chicago-based stock broker who doesn't pay too much attention to the yellow tabby cat and copy of the Chicago Sun-Times that arrive one day at his doorstep, *until* he realizes that the newspaper's dateline is wrong -- the paper is dated for the next day, and its articles are about things that haven't happened yet. When the cat and the newspaper arrive several days in a row, Hobson realizes that he has been given an extraordinary ability to see into the future and perhaps affect it positively. He stands to make a financial windfall at the stock market with his advance information, or he can use it to perhaps prevent tragedy from happening.

Hobson is joined by his best friend, Chuck Fishman, who hopes to use the newspaper's "early edition" for his own personal gain and by Marissa Clark, Hobson's blind co-worker, who serves as the trio's conscience and encourages Hobson to use his knowledge of the future for the good of others.

Season three added Erica Paget, a single mother who comes to work at McGinty's as the Manager while developing a relationship with Hobson; Henry Paget, Erica's son; and Patrick Quinn, the quirky and sometimes aggravating bartender.
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3.2 The Principle Characters

Gary Hobson

Gary is the main protagonist in Early Edition. Shortly after his wife Marcia threw him out (on their anniversary, no less!) he began receiving the Early Edition of the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper on his doorstep, along with a ginger tabby cat. The Early Edition comes a day early, and Gary reads the headlines and heads out to save and prevent as many tragedies as he can before tomorrow's edition really comes out. Very much the reluctant hero, Gary has come to realize that he enjoys saving people, and even without the paper he would probably be doing something to help others. Kyle Chandler has commented that he pushed for Gary to hate both the paper and the cat, feeling like it kept Gary from becoming too good to be true. Kyle's take on Gary's character is that this thing, this paper, has pretty much ruined his life. Resigned as he is to the fact that he seemingly can't get rid of the paper, and even knowing that he likes saving people, Gary still chafes under its unrelenting burden.

Gary is in his early 30's (was noted as "age 32" in the "Fate" episode from season three) and his birthday is in the early spring - March or April. In appearance, he has almost-black hair, is fair skinned, has "mud-puddle green" eyes (according to Chandler) and stands 6'1" tall.

Gary grew up in Hickory, Indiana, where his parents, Bernie and Lois Hobson, still live. While there, he was an All-State baseball player and a teacher's pet. He rode a Sting-Ray bike and mowed people's lawns with his shirt off. Gary moved to Chicago with his high school sweetheart Genie to attend college ("The Wedding," 2nd season). He roomed with his best friend Chuck. They entered college at the same time, but Gary managed to graduate a semester early because Chuck's stuff had "a way of taking over a room" and he couldn't stand it any more. Gary probably has a degree in business.

In Chicago, Gary met and married Marcia Roberts. They lived in a "brownstone" type of house until she threw him out. Gary became a stock-broker at Strauss and Associates, where Chuck was also a stock-broker and Marissa was a receptionist. It was a job that Gary really didn't like, but he took it to help put Marcia through law school. Once Marcia became a lawyer, it occurred to her that Gary wasn't quite ambitious enough for her tastes. On their anniversary ("Pilot"), she packed Gary's things into a suitcase and tossed it out the window at him. They were divorced a short while later. ("Baby")

After Gary was thrown out by Marcia, he stayed at the Blackstone Hotel in Room 67 ("Pilot"). He hoped it would be a temporary arrangement, and that Marcia would come to her senses and ask him to come back home. That was not to happen. It was at this low point in Gary's life that The Paper and The Cat started to arrive at his door. On the second day of receiving the paper, Gary tested its predictive powers by buying $1 worth of shares in stocks that, according to the Paper, would appreciate in value. To say the least, Gary's boss - Phil Pritchard - was not amused at Gary's piddling trades. Pritchard threatened to fire Gary, so Gary quit. Gladly. On his way out of the building, he asked Marissa to a lunch of her choosing. She chose the race track. There, Gary found another opportunity to test the Paper by placing bets on the races. He won at least $15,000, but gave it all to Marissa so she could buy herself a seeing-eye dog. It wasn't until Gary and Chuck happened across an accident involving an acquaintance (Sherman, from the newspaper stand), that Gary realized that he could have prevented it. From then on, Gary believed the purpose of the paper was to help others, not to get rich.

It took a while for Gary to come to terms with The Paper and its responsibilities. He tried to run away from it by hiding out in a remote woodsy cabin, but Cat and Paper followed him. Realizing he couldn't escape The Paper, he then moved to the more residential portion of the Blackstone "above" the hotel, in Room 1611, where he stayed for all of the first season and learned to cope with The Paper.

