The Great Wall-o-Wisdom

[Dean's Wall-o-Wisdom]
(Main artwork by SDM November 1975)

How to succeed

  • Always remember and never forget: plan your work, then work your plan.

  • Rotation is the name of the game - the secret to success. (5/16/81)

  • A man of importance has to make decisions - right or wrong. (7/21/84)

  • A job should be done good - not good enough. (12/11/83)

  • Thanksgiving is just another work day. (11/25/81)

  • Gotta use a little ingenuity. (9/22/87)

Quotable Quotes

  • If ya ain't goin' up, you're goin' down - unless you're goin' nowhere.

  • If you think you're going crazy, just hum. (12/15/79)

  • It's not what I did, it's what I *didn't* do.

  • Better to be pissed off then pissed on.

  • Interruptions irritate me! (11/24/81)

  • Ain't it the way, though? (1/10/83)

  • That's nicer than a pocket full of mice!

  • Want in one hand and *ppft* in the other - see which gets filled first.

  • If a frog had hip pockets, he'd carry a gun.

  • You can lead a horse to water, but if you can make him roll over and float - now *then* you've got something!

  • It takes a big dog to weigh a ton.

  • All the meat around a pig's ass is pork.

  • Dead dogs don't fart. (11/83)

  • You know that little white speck on top of chicken shit? That's chicken shit, too.

  • Rabbits don't have lips.

  • I ain't got no hook in *my* ass!

  • Zeke woman!

  • Keep your eyes peeled.

  • I don't chew my cabbage twice.

  • I don't have (pause) a full length mirror.

  • I never knew I had a choice.

  • There once was a man, who had a booger nose. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Beer is good, whiskey is better, but water is still the best drink in the house. But, what the hell - you don't always have to have the best! (Anton)

I know when I've been insulted!

  • You're so dumb, your ears rub.

  • If you *had* a brain, you'd take it out and play with it.

  • Just because your head is pointed, it doesn't mean you're sharp.

  • You frozen yellow generic twinkie cake on 3 sticks leaning on a pole!

  • Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me. I think I'll go out in the garden and eat worms.

(Most quotes taken from "Dean's walls" in Waterloo and are from various authors. The rest gleaned from memory.)

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