Shane Williams*

(Formerly or otherwise know as: Shanesia Davis, Shanesia Davis-Williams, Shanesia Williams)

September 2002: Shane will be appearing as "Brenda" in "Comfortable Shoes," a new autobiographical musical by Las Vegas entertainer Clint Holmes. "Comfortable Shoes" will be the fall theatrical attraction at Chicago's
Royal George Theatre, 1641 N. Halsted St. Opening night will be Sept. 29.

Shanesia Davis Williams was born in Detroit and later moved to Chicago, where she received a BFA in acting from the Theatre School of De Paul University in 1989. She currently resides with her husband and daughter in Chicago. Her birthdate is September 30.

An accomplished actress, Shanesia has performed on the Chicago stage in "Black Star Line" (as "Amy Jacques," Goodman Theatre), and "The Ties That Bind" (as "Lottie," Goodman Theatre). She has also appeared in San Diego Repertory Theatre's productions of "Good Night Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet," (as "Desdemona) and "Hamlet" (as "Ophelia"). She was in "The Visit," "Spunk," and "From the Mississippi Delta" at Goodman Theatre; "The Mystery Cycle: Creation and Passion" (as "Virgin Mary"), "Othello" (as "Bianca"), and "Fuente Ovejuna" (as "Pascula") at Court Theatre. Additional theatre credits include "Victory Gardens," Live Baid and Penumbra Theatre Company, as well as other regional theatre credits.

In January 2001, she appeared at the Northlight Theatre in Chicago as 'Shelita Burns' in the Thomas Gibbons contemporary drama, "bee-luther-hatchee." In January 2002, she appeared at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago as 'Hanna Jordan' in Regina Taylor's "Drowning Crow," an adaptation of Chekhov's "The Seagull." In September 2002, she will be appearing at Chicago's Royal George Theatre as 'Brenda' in "Comfortable Shoes," a new musical."

Shanesia completed a role in the feature film "Hell Cab," starring John Cusack, Penelope Ann Miller, and Gillian Anderson. Her additional theatrical film credits include "With Honors," "Backdraft," "Uncle Nino," "The Croquet Game," and "Life Sentence."

In addition to starring in Early Edition, she has made guest appearances on several television shows including the ABC series Gabriel's Fire with James Earl Jones and Missing Persons, and appeared in the telefilm Making a Case for Murder. Her television credits also include "The Howard Beach Story." For more information on Shanesia's acting credits, visit the IMDb link below.


by Bill Zwecker
February 7, 2001
Chicago Sun-Times

"I just got tired of people saying 'Sha-neeshia,' 'Shauna-seea,' 'Shane-za''s a soft sneeze: Shanesia,"' says Shane Williams, formerly of CBS' Chicago-based drama "Early Edition."

"And it sounds so beautiful when it's pronounced correctly, but I just got so frustrated. So, Shane [pronounced Sha-nay] was what I was called when I was growing up. It's shorter, so now people will just call me 'Shane.'"

Williams currently is starring in "Bee-luther-hatchee" at Northlight Theatre in Skokie. Williams likes her character, Princeton grad and editor Shelita Burns, because, "She does make sacrifices along the way, as a young Black woman. She makes a decision at a very young age that she will turn off her emotions to plunge forward in a professional life that will surpass the life she had when she was a child..."

"When ["Early Edition"] ended, I wanted to do more theater, to get back on the stage to see if I still had it. Having honed my craft in the theater, it's my first you always go back to that."

Words of wisdom from Shanesia...

"Important Words":

The six most important words...
"I admit I made a mistake."

The five most important words...
"You did a good job."

The four most important words...
"What is your opinion?"

The three most important words...
"If you please."

The two most important words...
"Thank you."

The one most important word...

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