Gary remained unemployed throughout the first season, and made small bets at the track to pay for his living expenses - but the bets were designed to win him just enough money to make ends meet.

At the start of the second season, Gary's apartment burned down, and he was led through circumstance to McGinty's, where he now lives in the loft upstairs. In the "Home" episode of second season, Barney Kadison gave McGinty's to Gary a reward for saving him from robbery and kidnapping. Gary became partners with Chuck during season two, and partners with Marissa from season three on.

Gary's style of dress is generally very casual, unless he's going on a date. He wears jeans and khaki pants, but mostly jeans. He tends to wear plaid shirts with gray or black T-shirts underneath them. Shoes are generally white tennis shoes or boots of some sort. In cooler weather he likes large, baggy plain sweaters. He sleeps in boxers or sweat-pants (usually Chicago Bears) and a T-shirt. He has worn a light tan jacket, a brown leather jacket, a black bomber jacket, and a heavy, fleece lined brown winter coat. He wears a baseball hat occasionally, with a Chicago Bears logo. Gary HATES ties. On dates, he's been seen in a tux ("Phantom at the Opera") with a red cummerbund and tie. For his date with Renee in "Don't Walk Away Renee" he wore a plain blue shirt without a tie and a dark suit. He wears a tan trench coat when necessary.

Gary likes to drink beer (probably Miller Lite), and has been known to drink Bloody Mary's while watching the football game. He hates heights and doctors, and has been known to accuse Cat of ruining his life, calling it a drill sergeant on more than one occasion.
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Chuck Fishman

Chuck is, well... he's Chuck-like. Chuck is sometimes cynical, sometimes a bit selfish, but if you look close enough, you'll see that deep down he really does have a heart of gold. Chuck and Gary have been best friends since childhood. They even roomed together in college, although Gary graduated a semester early because, as Gary says, Chuck's "stuff" has a way of taking over a room. Chuck is on friendly terms with Marissa - they bicker a lot and Chuck occasionally seems somewhat jealous of her relationship with Gary, but he still watches out for her like a big brother would.

Chuck often takes a "what's in it for me" attitude when it comes to The Paper. Because Gary denies Chuck the opportunity to use the paper for financial gain (something near and dear to Chuck's heart), Chuck is often reluctant to put himself in harm's way to help Gary with his "saves." However, should a situation arise where Gary (or Marissa, for that matter) really needs his help, Chuck is right there to lend a hand, his car, his linguistic talents, and a snide or encouraging remark.

In his early 30's, Chuck's could be described as slight of build (approximately 5' 8") with brown hair - longish, but not layered, and somewhat balding. He sports sideburns and has blue eyes and a mischievous smile. He is and has always been single. He is, however, a serial dater, and always has an eye out for the good-lookin' women. Chuck fancies himself to be quite dapper and desirable. Chuck's one true love was Theresa Laparko, but unfortunately she was trying to extricate herself from her ties to the mob and had to fake her death in order to do so. Chuck later dated a Rabbi, Ellen Goodman, but he found that he could only be truthful around her, and he just couldn't stand living that way.

Chuck has many relatives in the Chicago area. There's his cousin Arnie the doctor, to whom he was always being compared (as in "why can't you be more like your cousin Arnie?"). He has an aunt Estelle, a grandpa Jerry, and a nephew Justin, all of whom appeared in "A Bris is Just a Bris." He hired his cousin Leonard ("Up Chuck") to secretly videotape Gary on his "saves," Chuck's cousin Joey delivers odd sign-o-grams ("Don't Walk Away Renee"), and he has a third cousin Elaine ("The Medal"). But the most known relative is his uncle Phil Kazakian ("Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog" and "Weathergirl"), to whom he is related on *both* sides of the family. To sum up, let's just say that Chuck has a very extensive family. Name a country, he has a relative there - even Peru (don't ask!). According to Chuck, his grandparents came from Moscow and the Fishman name was originally Fishniak ("Redfellas").

It is believed that Chuck grew up in, or at least spent some time in, Hickory, Indiana, as he knew Gary as a child and played at his house. Chuck roomed with Gary in college, and most likely has a Business major. He worked at Strauss and Associates as a stock-broker during the first season, then partnered with Gary at McGinty's for the second season.

