From the back cover:
Geena Davis, Dustin Hoffman and Andy Garcia star in this captivating comedy from Stephen Frears, the director of Dangerous Liaisons and The Grifters.

Davis is ace reporter Gale Gayley, who literally falls into the story of a lifetime when she's passenger on an airplane that crashes into a Chicago bridge. In the smoke and darkness, she's saved by a rude, foul-mouthed "hero," who promptly disappears into the night...leaving only his shoe behind. When Gale's TV station offers a million dollars to the mystery hero, a gentle Vietman vet (Garcia) appears to claim the prize - and share it with the city's homeless. But this screwball Cinderella story is complicated by the fact that the real hero is a small-time crook (Hoffman) whom nobody believes. Both men have something heroic inside, as well as something to hide, and it's up to Gale to discover the true meaning of courage. Hilarious and heart-warming. Hero "is more than a movie. It's the best feeling in the world." (Susan Granger, American Movie Classics)

Approximate Running time: 116 minutes; Rated PG-13
Columbia Tristar


Fish Factor:
Fisher Stevens has a *very* small uncredited role in this. He portrays the director ("blink and you'll miss him") working on a "movie of the week" based on the airplane crash depicted in the film. The movie itself is ok - could have used a few more snips in the editing room - but enjoyable overall. However, if you're looking for a Fisher fix, look elsewhere.


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