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Welcome to the Official Early Edition Keepers website, where EELs around the world can lay their claim to almost anything Early Edition!

What is all this "Keeper" stuff anyway?

Beeing a "Keeper" has become a tradition in many fan communities, and the Early Edition fans are no exception. The idea behind "keeping" something is that you, as a fan, can lay claim to an item or an emotion, etc. -- just about anything related to the show, really -- and become the virtual owner and protector of it. If you have been granted Keeper status, you can do what you will with your possession -- but please remember to treat your item with kindness and great care, because you never know when the characters will need to borrow it.

The most important rule to Keepers is that the characters, whether they be human or animal, can NOT be kept. And, since the Paper qualifies as a character in this show, you cannot be a Keeper of the Paper, either. Pretty much anything else is fair game.

The original Early Edition Keeper list was started by Jazz as a way to keep track of who owns what. If you wish to be the keeper of something from Early Edition, please start by reviewing the Keeper Rules. Then check the current Keeper List to make sure the item you'd like to 'keep' isn't already being kept. Once you've determined that your item is not already listed, then - and only then - go to the Claim an Item page.

Good Luck and Happy Keeping!

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