On the religious front, Chuck claims to be Jewish (non-practicing). He skipped his own Bar Mitzvah to watch "Any Which Way But Loose" instead, and had to brush up on the Talmud in preparation for his date with Rabbi Ellen. However, Chuck also grew up believing in Santa Claus. Until he didn't get the sled he asked for, that is.

Chuck has given different addresses for his apartment. In "Gun" he used: North Harbor Terrace, Apt 1203, but in "Baby" he lived on the 35th floor of a building in the Gold Coast area. His home is decorated in a sports theme, with a large Chicago Bulls banner on the wall, and a big-screen TV for use in watching "the game."

At the end of the second season ("Second Sight"), Chuck had a life-altering experience which resulted in his leaving Chicago for sunny Los Angeles, where he intended to become a Television Producer. His plan was to focus on family-friendly programming. When Chuck returned to Chicago for a visit ("Up Chuck"), it was revealed that he was having great difficulty selling the "family-friendly" idea to the TV Executives. On his next return visit ("Take Me Out to the Ball Game"), Chuck mentions the new show he's working on - "Bikini Squad."

Chuck's pride and joy is his shiny red Lexus, which he occasionally drives with reckless abandon. He also takes great joy in having money - lots of it. He likes watching Bulls, Cubs, and Bears games, and has been know to place a few bets on the outcomes. Chuck's beverage of choice is beer (or "crownies" as he calls them). He dislikes crullers (but eats them anyway) and hates rats. But his biggest fear in life is bodily fluids. Chuck often embellishes the truth (to put it kindly) and has a tendency to get into things way over his head. Sparky, Chuck's pet goldfish, was tragically killed by Gary in a toilet-flushing accident ("Frostbit"). Chuck claims to speak both Japanese and Russian - not successfully, but he tries.

Chuck's style of dress while still employed as a stockbroker was more formal - usually a grey business suit with white dress-shirt and dark tie. When dressing casually (yet neatly), he tends towards jeans, a turtleneck, and a pull-over sweater. He's also been know to wear a Bulls jersey. He sleeps in light blue boxer shorts and a white T-shirt ("Pilot"). For outerwear, Chuck has been seen in a black leather trench coat, a brown suede jacket, and a yellow and black ski parka. If Chuck were to have a "signature" item of clothing, it would be his hat. He has been seen sporting a beret, but most often he chooses a grey pork-pie hat.
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Marissa Clark

Marissa has been Gary's friend since he first started receiving the paper. Their relationship before that seemed to be mostly just "friendly co-workers." Her purpose in the show was originally perceived as "the angel on my shoulder" in opposition to Chuck's "devil on my shoulder" role. She's matured into more than that, into a true friend with great insight into not only the paper, but people in general, and Gary in particular. She encourages him, helps him sort situations out, provides a guide and moral compass without being dogmatic. Though blind, Marissa refuses to consider herself handicapped, and is very resourceful and independent, much more so than has been shown on the actual show itself.

Marissa is in her early 30's (was noted as age 31 in "Run, Gary, Run" from season 4). In appearance, she has black hair, is dark skinned, with dark brown eyes, and stands approximately 5' 5". Marissa has worn her hair long, in braids, but often had it up in buns or a ponytail. Marissa has been blind since she was 16 months old due to a bout with meningitis. However, in the second season finale ("Second Sight"), it was intimated that she had been blind from birth. But the fact that she had a doctor for her eyes, someone she went to when she thought she was recovering her sight, seems to give more weight to the first factoid.

During the first season, Marissa lived in an apartment at 3211 West Chestnut, but has apparently moved since then. She has never been married and lives alone. Marissa does, however, date on occasion. When younger (high school), she dated Connie Hooks, the star basketball player who now owns a car repair shop. While attending college, she dated a classmate - Jeffrey Craig - who ended up trying to kill her ("Love is Blind"). She later met and started dating Ali Vichar, who turned out to be an international jewel thief ("Mum's the Word"). Marissa had better luck with her boyfriends when she met Emmett Brown, a local cab driver attending law school.

Marissa grew up in Chicago, and although we've never seen any of Marissa's relatives, she does mention a few of them. Notably her Mother and her Aunt Delia (a.k.a. "Lady Delia") the clairvoyant. Marissa has a seeing-eye dog, a German Shepherd named Spike. Spike was the first good thing Gary did with the paper. He went to a betting parlor for lunch with Marissa, bet a bunch of money while ignoring her, then handed her $15,000 after lunch to go buy Spike.

