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Now that I have you trapped, I'll make you take a peek into my mind. Its a frightening thing, let me tell you. But if you look around, you just might find something of interest. Then again, maybe you won't...

Mostly these are places that I've bookmarked at one time or another and like to have handy at a moment's notice. Enjoy!

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Television, Radio, News

Programs Currently in production

24 [Twenty-Four]


Everybody Loves Raymond

Dustin's Days of our Lives

OFFICIAL SImpsons Website

The Simpsons Archive

Grover! (unofficial)

Sesame Street (official)

Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer

J.A.G. - CBS

The JAGsite

JAG Credits

The Amazing Race - CBS

Survivor - CBS

The Lyon's Den - NBC

The Mole

American Idol

Gilmore Girls



Gone But Not Forgotten ~
Programs found only in syndication... if you're lucky


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Homefront - Michelle's Site


Nothing Sacred and Sounds

The Cape
Tour of Duty

Road to Avonlea

Official Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Seinfeld Mandi's Now and Again Page The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Key West

Two Guys and a Girl

The Famous Jett Jackson


Alias Smith and Jones

Wild Wild West


Get Smart

Homicide: Life on the Street



News and Daytime Talk Programs

Fox News Channel





Live! with Regis Oprah



Comedy and Animated Programs

Late Night with Conan O'Brien 

Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Mr. Bean / Blackadder

The Late Show with David Letterman
Unofficial Davey & Goliath Home Page Official Space Ghost - Coast to Coast



Other Television Resources

Internet Movie Database

TV Barn


American Television Web Index

TV Show: Television Worldwide

Nielsen Media Research

Parents Television Council

Viewers Voice

What A Character



Network and Cable Websites




CBS Eye on theNet


Welcome To NBC

WMTV - TV 15

ABC Television

WKOW - TV 27

FOX Network




Warner Bros Television


PBS - Public Television WHA - 21


ODP's Cable Network listings

ABC Family Channel
American Movie Classics
Animal Planet
Arts & Entertainment
Bravo Television
Cartoon Network
Comedy Central
Court TV
Discovery Channel
Disney Channel
E! Online
Food Network
Fox News Channel
FX Network
Game Show Network
History Channel
Hallmark Channel

NASA Television
National Geographic
Sci-Fi Channel
TBS Superstation
TCM - Turner Classic Movies
TLC - The Learning Channel
TNN - The National Network
TNT - Turner Network Television
Toon Disney
Travel Channel
TV Land
WE - Women's Entertainment
Weather Channel
WGN Superstation



Online TV Schedules

TVGuide.com GistTV
TVNow.com Excite TV

Zap2it.com's TV Listings



Actors with Style

Michael Mahonen - Kitty's Site

Matthew Ashford
Jack and Jennifer
Michael Easton Jimmy Stewart Museum
Kevin C Anderson Kevin Kline
William Shatner - Shatnerology! Harrison Ford

Robert Downy Jr

Kiefer Sutherland



Radio Stations / Syndicated Radio Programs

Music of Your Life

Adult pop standards - 24 hours a day - LISTEN LIVE!

99.5 WPKR--Oshkosh, WI

"Packer radio" and the home of the godfaddah, Captain Al!

99.9 WJVL -Janesville,WI

What to listen to when WPKR doesn't come in.

Z104 FM - Madison, WI

With Connie and Fish in the Morning

Today's Talk 1670 - WTDY

With the ever disturbing Sly In The Morning

The Ken Hamblin Home Page

Visit the Virtual Black Avenger Cave.

Rush Limbaugh

Talent on loan from God - LISTEN LIVE!

The Alan Colmes Radio Show

From the left.....

Sean Hannity

....to the Right

G Gordon Liddy

Virile, vigorous and potent!

WISN News/Talk 1130

The Mark Belling Late Afternoon Show --
Standing up for Milwaukee - LISTEN LIVE

Bayern 3

Das Radio in Bayern! LISTEN LIVE!

