Kyle Chandler on... Live! With Regis and Kelly
April 3, 2001

(Interview was for KC's new sit-com with Joan Cusack -
"What About Joan" - but is interesting to EE viewers as well.]

Live! With Regis and Kelly
April 3, 2001
Host: Regis Philbin, Kelly Rippa
Guest: Kyle Chandler
Fanscribed by Vickie Jo

[The following two statements are a small "mention" that was made before going to commercial at approx. 1/3 of the way thru the total show.]

REGIS: Co-star of "What About Joan?", Kyle Chandler; Remember EE? Got a new show…"What About Joan?"

KELLY: He’s very adorable, Kyle Chandler…

[INTRO to Interview 2/3 of the way thru the show.]

REGIS: You saw him on "Early Edition". Now he’s Joan Cusack’s boyfriend on the new ABC comedy "What About Joan?" Here’s Kyle Chandler, everybody!

[Kyle enters from stage right with the "Rosie" magazine and has to return it before making his final entrance.]

REGIS: Hey, Kyle? How you doin’, Buddy?

KYLE: [Looking at PG Kelly] Nice to meet ALL of you, the family….

KELLY: Nice to meet you. How are you?

REGIS: Kyle Chandler. You know we had him on so many times when he was with "Early Edition", talking about that show…originated in Chicago, from Chicago, moved, stayed there, lived there, and then the show’s over. So you’re going back to LA for the next job, right?

KYLE: Almost.


KYLE: Joan comes into it.

REGIS: Joan comes into it, but… but, meanwhile you found a house, you bought a house. Your wife…family is there.

KYLE: Yeah. Oh, yeah.

KELLY: So, you transplanted your family in LA…

KYLE: Oh, yeah.

KELLY: And now you’re working in Chicago, again.

KC: Oh, yeah.

REGIS: Still in Chicago! You can’t get out!

[Audience laughs]

KYLE: You think that’s funny. My wife does NOT think that’s funny.

REGIS: Ohhh…

KELLY: Wives love that when their husbands…

KYLE: Ohhh!

REGIS: Meanwhile, and she’s expecting a baby.

KYLE: Yes! We’ve got another one on the way.

KELLY: [surprised] When?!

REGIS: What do you do? Commute?

KYLE: February.


KYLE: We’re very, very early on.

REGIS: You commute?

KYLE: Yeah, I commute. Yeah, yes, a lot of walking…

REGIS: Out of O’Hare to LAX.

KYLE: Yeah.

REGIS: Oh, boy, Kyle.

KYLE: No, it’s great though. It’s a… The show is a … You know Joan?

REGIS: We had her on the show here, yeah.

KYLE: Great! She’s…she’s fun.

REGIS: She is.

KYLE: They named the show wrong. Ah…eh…"What About Joan?" What about Joan? What about me? What about Kyle? But, anyway…"What About Joan?" And ah…

REGIS: You tell ‘em, Kyle!

KYLE: I told ‘em, I TOLD ‘em! Anyway, she’s fantastic.

REGIS: She’s got a great comic touch, you know, and she can do it all when it comes to acting.

KELLY: You’re really fantastic together.

KYLE: She’s funny, she’s very funny. Thanks…thanks.

REGIS: You’re the boyfriend?

KYLE: Yeah.

REGIS: Is this going to culminate in a wedding?

KYLE: No, I don’t think so…

REGIS: In May, or something, for the sweeps?

KYLE: [Crossing his arms.] Oh, no. No, I think they’ll hold off on that.

KELLY: …You can’t marry people off that quickly in the first season.

REGIS: No, if you want to stay on the air, you should… But, anyway!

KYLE: In the ninth year, I think…

REGIS: So, you’re happy.

KYLE: Uh, yeah, things are going good.

REGIS: Did you audition for this? Or, did they just…?

KYLE: Yeah, I auditioned for it out in ah…out in Chicago. ..and ah,..We…we went out there and ah… It was funny, cause I had all my material rehearsed. I was ready to go and, of course, Joan didn’t know her material at all. You know, I’m like ‘You won’t let me say my line.’ We start bantering when we first…first read the material. So it got off to a good start. We started yelling at each other right off the bat.