On the religious front, in "Number One With a Bullet" Marissa sang in the choir at a church named "Mt. Moriah MB," which would suggest that she belongs to the Baptist faith. She gave a St. Jude's medal, which she received from her grandmother, to Chuck in "Second Sight." Her faith is alive, very much a part of who she is, but not dogmatic. She's quoted the Bible more than once, and her faith has been a guide to Gary even if he doesn't seem to share it.

Marissa worked as a receptionist at Strauss and Associates (where Gary and Chuck also worked). During the first season, thanks to a grand from work, she began attending college (TC), aiming for a major in Psychology. During the third season, it was noted that she was a Business major (Blackout), but later her Psychology major was mentioned again. When Gary acquired McGinty's, Marissa came to work there as the Bookkeeper and Assistant Manager, and was also responsible for inventory. In season three, after Chuck's departure, she became a partner in McGinty's with Gary.

Marissa's style of dress is usually a more formal business attire - pant-suits and dresses. On occasion, she'll wear shorter skirts, too. She dresses sharp, but plain - colors, not patterns - and tends to like dangly earrings.

The one thing that Marissa absolutely hates is the word "sorry."
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The Cat mysteriously arrives with the paper.... or is it the paper arrives with the cat. At any rate, Cat is around to guide Gary in his saves, and brings his attention to important articles or clues.


The Paper

The Paper arrives at Gary's doorstep every morning. It is unknown where the Paper comes from - Chuck speculated it comes from the Newspaper Fairy, but it is something that Gary cannot escape. It has been known to arrive whenever and wherever it needs to in order for Gary to complete his mission. Like Cat, the Paper will, on occasion, alert Gary to important articles when its pages are turned by a mysterious breeze.


Patrick Quinn

The winsome bartender and career college student. Admired Gary and looked at him as the big brother he never had, but he generally just got on Gary's nerves.


Erica Paget

Erica is a single mother, separated from her husband Mike because of his gambling problems. Came to work at McGinty's as the bar manager.


Henry Paget

Henry Paget is the precocious son of Erica Paget and Mike Paget. He found out about the paper very early on.

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3.3 The Recurring Characters

Bernie Hobson

Bernie is Gary's dad. He lives in Hickory Indiana with Gary's mom. Bernie found out about the paper in the season one episode, "Dad." He acts a lot like Chuck - stubborn and annoying at times, but with only the best intentions. Bernie loves to help with the paper, but he generally messes up whatever he tries to fix. He drives a gold Chevrolet truck with an Airstream trailer that he has named the Gray Ghost. Bernie enjoys the sport of Curling.


Lois Hobson

Lois is Gary's mother. She lives in Hickory, Indiana, with her husband Bernie. She didn't find out about the paper until the end of season 2, in "The Fourth Carpathian." Gary is more like his mom, quiet and resourceful, and just a little bit stubborn. Lois is very proud of her son, and greatly exaggerates his accomplishments with her friends and neighbors in Hickory, Indiana.


Detective Marion "Zeke" Crumb

Marion "my friends call me Zeke" Crumb is a crusty, curmudgeonly cop with the proverbial heart of gold. In the first season, he was Gary's sometime nemesis, the cop who would eventually take Gary's information and do what he could to prevent the bad things from happening. Second season, after the episode "Return of Crumb," he became part of Gary's life, taking on almost a mentor role in some aspects, and that of older brother/senior partner in others. Insisting that he doesn't want to know where Gary gets his information, he understands Gary's desire to help people, and does his best to smooth the way when he can. Crumb has immense respect for Marissa, and treats her like the lady she is. Chuck, well, Crumb claims to like Chuck, sort of, but they mostly spar off each other. During the first season, he could never get Chuck's name straight, calling him Fishbien or Fishburg - just about everything but Fishman.

Crumb is in his 60's, with white hair, medium height, and could be considered stocky (he weighs 250 pounds according to "The Fourth Carpathian"). Crumb is widowed - his wife Evelyn died in about 1984 of lung cancer. He has no other known family. Crumb lived at house number 916 on an unknown street - presumably in Chicago.

Forty years ago, Crumb was the unofficial bartender on the USS Saratoga out of Newport News, VA. He was a Navy man and probably enlisted. As an officer with the Chicago Police Department, Crumb was considered one of the few completely honest and straight cops around. He worked at the 4th precinct as a plain-clothes detective and was a 30-year veteran when he retired in season 2 (1997/98). After retiring, he came to work at McGinty's as a bartender through the remainder of season two. Crumb then spent some time at a remote cabin in Idaho where he whiled away the hours writing his memoirs.

