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(Last updated November 23, 2002)

First, a little bit of history...

Fox Family Channel began airing syndicated episodes of Early Edition on May 28, 2000, starting things off with a fabulous week-long marathon. They then began airing Early Edition twice every weeknight at 7pm and 9pm Central and once on Saturdays until about September 25, 2000. At that time, the weekend syndication package of Early Edition was set to begin (see the Weekend Syndication page for details!) and for contractual reasons, FFC stopped airing the Saturday episode. From Thanksgiving 2000 through New Year's Day 2001, FFC aired many holiday-themed specials instead of their regular schedule, so EE was a bit hard to find.

With the new year came a new schedule, and EE was cut down to airing four times a week at first, then to twice weekly. Fox Family was then bought out by Disney/ABC and became ABC Family. In early 2002, Early Edition went down to ZERO airings a week! ABC Family apparently has no plans to return Early Edition to their lineup at this time. :(

The ABC Family Channel airs EARLY EDITION as follows:
All times Central

Not airing on ABC Family Channel

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Last updated: November 23, 2002
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Don't look down here! This is just in case I need the grid again. :)

Day of Week Date Time Ep# Ep Title
Monday 00-00-00 7:00pm ?? ??
10:00pm ?? ??
Tuesday 00-00-00 7:00pm ?? ??
10:00pm ?? ??
Wednesday 00-00-00 7:00pm ?? ??
10:00pm ?? ??
Thursday 00-00-00 7:00pm ?? ??
10:00pm ?? ??
Friday 00-00-00 7:00pm ?? ??
10:00pm ?? ??