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Keeper List:

Peruse the lists below to see if the item you'd like to Keep has already been claimed. (Be sure to check through the entire list -- items could be listed under alternate names, ie: "Cap, Bears" instead of "Bears Cap.") If it has been claimed, please select another item. If not, then proceed to the Claim an Item page to submit your request.

Lists are divided into sections and are arranged alphabetically (more or less) by item:

(Last Updated: September 15, 2002)


Keeper List for
Miscellaneous Items

Bernie's Curling Stone Zara J
Bernie's Gnocchi Mary
Brigatti's Attitude CAndis
Brigatti's Badge Ryan Breneman
Brigatti's Cell Phone Zara J
Brigatti's Dress (Long Black Dress) Karen
Brigatti's Dress (Red Slip Dress) Eleanor
Brigatti's Gun Matt Lewis
Brigatti's Lermontov Diamond Jenna H
Brigatti's Looks OG
Brigatti's Red Slip Dress Eleanor
Cat's Food/Water Dish Deb's Cat
Cat's Fur Lady Firebird
Cat's Good Timing Lys
Cat's Meow Amanda Boggs
Cat's Misery Dany
Cat's Paw Candis
Chicago Fire Department Sign Lady Firebird
Clive's Copy of Michelangelo's
"Creation of Man"
Clock off the Wrigley Building Gayle
Crumb's Desk Name Plate BertNErnie19
Crumb's Hat, Red/Orange (the "Spike hat") Kristen
Early Edition's Flame All *focused* EELs
Erica's Corkscrew Wayne
Erica's Fur Coat Zara J
Erica's Good Looks Earlyman
Erica's Watch, Wrist (Wrist Watch) Brandi F
Fire Station Wall Plaque Robert Klein
Grey Ghost Marianne N
Gun Inside Plaque Swimmfish
Guns pointed at Gary (non-Brigatti) Dawn B
Harland Diamond Christy
Henry's Backpack Mary
Henry's Bandana Candis
Henry's Black Reebok Bag Gary Chicagokc
Henry's Cub Hat Amanda Boggs
Henry's GameBoy Zara J
Henry's Hockey Stick Swimmfish
Key to McGinty's Sable
Lermontov Diamond Jenna H
Lois' Low Tolerance to B.S. Measer
Lois' picture of Lois, Bernie, and Gary Mary
Marley's Cigarette Lighter Dirceu Brazil
Marley's Handcuffs Inkling
McGinty's Bar Corine
McGinty's Key Sable
McGinty's Menu Vera
McGinty's Minivan Andrew S.
McGinty's Music Candis
McGinty's Pool Table Juliet
McGinty's Sign Sheetal
McGinty's Window Brandi F
McGinty's Wine List Cyn
Miguel Diaz's Camera Amy G
Morris' Glasses Amanda Boggs
Patrick's Confusion Brandi F
Patrick's Homemade Halloween Costume Amy
Patrick's Photo of Patrick and Gary Mary
Russian Blue Cat Jannbee
Snow's Typewriter Tiana
Staircase to loft above McGinty's JoanGill3
Stairs to Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier JanWabash
Tomorrow's Headlines Gary Chicagokc
Uncle Phil's Hotdog Cart Candis


Keeper List for
Marissa Clark Items

Courage Stephanie
Dog Leash Swimmfish
Encouraging Words Steph
Faith in God Jess
Heart Mike Paterno
Kindness Nick
Leash for Dog Swimmfish
Loyalty BertNErnie19
Necklace, Pearl Brandi F
Pearl Necklace Brandi F
Second Sight Candis
Singing Ability Elizabeth
St. Jude Medal Mary
Walking Cane/Stick Amy G
Wisdom Amy


Keeper List for
Chuck Fishman Items

Blackhawk Jersey Mike Paterno
Bulls Cap Snow'sLuckyCat
Business Sense Kerry
Cab Hailing Ability Candace
Cap, Bulls Snow'sLuckyCat
Cell Phone BertNErnie19
Chucklike-ness Melissa
Coat Stephanie
Curiosity Lys
Devotion to Gary Steph
Footbal Uniform Zara J
Gambling Ability Deb's Cat
Gym Bag Katie
Hands Luvya Phoenix
Hat, Beret Heather Allen
Hat, Pork Pie / Fedora EarlyDues
Jersey, Blackhawk Mike Paterno
Jewish Faith Vera
Kippah / Yarmulke David Chesler
Laptop Computer Hendrik Meyerhof
Left-Handedness Kimberly
Lexus Gayle
Love Dana K
Monologues Tiana
Rare Cow Suede Suit Amanda Boggs
Robe, White Amy G
Sarcasm Mary
Sense of Humor Volzy
Shortness Jamie
Sled KMP
Sparky the Goldfish Chelsea
Sunglasses Melodey
Yarmulke / Kippah David Chesler