Crumb enjoys eating hot dogs - with the works - for breakfast. He drives a dark blue sedan style car, and can often be seen wearing a fisherman's cap.


Detective Paul Armstrong

Armstrong is suspicious of Gary's involvement in several cases, but after investigating them further, finds that Gary is innocent of any crimes.


Detective Toni Brigatti

Brigatti's first contact with Gary was when she was assigned as his protector until he could testify in court. She is allergic to cats. Like Gary, her job leaves little time for personal pursuits of a romantic nature.


Lucius Snow

Snow is Gary's predecessor with the paper. He was a long-time (at least since 1946) typesetter for the Chicago Phoenix (which later merged with the Chicago Sun to become the Sun-Times), and was known for his "uncanny" ability to set the headlines a day ahead of time. He lived alone and died alone and was thought by many to be crazy. Harry Hawks called him a crackpot. The paper seems to want Gary to avoid turning out like Snow. Snow dated a woman named Eunice Fadiman in Italy, but evidently chose the paper over life with her. He stood her up for dinner, and she never saw him again ("The Cat").

Snow lived for a time at the Brown Hotel, 117 Atwater, in Chicago (Phone: CA6-5500). When the hotel was demolished, he stayed at the Blackstone Hotel

According to his employee file, Snow was 5' 7" tall, weighed 155 pounds and had blue eyes. His date of death was listed as September 28, 1996 - presumably the day before Gary started getting the paper, although information in "Pilot" would dispute that fact.

It has been intimated ("Home") that Snow owned McGinty's at one time, as Mr. McGinty won the bar in a card game "with a stranger from the Blackstone Hotel." In Gary's loft at McGinty's (before he moved in and cleaned up), there was a newspaper in a drawer from 1948 with the headline, "Fire at Historic Blackstone Hotel," much like the headline Gary had himself received.

During a particularly dramatic episode ("Fate"), a mysterious man with ink-blackened fingers kept appearing in odd places - in a bar, on a street corner, in a cemetery, in the basement of the carpet warehouse. It is assumed that this mysterious man was Snow, mystically returning to help Gary deal with his life with the paper, reminding Gary that one failed save does not require Gary's death in return.


Meredith Carson

Newspaper reporter Meredith Carson discovered the secret of the paper when she and Gary were nearly killed. With a nose for news, she found the paper's lure too tempting to resist and used information she found there to try and capture an arsonist. She and Gary became close, but realizing that her love in life is investigative reporting, she left Chicago to take a position at the Washington Post.


Harry Hawks

Harry Hawks was the editor at the Chicago Sun-Times. When he was a "cub reporter," he knew Lucius Snow, and thought he was a crackpot. He evidently believed Snow's tale of rogue secret service agents at the Kennedy assassination, but got burned over it by his superiors. Hawks was murdered by J.T. Marley in "The Wall, Part 1."


Mr. Morris

Morris is the archivist at the Sun-Times. He works in the basement and also knew Lucius Snow. He helped Gary out off and on when he needed it during the first season, disappeared after that and then resurfaced in the third season to again assist Gary ("Deadline"). Morris was injured in a bomb blast intended for Meredith Carson ("The Paper").


Molly Greene

A hard-nosed, cynical reporter for the Sun-Times, Molly Green is suspicious of Gary and is dying to find out how Gary knows things before they happen.


Miguel Diaz

An employee of the Sun-Times, Miguel Diaz takes his title - Photo Journalist - to heart. He became suspicious of Gary when he saw a picture of him and recognized him as being involved somehow in several previous news stories.


Uncle Phil Kazakian

Phil Kazakian is Chuck's uncle. He ran a hot-dog cart that you could smell blocks away. Phil supposedly sat nude atop a flagpole to protest Ronald Reagan's "Trickle-down Economics" during his visit to Chicago. Phil's dog was run over by a City trash truck - in his effort to get an apology from the Mayor, he made several attempts to steal the Mayor's dog.


Marcia Roberts (Hobson)

Marcia Roberts is Gary's ex-wife. She is a lawyer and comes from a wealthy family. She decided that Gary wasn't ambitious enough for her, so she tossed his belongings out a window at him and filed for divorce. She was later engaged to marry Phil Pritchard, Gary's ex-boss, but had second thoughts and failed to show up at the wedding.


Phil Pritchard

Phil Pritchard was Gary's boss at Strauss and Associates. He is a nasty, snotty man, concerned only with the bottom line, and is very inconsiderate towards his employees. Pritchard was supposed to marry Gary's ex-wife Marcia, but she never showed up at the wedding.

