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Television Appearances:

Program Title Character Notes Year
Hack (IMDb) Gambler Episode 02
(Season 1, # 2)
Is It College Yet? (IMDb) Voice;
Character: Unknown
Made for TV Movie
Season Finale for
MTV's "Daria"
100 Centre Street (IMDb) Benjamin Berkowitz Episode 21
(Season 2, # 8)
"Queenie's Running"
(a.k.a. The Jenifer Estess Story) (IMDb)
unknown Made for TV Movie (CBS) 10/21/2001
Frasier (IMDb) Dr. Sheldon Morey Episode 184
(Season 8, #19)
"The Wizard and Roz"
Early Edition Charles J Fishman
aka "Chuck"
CBS Television Series
1996/1997 Full-time
1997/1998 Full-time
1998/1999 Guest Star
1999/2000 Guest Star
The Right to
Remain Silent
Dale Myerson Made for TV Movie 1996
Law & Order (IMDb) Ross Fineman Episode 119
Homicide: Life on
the Street
Jonathan Heine Episode 403
Friends (IMDb) Roger Episode 112
"The One with
the Boobies"
Key West Seamus O'Neill Fox Television Series 1993
It's Called the Sugar Plum
Wally Zuckerman Made for TV Movie 1991
The Young Riders
Ambrose "Bulldog" Merryweather Episode 119
"Bull Dog"
Columbo: Murder, Smoke & Shadows Alex Bradey Made for TV Movie 1989
Ryan's Hope (IMDb) or
The Guiding Light
(IMDb) or
One Life to Live (IMDb)
Unknown/Extra Conflicting sources
re: which soapie -
most say Ryan's Hope
circa 1977



Actor Filmography:

Film Title Character Year
Easy Six (IMDb) Officer Donny 2003
Replay (IMDb) Voice; Character: Blu 2003
Undisputed (IMDb) Ratbag Dolan
(Monroe Hutchen's manager)
Piñero (IMDb) Public Theatre Cashier 2001
3 A.M. (IMDb) Haplin 2001
Prison Song (IMDb) Prosecutor 2001
Sam the Man (IMDb) ?? 2000
Famous (IMDb) Himself 2000
The Taxman (IMDb) Kenneth Green 1999
The Tic Code (IMDb) Morris 1998
O Que É Isso, Companheiro?
(aka Four Days in September)
Mowinckel 1997
The Pompatus of Love Sitcom Actor 1996
Hackers Eugene Belford
(aka "The Plague")
Cold Fever
(aka Á köldum klaka)
Jack 1994
Nina Takes a Lover Paulie 1994
Only You
(aka Him; aka Just in Time)
Larry Corvatch 1994
Super Mario Bros. Iggy 1993
Bob Roberts Reporter Rock Bork 1992
(aka Accidental Hero)
Director (uncredited) 1992
Lift (IMDb) Joe 1992
When the Party's Over Alexander 1992
The Marrying Man
(aka Too Hot to Handle)
Sammy 1991
Mystery Date Dwight 1991
Point of View (IMDb)
(aka Nekudat Re'Ut -- Hebrew title;
aka War Shepherds)
?? 1990
Reversal of Fortune David Marriott 1990
Bloodhounds of Broadway Hotfoot Harry 1989
Short Circuit 2 Ben Jahrvi 1988
The Boss' Wife Carlos Delgado 1986
Short Circuit Ben Jabituya 1986
My Science Project Vince Latello 1985
The Brother from Another Planet Card Trickster 1984
The Flamingo Kid Hawk Ganz 1984
Baby, It's You Stage Manager 1983
The Burning Woodstock 1981



Director Filmography:

Title Notes Date
Just A Kiss (IMDb) -- 2001
Early Edition
(Television Series)
Episode 312
Early Edition
(Television Series)
Episode 218
"The Quality of Mercy"
Phinehas (IMDb) -- 1995



Producer Filmography:

Title Notes Date
Uptown Girls (IMDb) (Producer) 2003
Swimfan85 (IMDb) (Executive Producer) 2002
In the Bedroom (IMDb) (Executive Producer)
(not verified as correct)
Molly Gunn (IMDb) (Producer) 2001/2003?
Piñero (IMDb) (Producer) 2001
The Château (IMDb) (Executive Producer) 2001
Famous (IMDb) (Executive Producer) 2001



Voiceover Work:

Title/Identifier Notes Date
Replay (IMDb) Voice; Character: Blu 2003
Is It College Yet? Voice; Character: unknown
Series finale/TV-movie from
MTV's "Daria"
Kleenex Tissues Commercials (not verified) Fall 2001
Bravo Network Promos for Network (not verified) 2001
Feel The Zaz's Seeing Ear Theatre
Zurich Financial Services Group Commercials (not verified) October 2000


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