From the back cover:
An irresistibly romantic comedy from the director of Moonstruck, ONLY YOU stars Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey, Jr. as lovers destined to meet and fall in love.

Tomei stars as Faith Corvatch, who, at age 11, asks her Ouija board the name of the man she will marry. As a teen, she asks a carnival gypsy, and receives the same answer: Damon Bradley. But when Damon Bradley never shows, the grown Faith decides to marry an earnest podiatrist. Just 10 days before the wedding, Faith's fiancé receives a message from a high school alum - Damon Bradley. On a wing and a prayer, Faith flies to Italy with her best friend (the hilarious Bonnie Hunt) in search of Damon. What she finds is "the funniest and loveliest romantic comedy since Sleepless in Seattle. See it with someone you love, or would love to fall in love with!" - Joe Layton, Houston Post

Approximate Running time: 109 minutes; Rated PG
Columbia Tristar


Fish Factor:
Fisher Stevens has a small, but great, role as Faith's brother and her best friend's husband, Larry Corvatch. The movie itself is fantastic. A romantic comedy done in the classic style. Besides, it's Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey, Jr. - how can you go wrong?


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