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November 1999:

A message on the Fisher Stevens Archives Forum reveals the following information regarding 'Sam the Man'

Recently screened at the Hamptons International Film Festival in New York, reviewer Rey Wasserman reported the following:

"Fisher Stevens stars as Sam, a one-book-wonder novelist with a penchant for women, many women. Sam has found happiness with fiance' Cass (Anabella Sciorra), except that he is suffering from writer's block and struggles, and fails, to be faithful. On the one hand, Sam loves and wants to be with Cass, on the other hand, there just are so many women who find him and his small celebrity status irresistible, and, despite himself, he finds them irresistible as well. Although there is humor and certainly irony here, this is not a Hollywood style bedroom romp. Sam is not a happy man, but a flawed human being struggling to come to terms with himself and his world.

This film was directed by Gary Winick (The Tick Code) who shot it on digital video in 14 days at $60,000 before the transfer to film.

Fisher was born in Chicago on November 27, 1963. He began taking acting lessons after renting his New York City loft to an acting school.

Fisher's acting credits include roles in numerous Broadway and off-Broadway productions, as well as many feature films. Fisher's television credits include a lead role in the short-lived series "Key West" and guest-starring roles in "Friends" and "Columbo." Fisher is co-founder of the Naked Angels Theatre Co., and also has a co-interest in GreeneStreet Films.

Fisher made his television directorial debut when he directed "Early Edition" episode #218 ("The Quality of Mercy") which aired on April 25, 1998. He later also directed episode #312 ("Slippity-Doo-Dah") which aired on January 9, 1999. For a complete rundown of Fisher's credits, please visit one or both of the Fisher Links below.

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