REGIS: Sure they like that.

KYLE: It was ah…it was nice.

REGIS: So, you’re…you’re into a comedy now. Isn’t that great?

KYLE: [stuttering] I’m ah ….having some fun. They tell me I’m funny!

REGIS: You are!

KELLY: You are! You really are!

REGIS: You remind me of me! But, anyway… When we come back we’ll take a look at Kyle in action in "What About Joan?"

[KC scratches the back of his neck in that, oh, so ‘Gary’ way, here. They break for commercial.]

REGIS: So, we’re talking with Kyle Chandler about his new show "What About Joan?" on ABC, just really started out a couple week’s ago and ah…She’s kind of frenetic in ths series, got a lot on her mind.

KYLE: She’s got a lot going on…

REGIS: She’s got a lot of physical comedy and you’re the boyfriend?

KYLE: Yeah, yeah…My guy’s the investment banker and ah… He’s very straight forward. A equals… 1 plus 1 equals 2 and I love you, you love me, boom, let’s get married. And it flips her out, ‘cause [they] only been seeing each other, it’s the eighth date or something and so ah…we take off from there, and Joan, ah, Joan, working with her…she’s, she’s crazy, first of all. She is insane, literally insane and ah, you give an actor who’s already insane a little freedom, and I like to… I like to give her a little coke, root beer, and a candy bar halfway thru the day. Whoooo! And boy, she’s out there!

REGIS: She’s gone. Well, in this particular scene, here he is trying to have an intimate moment with this whirlwind, OK? "What About Joan?"

[Film clip from second episode "Sex Talk" is shown. Jake is half sitting up, on one elbow, in bed. He has no shirt on. He is mostly covered by the comforter, etc. over his chest, but when he moves, at times, his bare back &/or aureoles can be briefly seen. This seems to imply that he is nude under the covers. But we fans who attended the tapings know that he is not. He always has boxers or sweatpants on underneath those covers.] Joan is standing beside the bed, wearing a very reserved-looking lavender nightgown, and she is looking down at him as she speaks…]

JOAN: I want to know. Did, did the time it…it was so great… Was it chemistry or was it her?

JAKE: You know, I…I…just know whatever I say is gonna be the wrong answer.

JOAN: When…when you’re in love, there are no wrong answers.

JAKE: Well, I…I don’t think it was the chemistry.

JOAN: Wrong answer!

JAKE: [stuttering] Joan…Joan..will you.. she…she was, she was just someone I went to college with. She was a dancer/anthropologist. You know how they are! I…it’s not important. Come on, come on. Look, listen to me. You are the sweetest, kindest… You’re the funniest, most warm-hearted gentle person that I know. To say nothing of the…the most entertaining and I would do anything for you.

JOAN: Except be smart enough to lie!

REGIS: Yeah, I don’t know, Kyle. This could be a lot of work for you. A LOT of work for poor Kyle Chandler. Anyway, it looks like a lot of fun.

KYLE: Yeah, it doing allright. It’s on…We got the second show on tonite.

REGIS: And you got Jim Brooks guiding you along the way.

KYLE: Yeah,…We’ve got a good group of people. Yeah.

REGIS: Absolutely sensational producer.

KYLE: "What About Joan?" airs 9:30 on ABC on Tuesday night.

REGIS: Kyle, good luck you, pal. Nice to see you again.

KYLE: Good to see you again.

REGIS: We’ll be right back.

[They cut to commercial here. Camera pulls back for long shot from back of audience as Kyle shakes Kelly’s hand and gives her a kiss. He returns to his seat.]


Transcribers' notes: The preceding transcript was the best I could do after listening over and over and over….etc. to the dialogue. Many times the words were unintelligible and people talked over each over. What I have provided here is the best as I could make out. If anyone can fill in the small holes of dialogue from their tapes, I would appreciate hearing from them.

Fanscribed by Vickie Jo -- thank you! :)

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