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Big name actors 05/24/01 08:40PM
Missing Brigatti episode 05/23/01 02:39PM
Songs actually used in EE 05/23/01 10:23AM
EE related moments in other movies or shows. 05/21/01 06:31AM
Serious head count!!! 03/23/01 12:53AM
Is October 25-28 a definite go?? 03/12/01 01:16PM
EE Dailies/Rough Cuts - Offer 03/12/01 09:52AM
Meet me in Chicago!!! 02/28/01 05:04PM
Time 01/08/01 08:04PM
Occasionally Amber 01/08/01 01:51PM
Gary, Brigatti and Amber 01/08/01 12:38PM
Just One of those Things 01/05/01 06:38AM
Why does everyone hate Erica? 01/04/01 09:29PM
Gary's Fear of Heights 12/29/00 05:29PM
Pinch hitters! 12/29/00 06:21AM
Gary in uniform:) 12/28/00 11:53PM
Gary Singing??? 12/28/00 05:51PM
St. Nick 12/28/00 08:20AM
Blind Faith Question/Opinion 12/27/00 09:56PM
Thinking (a dangerous habit) about Duck Day Afternoon 12/27/00 10:52AM
Lt. Hobson, USN 12/27/00 10:42AM
Deer Trapped In The Headlights 12/27/00 09:59AM
Hot Time in the Old Town 12/26/00 07:10PM
Secret of the Paper 12/26/00 06:39PM
Blind Faith 12/22/00 11:55PM
What would you give EE's characters for Christmas? 12/21/00 02:14PM
FYI: Great Chicago Fire 12/20/00 06:52AM
You Know You've Been Watching Too Much EE When... 12/19/00 08:27PM
Can you remember eps when Gary Smiles for real? 12/18/00 07:32PM
Humiliation 12/15/00 05:25PM
Have you ever wondered why... Part II 12/14/00 10:24AM
The Fourth Carpathian 12/13/00 02:56PM
Attitude Walk 12/13/00 02:21PM
Fatal Edition, the topic: Part II 12/12/00 04:27PM
Gary's Parents 12/11/00 03:12PM
Top Ten Funniest Things Said on the EE Forum 12/10/00 11:41PM
If Gary wasn't such a cutie....... 12/10/00 09:23PM
EE Anonymous 12/10/00 05:34PM
Favorite Gary and Marissa moments 12/08/00 10:57PM
Fatal Edition 12/07/00 08:55PM
Have you ever wondered why...... 12/07/00 08:42PM
Rose 12/07/00 02:00PM
Bat Masterson- am I the only one who LIKED this ep? 12/07/00 07:59AM
Home and other classic Poor Gary Moments [TM] 12/07/00 07:51AM
Christmas! 12/05/00 02:09PM
Gary's injuries 12/05/00 10:31AM
"Thanks for saving my life!" 12/04/00 08:18AM
Disappearing injuries/quick healing 12/04/00 07:59AM
Question about Fatal Edition 12/02/00 11:22PM
Boy, Do I dislike Erica :p 12/02/00 03:55PM
Abra-ca-dab-ra! Now you see it....Hey.. where'd it go? 12/02/00 01:30AM
Season 5 - If you could write an EE ep, Part II 12/02/00 01:07AM
Recycled Actors and Actresses 11/30/00 11:05AM
One thing that really bothers me . . . 11/29/00 02:18PM
The Cat 11/28/00 10:15PM
Most Gut-Wrenching EE Episodes 11/28/00 11:26AM
Weathergirl 11/27/00 02:20PM
Some questions about The Iceman Taketh. 11/27/00 09:44AM
Ladies, this one's for you! :-) 11/27/00 09:44AM
"Hobson" 11/26/00 12:58AM
It's all in the details 11/21/00 02:15AM
Lollipop 11/21/00 12:27AM
if you could have anything of Gary's, what would it be? 11/20/00 03:26PM
I have a question 11/19/00 09:11PM
Poll Question: If you had to choose 11/19/00 12:15PM
Season 5- If you could write an EE episode...... 11/18/00 03:14AM
Duck Day Afternoon 11/17/00 08:50AM
blowing up is hard to do 11/16/00 11:27PM
Gary's ::ahem:: creative storytelling...:-) 11/16/00 11:30PM
Cool Whip????????? 11/14/00 10:43PM
Best Kiss Scene 11/14/00 09:38PM
A Gary Moment 11/13/00 03:37PM
Gary and Marissa as a couple? 11/09/00 10:59AM
Gary would make a great father.... 11/09/00 03:20AM
Is there anything that just cracks you up every time? 11/08/00 11:23AM
Gary shirtless 11/06/00 01:10PM
Strange Situations 11/05/00 07:27PM
Gary's true love? 11/04/00 09:05AM
Just one of those things 11/03/00 08:42AM
Phantom at/of the Opera 10/27/00 06:13PM
"Fate-" gushing space :-) 10/26/00 10:08AM
Why are Gary & Chuck friends? 10/25/00 09:29PM
Saint Nick 10/17/00 09:10AM
A Horse is a Horse 10/13/00 09:04PM
Home 10/11/00 04:03PM
Phantom at the Opera- pardon me while I gush 10/06/00 06:08PM
Walk, Don't Run 09/30/00 01:03PM
Marcia 09/30/00 12:42AM
Molly Green 09/28/00 07:46PM
Romancing the Throne- LOL! 09/28/00 10:13AM
Fourth Carpathian 09/27/00 06:12PM
What's wrong with Henry and Erica? 09/22/00 08:22PM
Which EE character do you absolutely hate? 09/22/00 09:54AM
Shanesia 09/21/00 10:18AM
Least Favorite EE Episodes 09/13/00 02:47PM
Who knows about the paper besides Gary?? 08/30/00 06:56PM
Gary and Erica 08/29/00 08:45AM
Something About Gary 08/29/00 01:01AM
Why didn't Erica stay with Gary? 08/23/00 04:55PM
What situations would like to see Gary in? 08/22/00 07:45PM
McGinty's 08/20/00 08:19PM
"Run, Gary, Run" question 08/20/00 10:22AM
How did Snow die? 08/17/00 01:22PM
The Best Episode ever was "Time" 08/15/00 08:01PM
Sleep, Baby, Sleep 08/14/00 09:24AM
Mysterious blonde 08/13/00 12:10PM
Gary's finest moments 08/11/00 07:51AM
The Choice Episode 08/10/00 08:59AM
Chuck and Christmas 08/07/00 11:39PM
Favorite Kyle Moments 08/07/00 06:40AM
Where was I? Or as the next post turns -- Brigatti. 08/06/00 01:27AM
Time - pocket knife? 08/06/00 12:41AM
Detective Armstrong 08/05/00 10:16PM
interviews 08/01/00 02:28AM

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