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Last updated 23 Nov 2003

Recent Site Updates:

November 22, 2003:

  • Added screen-cap image galleries for the first four episodes of Key West. (Also? Hooray for updating at least once this year! Go, me!)

September 2002:

  • Updated the HOME page and FILMOGRAPHY with information on Fisher's latest projects.

August 2002:

  • Updated the Frequently Asked Questions section on the HOME page with information on the reggae singer in "Act of God" episode of KEY WEST.

February 2002:

  • Updated the HOME page and FILMOGRAPHY with information on Fisher's latest projects.

November 2001:

August 2001:

January 2001:

  • Moved this UPDATES section to it's own page to make way for a brief Fisher F.A.Q. area on the HOME page.

October 2000:

  • Added sound files for the voiceovers that Fisher is doing for Zurich Financial Services Group. They can be found elsewhere on the HOME page.

  • Added People Weekly blurb from 11-06-00 and People Weekly article from 07-13-92 to ARTICLES with their corresponding pictures to IMAGES (under Miscellaneous).

July 2000:

  • Added a new message board. Remove link to the spam-filled board and switched "MESSAGE CENTER" back into a guestbook.

  • Made cosmetic changes throughout the site.

  • Added some miscellaneous and EARLY EDITION images to IMAGES

  • Added information for Veins and Thumbtacks to STAGE CREDITS

April 2000:

March 2000:

  • Added some photos under FILMOGRAPHY for The Marrying Man

  • Added TV Times story re: Key West to ARTICLES

February 2000:

  • Added some photos and information under FILMOGRAPHY for My Science Project, Mystery Date, and Boss' Wife.

  • Added two blurbs to ARTICLES.

  • Added information under STAGE CREDITS for Brighton Beach Memoirs, and updated the list of Fisher's stage productions.

  • Updated BIOGRAPHY.

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