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Once in a blue moon a creative Muse will visit the Early Edition Mailing List where the realm of Early Edition becomes a source of inspiration - a guiding genius, if you will - for some truly brilliant literary gems. :-) And so, we present the following for your viewing pleasure:

Early Edition Trail Mix

I'm Dreaming of an EE Week


Early Edition Fanfic Mailing List

And then there's the Early Edition Fanfic Mailing List, where all of your fanfic dreams come true! Recently the list participated in it's own Early Editionalized version of a classic literary game - Mad Libs - the results of which you can find below. (Many thanks to peregrin_anna, ringleader, for starting the project and allowing the results to be posted here!)

Painless Parts of Speech
(In case you want to play at home.)

EELib #1 - "The Show Must Go On"
(November 1999)

EELib #2 - "How Gary Saved Christmas"
(December 1999)

And also from the EEFF List, and in response to the "newbie challenge," I present the one and only fanfic by earlydues:

T for Tutu

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