From the back cover:
Jill's a drama major, headed for college. Sheik's a drop-out, headed for nowhere. They're as different as day and night, but they share a powerful bond: first love.

Rosanna Arquette, Vincent Spano and co-stars Tracy Pollan, Matthew Modine and Robert Downey Jr. team up in this memorable comedy-drama from filmmaker John Sayles. Set against a '60s backdrop and an unbeatable soundtrack of classic rock and roll tunes, BABY IT'S YOU crafts a vivid portraid of young love in a complex era. But no matter when you went to school or first fell in love, BABY IT'S YOU is for you!

Approximate Running time: 105 minutes; Rated R
Paramount Pictures


Fish Factor:
Not reviewed yet...but I'm guessing the Fish Factor is low. Fisher portrays a Stage Manager.


This film is available for purchase at the usual online video outlets.

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