From the back cover:
Boot up for suspense, action and high-powered excitement as the rebels of the information age fight an electrifying battle in this sharp, cutting-edge adventure. At stake is their freedom, their pride, and perhaps, even the planet.

While practicing the tricks of the trade, a neophyte "hacker" accomplishes the nearly impossible: he hacks the highly secured Gibson computer at the Ellingson Mineral Corporation. But in doing so, he unknowingly taps into a high-tech embezzling scheme which is masked by a virus that could cause a horrific environmental disaster. In the flash of a nanosecond, the young hacker and his pals are targeted for the crime by the FBI and Ellingson's deranged computer whiz, "The Plague" (Fisher Stevens). When they discover the terrifying extent of The Plague's warped plans, the group pools their techno skills together to launch a massive cyberspace attack, one that will hopefully clear their names and prevent an ecological disaster of global proportions.

Pulsating with non-stop action and nail-biting tension, Hackers is a hip, fast-paced spectacle the American Urban Radio Network calls "an experience you will neve forget!"

Approximate Running time: 1 hour 44 minutes; Rated PG-13
United Artists/MGM


Fish Factor:
Fisher is fabulous as the evil Eugene Belford a.k.a. "The Plague." And the movie iteslf is, as the cover states, "pulsating with non-stop action and nail-biting tension." A very enjoyable movie, if you suspend your disbelief about what hackers are actually able to accomplish, and concentrate on the relationships of the characters instead.


This film is not available for purchase at the usual online video outlets, but can often be found at the online auction websites.

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