From the back cover:
Tom McHugh (Ethan Hawke), home from college for the summer, can't get his beautiful neighbor, Geena (Teri Polo), off his mind. He wants to ask her out, but he's too shy, so his suave older brother, Craig (Brian McNamara), sets him up by calling her and impersonating Tom. Craig takes care of everything for his younger brother's date, outfitting tom with a new suit, haircut, and a wad of cash to party with. With the makeover complete, Tom hops in his brother's classid DeSoto convertible and takes off for the city's hottest night spots with Geena. But no sooner do the two of them hit the town than Tom is caught up in a mistaken identity crisis, when he's pegged for his older borther! Before they can even order appetizers, Tom and Geena are being pursued by a wicked crime lord (B.D. Wong), stalked by a wacked-out delivery man (Fisher Stevens), and hunted by a pair of crooked cops. It's the beginning of a hilarious and unforgettable night of madcap mystery and mayhem!


Approximate Running time: 98 minutes; Rated PG-13
Orion Pictures


Fish Factor:
Fisher Stevens has a moderate role as Dwight, the vengeful flower deliveryman looking for his tip. As a mindless romp, and as pure entertainment, the movie is enjoyable; but if you're a deep thinker, and only like deep-thinking kinds of movies, you probably won't enjoy Mystery Date. However, if what you are looking for is a good dose of Fisher at his neurotic best, check this movie out - he's fantastic!


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