From the back cover:
This captivating thriller - based on extraordinary true-life events - was honored with an Academy Award nomination! Political terrorists, in a desparate bid to focus the worlds' attention on their fight for freedom, kidnap an American Ambassador (Alan Arkin). Now, the diplomat's life hangs in the balance... helplessly caught between a government unwilling to cooperate... and his fear of the captors themselves! Acclaimed by critics as one of the year's best films, Four Days in September is an explosively charged motion picture that delivers edge-of-your-seat excitement!

Approximate Running time: 107 minutes; Rated R
Miramax Films
Portugese Language, yellow subtitles in English.


Nominated for a 1998 Oscar at the USA Academy Awards in the category of "Best Foreign Language Film"
Won the 1997 Audience Award at the Los Angeles Internation Film Festival in the category of "Best Feature Film"
Nominated for a 1997 Golden Spike Award at the Valladolid Internation Film Festival

Fish Factor:
Fisher portrays Mowinckel, a family friend (as best as I can figure) to the Ambassador, and makes a couple of brief appearances. The movie itself is very good, once you get used to the subtitles. :)


This film is available for purchase at the usual online video outlets.

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