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3.4 Season One (1996/1997)

001 Pilot #101 - Sept. 28, 1996: Gary gets tomorrow's paper, prevents bank robbery.

002 The Choice #102 - Oct. 5, 1996: Gary must choose between saving a little girl or stopping a plane crash.

003 Baby #103 - Oct. 12, 1996: Gary gets distracted by a pretty girl. Meanwhile, the paper announces that Chuck will deliver twins.

004 The Paper #104 - Oct. 19, 1996: Gary tries to prevent a saucy reporter from finding out his secret.

005 Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog #105 - Oct. 26, 1996: Someone wants revenge against the Mayor's dog; Gary uncovers a lottery scheme.

006 Hoops #106 - Nov. 2, 1996: Gary helps a basketball star with a medical condition; Chuck buys a car; Marissa meets an old flame.

007 After Midnight #107 - Nov. 9, 1996: A woman abandons her baby; Chuck falls in love with a cab-mate.

008 Gun #108 - Nov. 16, 1996: Gary gets between a woman and her violent ex-husband while trying to prevent a handgun death.

009 His Girl Thursday #109 - Nov. 23, 1996: Chuck and Meredith steal Gary's paper with disastrous results.

010 The Wrong Man #110 - Dec. 7, 1996: Gary must prevent the murder of his former boss; Marcia becomes engaged.

011 Christmas #111 - Dec. 21, 1996: Chuck escapes from jail with Santa; Gary tracks down a bomber.

012 Frostbit #112 - Jan. 11, 1997: Chuck saves Gary and a homeless boy from freezing to death.

013 Mob Wife #113 - Jan. 25, 1997: Chuck falls in love with a mobster's girl.

014 The Wall Part 1 #114 - Feb. 1, 1997: Secret Service guy suspects Gary of foul play.

015 The Wall Part 2 #115 - Feb. 8, 1997: Gary is pegged by the paper as an assassin.

016 Bat Masterson #116 - Feb. 22, 1997: A former cop sets out to find his partner's killer.

017 The Jury #117 - Mar. 8, 1997: Gary gets jury duty, tries to prove the defendant is being framed.

018 Psychic #118 - Apr. 12, 1997: Gary and a psychic help find a kidnapped baby.

019 The Cat #119 - Apr. 13, 1997: The cat starts delivering the paper to a dying woman. (Special Sunday presentation after "Touched by an Angel")

020 Phantom at the Opera #120 - Apr. 19, 1997: Gary falls for an artist, soon to be reunited with an old love.

021 Faith #121 - Apr. 26, 1997: While in the hospital, Gary befriends a girl waiting for a new heart.

022 Dad #122 - May 3, 1997: Gary's dad comes for a visit and "helps" with the paper.

023 Love is Blind #123 - May 10, 1997: Gary suspects Marissa's study partner of attempted murder.

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3.5 Season Two (1997/1998)

024 Home #201 - Sept. 27, 1997: Gary's hotel room burns down; a greedy developer plans to turn an orphanage into a parking lot.

025 The Medal #202 - Oct. 4, 1997: A ceremony in his honor triggers years worth of guilt and flashbacks in a Vietnam hero; Chuck falls in love.

026 The Wedding #203 - Oct. 11, 1997: Gary and Chuck are asked to cater the wedding of Gary's former high-school sweetheart.

027 Jenny Sloan[e] #204 - Oct. 18. 1997: A cancer-stricken boy refuses to undergo treatment.

028 Downsized #205 - Oct. 25, 1997: A man facing a mid-life crisis decides to have plastic surgery.

029 Angels and Devils #206 - Nov. 1, 1997: A nun running a night basketball program considers leaving her order when one of her "kids" is killed in a robbery attempt.

030 Redfellas #207 - Nov. 8, 1997: A Russian violinist is plagued by a series of suspicious accidents.

031 March in Time #208 - Nov. 15, 1997: Gary faces a moral dilemma when he learns of a white supremacist's impending assassination.

032 A Regular Joe #209 - Nov. 22, 1997: A stressed-out Gary takes Sundays off, helps the Bears; Chuck and Marissa clash over the running of McGinty's.

033 A Bris is Just a Bris #210 - Dec. 20, 1997: Chuck turns truthful when he is smitten with a Rabbi; Gary comes between his cook and an accident-prone librarian.

