From the back cover:
Millionaire playboy Charley Pearl has got it all. Charm, looks, style and he's about to mary the daughter of the most powerful man in Hollywood. But a funny thing happens on his way to the alter... he meets sultry Las Vegas lounge singer Vicki Anderson. And it's lust at first sight! Charley discovers the hard way that his attraction to Vicki is going to get him into trouble over and over again! Handsome Alec Baldwin (The Hunt for Red October) and sexy Kim Basinger (Batman) heat up the screen in one of the most sizzling and funny romances in modern courtship history! See for yourself what all the heat's about!

Approximate Running time: 116 minutes; Rated R
Hollywood Pictures


Kim Basinger was nominated for a 1992 Razzie Award in the "Worst Actress" category for her role as Vicki Anderson.


Fish Factor:
Fisher Stevens has a moderate role in this film. He portrays Sammy Fine, one of Charley's friends. The movie itself is ok - kind of a roller-coaster ride - but enjoyable overall.


This film is available for purchase at the usual online video outlets and often airs on television.

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