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Fisher Stevens is probably most noted as portraying "Chuck Fishman" in the CBS television series, EARLY EDITION, but he has done so much more than that! Explore the links below to find out more about this extremely talented man.

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"Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day.
Give him Fisher Stevens, he'll be happy for a lifetime."
~ Steve Carell, "The Daily Show," 08/24/2000

Friday, October 4, 2002

Fisher will appear in the second episode of "Hack" on CBS.

Hack - episode 2, "Favors"

Mike helps a gambler (Fisher Stevens) who owes money to a bookie, but comes to regret it; Marcellus requests his old partner's assistance in apprehending a suspected killer. Billy Lush. Eddie O'Daniel: David Patrick Kelly. Stacy Kumble: Michelle Monaghan. Mrs. Kumble: Hayden Saunier. Grizz: George Dzundza. Marcellus: Andre Braugher. Mike: David Morse.

Check your local listings!

February 2002:

A sharp-eyed fan pointed out this blurb in Liz Smith's column from the February 22 website:

SOME YEARS AGO, when Michelle Pfeiffer called off her long-playing romance with actor Fisher Stevens, a lot of people sort of counted him out. They were wrong. As the executive producer of "In the Bedroom," his film now has five Oscar nominations. He also premiered "Just a Kiss," which he directed for the Berlin Film Festival. Fisher also plans to return to acting. He'll star in Steve Martin's "The Underpants" at Classic Stage, opening April 4, and he'll be seen in Miramax's "Undisputed," with Wesley Snipes and Ving Rhames ...

Way to go, Fisher! (Even though I can't find anything that actually lists Fisher's name as Executive Producer for this film, it's still great news because it's produced by Greenestreet Films and what's good for them is good for Fisher. <g>)

September 2001:

From The Hollywood Reporter - by Chris Gardner - September 5, 2001:

Paramount Classics has puckered up to Fisher Stevens' feature directorial debut "Just a Kiss," acquiring distribution rights for the film in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America and Japan. Par Classics has pegged a summer 2002 release for "Kiss," a mix of live-action and animation that stars Marisa Tomei, Ron Eldard, Kyra Sedgwick, Marley Shelton, Taye Diggs, Sarita Choudhury and Zoe Caldwell. Patrick Breen, who co-stars, penned the script. "Kiss" is about a group of thirtysomethings having problems with fidelity who get an opportunity to turn back the clock.

Word is that Fisher has been heard doing voiceovers all over the place - commercials for financial companies, some other things on A&E (I think), and a Kleenex commercial. I haven't actually seen/heard any of these myself, mind you, but I've heard they exist. For an excellent Fisher fix right now, though, you can cyber-surf your way on over to SciFi's "Seeing Ear Theatre" and listen to "Feel the Zaz"

October 2000: Fisher has been heard doing the voiceovers for a series of Zurich Financial Services Group television advertisements. Click one of the .wav links below to listen for yourself:


Your help is urgently needed! Since Fisher has been such an important part of EARLY EDITION, please visit the above link right now to find out what *you* can do to help return new episodes of EARLY EDITION to television. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Fisher starred as Chuck Fishman in the CBS television series, EARLY EDITION, which ended its 4th season in May 2000. It has since been cancelled by CBS, but syndicated episodes of EARLY EDITION can be seen in the U.S. on local Network affiliates on the weekends.

Download the season two opener featuring Chuck's voiceover!
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Fisher Stevens Archives F.A.Q.

Just a brief "Frequently Asked Questions" section... these are the things that pop up in my mailbox most often:

Are you Fisher Stevens? Do you know Fisher Stevens? Are you in any way affiliated with Fisher Stevens?

The answers are no, not personally, and no. In other words, please don't send me e-mail intended for Fisher Stevens - I'll only end up deleting it. Like you, I'm just a fan and admirer of his work.

Where can I write to Fisher Stevens?

I don't know the proper/official address to use to write to Fisher, but you could *try* writing to him at either of the following addresses:

Fisher Stevens (Early Edition), c/o TriStar, 9336 W Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232

Fisher Stevens, c/o GreeneStreet Films, Inc, 2nd Floor, 9 Desbrosses St., New York, NY 10013

I don't guarantee you'll get a response with either address, but you should always enclose a S.A.S.E. with your letter to help increase your odds.

Where can I find copies of 'Key West,' Fisher's short-lived television series?

'Key West' episodes are not officially available on video and I'm told that there are no plans to ever release them for sale to the general public. I have found someone who will dub the episodes for anyone who needs them. For details, see the FSA Forum or contact Valerie at

What is the name of the reggae song used in the "Act of God" episode of 'Key West' (the hurricane episode), and who is the singer?

With much thanks to Jackie W, we now know that the reggae musician in this episode is Bankie Banx. His music is available at and the song played in this episode can be found on his Mighty Wind CD. Bankie Banx also performs the song, "Island Boy," in one of the episodes.

What is Fisher up to these days?

Not entirely sure, but I believe he's been keeping himself busy doing a little bit of everything - - acting, producing, directing. Fisher is the Creative Director and oversees the Development Department at GreeneStreet Films. Rumor has it that he has also been doing some voiceover work for the Bravo Network. Or at least it's someone who *sounds* an awful lot like Fisher. Tune in and check out some of their promo spots and see what you think. :)


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