Keeper List for
Gary Hobson Items

Affection Megan Hall
Alarm Clock Justine
Anatomy Littleleafr
Apartment Door Lady Firebird
Apartment Key Tracy
Armoire Nadine
Auto: Voyager Chicago
Back Pocket Candis
Baseball Glove Lori
Bears Cap Marianne N.
Bears Shirt Melody Deel
Bears Sweatpants Tracy Ray
Bed Marianne
Bedsheets Terbear
Beer Martina
Beige Summer Jacket Angelina
Bicycle Irene
Birth Certificate Jayne
Blackstone Hotel Key Raul Moreno
Blankets Alissa
Blush Mary
Book, Lost Chicago Suzana
Boots, Work Catherine
Bose Stereo System Hunter
Bowling Pin Karen
Bowtie Debz
Boxer Shorts Jazz
Boyish Charm Ani
Bumps MsSpider
Butt Jeanette
Cap, Bears Marianne N.
Cap, Cubbies Snow'sLuckyCat
CDs Thomas
Chewing Gum Angela
Clone Angela
Coat, Black & Blue Erin
Coat, Navy 'Pea' Geri
Coffee Mug Rachel
Coins Janete
Comb Stephanie
Comforter Mary
Confused Look Corry Engelbrecht
Conscience Lauren
Couch Debbie
Cowboy Boots Suzanne
Creative Fibbing Ability JannBee
Cubbies Baseball Cap Snow'sLuckyCat
Cute Dimple Katie W
Dart Board Coyote5
Desires HiGulpBye
Desk Julia
Desk Lamp Erin L
Determination Jean Ann
Dimple - the cute one Katie W
Doormat Figrsk8r4
Double Look Lys
Dreams Shana
Ears Diana
Embrace Joe
Eyebrows francescofromthechoirgirlhotel
Eyelashes Joan
Eyes Patty
Faith Nadia
Feet Michele
Fishing Pole Kay
Football Phone/Telephone Brooke
Football Uniform Audra
Foozball Table Nick
Fridge Zara J
Friendship JM Zikos
Frown Pam
Future ~Steph~
Gentle Caress Lis
Glance Jessica F
Gloves EarlyDues
Glutes Eangelgirl
Gold Chain Melissa
Good Looks Tornado Ali
Grin Brenda
Grumpiness Melodey
Hair Caroline
Hands Little Sun
Handcuffs Inkling
Hats Scooby
'Happy Birthday Gary' Banner Mary
Heart SWoo
Heroism Skylar
Hockey Stick Jamey Hobson
Hope Treat
Hospital Gown Becky Thomson/
Diane McKenzie
Hugs Kim
Ice Pack Steph
Ice Skates Andrea
Imperfection Nadia
Jacket, Brown Xinlei
Jacket, Leather Fontaine
Jeans Michelle D.
Jeep Wrangler Monica
Ka Teresa
Khakis Mustang_97
Kipper David Chesler
Kiss Hobson242
Laugh Serena
Legs RobiAnn
Life Clover
Little Motorcycle Above Bed Sophia
Lips Jessica Stuck
Live Your Life Message Eleanor
Loft Kit
Lost Chicago Book Suzana
Lost Look Polgana
Love Amy G
Loyalty Kristen
Magnifying Glass Deb's Cat
Meridian, The / Model Ship Tasha G
Message: "Live Your Life" Eleanor
Milk Bottle Harald
Model Ship / The Meridian Tasha G.
Mouth Corine Vuyk
Neck Simona
Necklace Partly
Oberon Costume Amber D
Obituary Indu Sudhaker
Oriental Rug Karen
Penlight Peregrin Anna
Perfect Timing Tiana
Perplexed Tilt & Scratching Head Indy
Personality Vanessa
Photographs Angela
Pillows Jadeline
Pinball Machine Maryanne M
PJs Tatianal
Pocket, Back Candis
Pool Cue Katheryn
Radiator Lisa
Razor Shannae
Reeboks Dollene
Refridgerator Zara J
Responsibility Volzydude
Robe Jen S.
Room Earlyman
Safe Deposit Box Key from ITB Stacy
Scarf Stacy
Scrubs Kara H.
Secrets Paper Caper
Sense of Humour Rebecca B
Sensitivity Pam Barnes
Sentiment Mike Brooks
Sexiness Nikki91484
Sexy 5 O'Clock Shadow Vickie Jo
Shirt, Dark Blue Bonnie
Shirts, Plaid Angel
Shirts, Gray Sara
Shoes, Sport style ChicagoFan9
Shoes, Work Boots Catherine
Shower Pammie
Shower Curtain Erica
Smile Meg
Smirk Tracy B
Snow Shovel Alyssa
Snow's Letter to Gary Lilya
Snowglobe Joyce
Soap Sharon
Socks, Pristine White Beth
Sorrow Asiablue
Southern Accent Sarah
Speech Impediment Andrea N.
Speeding Tickets Brandi
Spoons Sue
Suit Misty
Sweater (from RGR) Hayley
Sweater, Grey Reeboks Leire
Sweaters, Wool Jenna
Sweatpants, Bulls Connie
Sweatshirt, Light Blue BertNErnie19
Sweetness Lisa
Swiss Army Knife Jackie
T-Shirt Cindy
Tears Birgitt64
Teeth Kimberly
Telephone MarrKathy
Telephone, Football style Brooke
Television Set (TV) Amanda Boggs
Ties Katie Mae
Toilet Brandi F
Toilet Paper Chris McGuire
Toothbrush Laura Dixon
Towels Trijnie
Trench Coat Hans
Turtlenecks Katie
Tux Lenore Hutton
V in the back of Gary's hair Candace
Voice Brigitt64
Voyager (Auto) Chicago
Wallet Tracy Diane Miller
Watch, Pocket SliderX
Watch, Wrist Michelle H.
Wedding Ring Heather Allen
Work Boots Catherine
Yarmulke (from OA) Gayle
Yearning for a Free Day Maria
Yellow Pillow Case Starr

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