034 A Minor Miracle #211 - Jan. 10, 1998: Gary tries to prevent a little girl's death and becomes a suspect in her disappearance.

035 Romancing the Throne #212 - Jan. 17, 1998: A bored princess hides out at McGinty's.

036 Walk, Don't Run #213 - Jan. 24, 1998: Gary accepts a post as City Supervisor to get a traffic light built.

037 The Return of Crumb #214 - Jan. 31, 1998: A soon-to-retire Crumb becomes the target of a ruthless DA out to prove police corruption.

038 Mum's the Word #215 - Apr. 4, 1998: Marissa is cursed by earrings stolen from a mummy exhibit by her boyfriend.

039 Where or When #216 - Apr. 11, 1998: Gary has a "Rear Window" experience while confined to a wheelchair.

040 The Fourth Carpathian #217 - Apr. 18, 1998: Gary disappears and the paper is delivered to his parent's house.

041 The Quality of Mercy #218 - Apr. 25, 1998: An ex-con is determined to kill the prosecutor who put him away.

042 Show Me the Monet #219 - May 2, 1998: An art forger wants help breaking into a museum to return a stolen masterpiece.

043 Don't Walk Away, Renee #220 - May 9, 1998: Thugs kidnap Gary's parents to force him and a childhood friend to turn over a revolutionary computer program.

044 Hot Time in the Old Town #221 - May 16, 1998: Gary gets hit on the head and goes "back in time" to prevent the Great Chicago Fire.

045 Second Sight #222 - May 23, 1998: Marissa thinks her sight is returning; Chuck discovers the victim of a mob murder and becomes a hunted man.

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3.6 Season Three (1998/1999)

046 Blackout #301 - Sept. 26, 1998: A blackout engulfs the city; Gary must prevent mob violence.

047 Collision #302 - Oct. 3, 1998: Gary tries to locate the driver responsible for a multiple car pile-up; Erica and Henry Paget meet up with Gary.

048 A Horse is a Horse #303 - Oct. 10, 1998: Henry discovers the paper's secret, helps his dad pick winning horses.

049 Lt. Hobson, U.S.N. #304 - Oct. 17, 1998: An admiral notices Gary's heroism; Henry meddles in world politics.

050 Saint Nick #305 - Oct. 24, 1998: Gary must confront his feelings for Erica when her old flame, a philanthropist, comes to town.

051 Halloween #306 - Oct. 31, 1998: Two witches kidnap Gary, thinking he's a warlock; poisoned treats are passed out to the children.

052 Up Chuck #307 - Nov. 7, 1998: A desperate Chuck comes back to town trying to convince Gary that he's hit the big time.

053 Deadline #308 - Nov. 14, 1998: Gary enlists the help of reporter Molly Greene to save an innocent man on death row. (Previously titled: Execution)

054 In Gary We Trust #309 - Nov. 21, 1998: Gary's life is in danger after he witnesses a mob hit; Toni Brigatti becomes his protector.

055 Nest Egg #310 - Dec. 5, 1998: Gary's mother invests the retirement money with a con artist.

056 Teen Angels #311 - Dec. 19, 1998: When the newspaper arrives in tatters, Gary must pose as a substitute teacher to find out who will be involved in a shooting.

057 Slippity-Doo-Dah #312 - Jan. 9, 1999: Gary's efforts to prevent a woman's fall on ice snowball into a deadly bus crash; Gary baby-sits Henry.

058 The Last Untouchable #313 - Jan. 16, 1999: A retired treasury agent believes Al Capone's last living henchman can lead him to the mobster's long-lost fortune.

059 Just One of Those Things #314 - Feb. 6, 1999: Gary tells Erica about the paper, but she refuses to believe him.

060 Funny Valentine #315 - Feb. 13, 1999: A baseball player decides to stay in Chicago after falling in love with a doctor.

061 Number One With a Bullet #316 - Feb. 20, 1999: A rap artist will be mortally wounded at his upcoming concert.

062 Two to Tangle #317 - Feb. 27, 1999: A couple are involved in a bitter dispute over their lingerie company and over the custody of their 9-year-old daughter.

063 Fate #318 - Mar. 20, 1999: Gary questions his involvement with the paper after failing to rescue a homeless man during an apartment fire; Gary reads his own obituary.

064 Crumb Again #319 - Apr. 3, 1999: Federal Agent Brigatti tries to track down the person responsible for the attempted murder of Retired Police Detective Crumb.