The Talk Station - AM 1500 KSTP Minneapolis/St. Paul - with the KrokTalk with Chris Krok program. You listen to him, and you listen to him good.  And then give him some man-love, baby! (It's emotional, not sexual.) Look for their Listen Live link!



Online News Websites


The Drudge Report

USA Today

WorldNet Daily

Free Republic

Jewish World Review




Learning, Tools, Misc.

The U.S. Government

US House of Representatives

US Senate

The White House

State and Local Government

Republican National Committee

Democratic National Committee

United States Postal Service





Historical and Patriotic Websites

US History.org

US Constitution Online

Make a 5-pointed Star Betsy Ross Homepage

Memorial Day

Doc's Military Graphics

Independence Day

Veteran's Day

The United States Military





Language Tools

Dictionaries, etc.


Writing Tools

English Dictionary


Phrase Origins

Langenberg Dictionary

Systran Translator

Cliché Finder

German Dictionary

Langenberg Translation

Acronym Finder

High-Tech Dictionary

Bell Labs Text-to-Speech Synthesis -
AT&T Natural Voices Demo

Instant Muse

DOD Dictionary of Military Terms

The Dialectizer

Rhyme Zone

Roget's Thesaurus


Shakespeare Quote Finder

Langenberg Encyclopedia



Technical Index






Spam, Virus and Hoax Tools




Symantec's Virus List

Symantec's Hoax List


Symantec Security Check


Fight Spam on the Internet

AVG Anti-Virus System

Snopes Inboxer Rebellion

Sam Spade

Zone Alarm Firewall

  Welcome to CNET.COM





Other Handy Tools

Everyday Life

Internet Life

USPS Postage Calculator

Banner Generator


Java Script Source

Universal Currency Converter

Color Pickers

Lyrics Search

Free Graphics

KissThisGuy.com - Misunderstood Lyrics

CNet.com Downloads

Time Capsule

TuDogs: Freeware

Information Please: Today in History

Pico Search

Health Central.com

ICQ Gestures


Wayback Machine - Internet Archive


Internet Speed Test




Fun and/or Bizarre Websites

Sheepshead | Sheepshead Euchre | Euchre

Oscar Mayer Virtual Lunchbox

Urban Legends Reference Pages

Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest

Rotunda d'Sias -- The Ländler
NovaLogic GEOS
The Onion
(Not intended for those under 18 or
for those with no sense of humor...)
(Not intended for those under 18 or
for the sensitive and/or easily offended...)

USAF Heritage of America Band

Welcome to the 70's

Welcome to the 80's

Welcome to the 90's

Marshmallow Peeps!

M&M's Network

Internet Parodies

The Easter Egg Archive


My Cat Hates You

I Found a Duck

Where's George

Shakespearean Insulter

Insult Monger




Religious Sites

Catholic Online's Saints and Angels

Patron Saints Index

Mass in Transit

Bible Gateway

World Wide Study Bible

The Art of Palm Braiding

FATIMA NETWORK: Catholic Hot Links


Make a Bleach Bottle Bunny Basket for Easter!




Search for Websites

Open Directory Project

Open Directory Project at dmoz.org

Google.com Ask Jeeves

Nedsite Search Center

The Search Page



Search for People & Places

Lycos WhoWhere

Yahoo! PeopleSearch



Nedsite Search Center WhoIs - Domain Search



Yahoo! Maps

ODP's Map Links





People & Places I Know

United States Military

Lightning Squadron

Gary's Home Page

The Edwards Aquifer - San Antonio, TX

Madison, WI

Fond du Lac, WI

Waterloo, Wisconsin



Kennedy Space Center




Genealogy Websites


State Historical Society of Wisconsin


The Bukovina Germans In Lewis Co, Washington

Ellis Island Records



Genealogy Resources at ODP



My Home Page

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