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Billie grew up in Vernonia, Oregon. He briefly attended the University of Oregon, then moved to Portland where he studied with a private acting teacher for three years. He now lives in Los Angeles.

Billie co-starred in Ed Wood's feature film "I Woke Up Early the Day I Died." On television, Worley starred in "Poltergeist, the Legacy"; HBO's "The Pentagon Wars," HBO's "Weapons of Mass Distraction," had a guest starring role on "ER" and was a regular on the ABC series "Leaving L.A."

Billie has played the drums for 13 years and has been playing guitar for the past four years. He is in a rock band called CowTown, is currently writing a television sitcom and a full-length feature. He is also writing and composing original music for a feature film slated to start in early 1999.

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