065 Pinch Hitters #320 - Apr. 17, 1999: Gary is in quarantine after being bitten by a monkey; Marissa and Emmett take care of the paper.

066 Home Groan #321 - May 1, 1999: Gary returns to his hometown to catch two thieves and gets in trouble with the local police.

067 Play It Again, Sammo #322 - May 8, 1999: Sammo Law follows a criminal to Chicago.

068 Blowing Up is Hard to Do #323 - May 15, 1999: Gary saves Detective Armstrong's wife from drowning, prevents a series of bombings; Gary and Erica have "relationship" troubles.

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3.7 Season Four (1999/2000)

069 The Out-of-Towner #401 - Sept. 25, 1999: Gary meets a New Yorker who has been getting tomorrow's Daily News for the past six years, but who uses the paper to make money.

070 Duck Day Afternoon #402 - Oct. 2, 1999: Gary's parents unexpectedly shop up after a tornado sweeps through Hickory, but their extended visit leads to a hostage situation; Gary's efforts to save ducks gets the attention of a Sun-Times photo-journalist.

071 Take Me Out to the Ball Game #403 - Oct. 9, 1999: Chuck returns and learns that a rookie pitcher for the Cubs is going to throw a no-hitter - the story disappears when Chuck secures tickets to the game.

072 The Iceman Taketh #404 - Oct. 16, 1999: Gary and Detective Toni Brigatti go undercover as a high-society couple with the hope of catching a legendary jewel thief.

073 Camera Shy #405 - Oct. 23, 1999: A photographer's accidental snapshot of a thought-to-be-dead criminal may cost him his life unless Gary can rescue him.

074 Wild Card #406 - Oct. 30, 1999: Gary's attempts to relax with the newspaper backfire when Patrick's interference keeps changing the news.

075 Fatal Edition Part 1 #407 - Nov. 6, 1999: Gary is arrested for the murder of an investigative reporter.

076 Fatal Edition Part 2 #408 - Nov. 13, 1999: Brigatti, now believing that Gary is innocent, is in danger when she discovers new evidence.

077 Weathergirl #409 - Nov. 20, 1999: Gary supplies accurate weather reports to a forecaster he has begun dating; Uncle Phil takes one dangerous job after another.

078 Run, Gary, Run #410 - Dec. 18, 1999: Gary must race against the clock to save Marissa from death.

079 Rose #411 - Feb. 19, 2000: Gary and Crumb help a woman who claims to have amnesia.

080 Snow Angels #412 - Feb. 26, 2000: A blizzard hits Chicago and Gary worries that he won't be able to rescue everyone who needs his help.

081 Gifted #413 - Mar. 04, 2000: Gary must teach a girl that her clairvoyance is a gift.

082 Performance Anxiety #414 - Mar. 11, 2000: When another recipient of tomorrow's news stops receiving his paper, he steals Gary's.

083 False Witness #415 - Mar. 25, 2000: Gary lies to help Miguel's brother, whom he has caught stealing cars, but later questions his decision.

084 The Play's the Thing #416 - April 8, 2000: Gary gets bit by the acting bug when he makes a routine save at a small theatre.

085 Blind Faith #417 - April 22, 2000: Gary temporarily loses his sight in an accident and must rely on instinct to rescue a 9-year-old boy.

086 Occasionally Amber #418 - April 29, 2000: Gary finds himself torn between trusting his best friend's fiancee - a former con woman - or telling Chuck the truth about her past.

087 Mel Schwartz, Bounty Hunter #419 - May 6, 2000: Gary must keep rescuing an accountant who is determined to become a bounty hunter.

088 Time #420 - May 13, 2000: Gary discovers that Lucius Snow saved his life when he was 11. (Note: This was intended to be the season finale, but when it was determined that Early Edition would not be renewed, they changed the airing order so that, when syndicated episodes started airing, it would not look like a finale.)

089 Everybody Goes to Rick's #421 - May 20, 2000: Gary finds himself in 1929 trying to save a man from the St. Valentine's Day massacre. (Scenes taking place in 1929 are in black and white)

090 Luck of the Irish #422 - May 27, 2000: Gary is cursed when he refuses further service to an elderly Irishman, affecting the life of a lovely immigrant.

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3.8 Setting

The show is set in and around Chicago, Illinois, with scenes taking place on any given street or in various parks and museums. The main recurring locations include the Blackstone Hotel (Season 1), the Chicago Police Department, the Chicago Sun-Times, and McGinty's (including the bar, the kitchen, the office, and Gary's loft).

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