Fisher portrays Seamus O'Neill in this short-lived Fox television series from 1993. For a photo of the entire cast, see images below.

KEY WEST is set in Key West, Florida (naturally) and centers around the character of Seamus (pronounced Shay'-mcs) O'Neill. KEY WEST aired on the FOX network from January 1993 to June 1993. Only 13 episodes were ever made.

KEY WEST stars:
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  • Fisher Stevens as Seamus O'Neill, a factory worker from New Jersey. As the series opens, Seamus has won a million dollars in the lottery, quit his job, and driven to the end of the world - Key West - to live his life as a writer like his idol, Ernest Hemingway.

  • T.C. Carson as Abednigo "JoJo" Nabuli, an immigrant from the Bahamas.

  • Leland Crooke as Paul "Gumbo" Beausoleil, owner/bartender at "Gumbos," a bar featuring exotic dancers and an alligator named Tickle Pink.

  • Denise Crosby as Mayor Chaucy Caldwell, stereotypical Republican.

  • Jennifer Tilly as Savannah Sumner, professional prostitute.

  • Ivory Ocean as Roosevelt "King" Cole, editor at the Key West Meteor.

  • Lara Piper as Rikki, dancer at Gumbo's and Seamus' neighbor.

  • Geno Silva as Hector Allegria, Cuban immigrant, wields power and money.

  • Brian Thompson as Sheriff Cody, an unconventionally deep thinker.

  • Michael Covert as Hunter Farmer, runs a tour boat.

  • Kim Meyers as Dr. Reilly Clark, heads the dolphin institute.

Key West Episode Guide

Episode Number Original Air Date Episode Title Description
001 1-1 01/19/1993 Pilot Seamus wins the lottery and moves to Key West to become a writer.
002 1-2 01/26/1993 The Second Day in Heaven Seamus' $1Million check arrives... or so he thinks.
003 1-3 02/02/1993 The Great Unknown Cole goes out of town and Seamus must find a way to get the paper out in the middle of a flu epidemic. Gumbo marks the 10th anniversary of his wife's death. Cody meets an unlikely soulmate. Send in the clowns!
004 1-4 02/09/1993 Less Moonlight Seamus' love, Laurel, shows up in Key West, distracting him from his work. The town holds a carnival.
005 1-5 02/16/1993 Pieces Of A Man Town icon, Bertram Stoddard, dies and bequeaths his ashes to Seamus, whom he's never met.
006 1-6 02/23/1993 The Greening Friends from 'Jersey stop by. Savannah is smitten by a Navy commander, but can't tell him about her profession.
007 1-7 03/02/1993 Act Of God Hurricane Andrew threatens Key West. An evacuation is ordered, but the locals stick around.

Note: The reggae musician in this episode is Bankie Banx. His music is available at and the song played in this episode can be found on his Mighty Wind CD.* **

008- 1-8 03/09/1993 Gimme Shelter Seamus, Rikki, and JoJo are temporarily homeless due to the hurricane and an infestation of palmetto bugs. Savannah has a visit from a nun.
009- 1-9 03/16/1993 Crossroads A stranger washes up on the beach and claims to be Cole's father, lost in the Bermuda Triangle 40 years earlier. Savannah loses her little black book.
010 1-10 06/01/1993 We The People JoJo hides from the INS after his visa expires. Seamus suggests that JoJo marry Savannah.
011 1-11 06/08/1993 Compadres Seamus finds a pregnant refuge. Tickle Pink goes for a walk about town. A man dies on the Mayor.

*Credits Note: According to an e-mail from "veteranscholar," the uncredited character of 'Alligator Hunter' was played by Luke Halpin (of "Flipper" fame!)

012 1-12 06/22/1993 The System The Mayor's backers want the immoral elements of Key West eliminated, thanks, in part, to an article Seamus wrote about Gumbo's. Hector wants to reopen a cigar factory.
Heavy Metal, Heavy Hearts
Hector begins blasting the coral reef to allow larger boats through. Sasha leaves the dolphin institute and imprints upon Savannah. Hector and the Mayor are stuck in an elevator. JoJo and Hunter find buried treasure.


Frequently Asked Questions about Key West!

Where can I find copies of 'Key West,' Fisher's short-lived television series?

'Key West' episodes are not officially available on video and I'm told that there are no plans to ever release them for sale to the general public. I have found someone who will dub the episodes for anyone who needs them. For details, see the FSA Forum or contact Valerie at

What is the name of the reggae song used in the "Act of God" episode of 'Key West' (the hurricane episode), and who is the singer?

With much thanks to Jackie W, we now know that the reggae musician in this episode is Bankie Banx. His music is available at and the song played in this episode can be found on his Mighty Wind CD. Bankie Banx also performs the song, "Island Boy," in one of the episodes.


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Fisher Images from the series:

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Back Row (L-R): Lara Piper (as Rikki), Leland Crooke (as Gumbo), Denise Crosby (as Chaucy),
Geno Silva (as Hector), Brian Thompson (as Sheriff Cody), Ivory Ocean (as King Cole).
Front Row (L-R): Kim Myers (as Dr Reilly Clarke), Michael Covert (as Hunter Farmer),
Fisher Stevens (as Seamus O'Reilly), Jennifer Tilly (as Savannah), T.C. Carson (as Jo-Jo).

Jennifer Tilly, Fisher Stevens and T.C. Carson (bottom)


* Bankie Banx also performs the song, "Island Boy," in one of the episodes. Many thanks to Jacki W for the Bankie Banx information!

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