‘Occasionally Amber’ continued...

Written by Lawrence Meyers; Directed by Kyle Chandler; (as "fanscribed" by Janet)

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Scene: Jade & Chuck’s hotel room. Jade is the person in black from the auction house. Removes her mask and shakes out her hair. Holds the diamond up to the light and then walks further into the room. Gary grabs her from the shadows but she breaks away.

Gary: Drop it!

Jade: You’re hurting me! Gary!

Gary: Surprise.

(Brigatti sees Gary from across the street and takes a closer look through the camera lens.)

Brigatti: Hobson?

(Jade breaks away from Gary. Turns toward him as he turns the lights on.

Scene: Rooftop across the way. The man from the hotel lobby is also spying on Jade & Chuck’s room. Takes a puff on his cigarette and throws it away.

Scene: Jade & Chuck’s hotel room.

Jade: Look, I can explain.

Gary: Really. (Takes a few steps toward Jade.)

Jade: Where’s Chuck?

Gary: Oh, uh, Chuck? Don’t worry about him he’s having a great time.

Jade: Gary—

Gary: You’re going straight and you came here to marry Chuck?

Jade: It’s the truth. It’s—it’s just not the whole truth.

Gary: You can save it. (Starts to walk away. Jade runs to him and grabs his arm. Passes him and turns to face him.)

Jade: Gary, wait. This is bigger than me. It’s bigger than you. If you return that diamond, people are going to die.

Gary: What?

Jade: Have you heard of Morenia in the Balkans?

Gary: Look, I really don’t have time—

Jade: In the 1850s, a civil war split Morenia into two countries—East and West. The crown jewel, a diamond known as the star of Momara, was stolen by West Morenians and sold to the Spaniards to buy arms.

Gary: You’re giving me a History lesson?

Jade: The diamond was intercepted by Turkish Pirates on its way to Madrid. Now, people believe that it was lost, but when the Harland Diamond came up for auction, a Morenian Historian identified it.

Gary: Let me guess—this (holds diamond up) is the Star of Momara.

Jade: Yes.

Gary: Uh-huh. (Starts to leave again.)

Jade: Gary, look—West Morenia was going to secretly guy that tomorrow night and then announce their discovery.

Gary: So?

Jade: So they’d use it as a pretext to invade the East. Whoever possesses that diamond can claim divine right to tall of Morenia.

Gary: what are you doing with the diamond?

Jade: East Morenia is too poor to bid on the diamond, so they hired me to steal it for them.

Gary: SO they could invade the west.

Jade: No. The East Morenian government would keep the diamond a secret and use it as a bargaining tool to keep the west at bay.

Gary: That’s the most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard.

Jade: It’s the truth. (Sighs)

Gary: Really? Well you know what I think? I think you’ve suckered enough people long enough so why don’t you step out of my way before you get hurt?

Jade: I can’t let you leave with that diamond.

Gary: This diamond (holds it up) is going back exactly where it came from.

(Gary starts to leave but Jade grabs him and pushes him back. They stagger a few steps and fall on the bed. )

Scene: Brigatti in the room across the street. Watches the whole thing through the camera lens or telescope.

Jade: Ooh! Aah! Give me that diamond. (Falls on top of Gary on the bed.)

(Door opens and shuts.)

Chuck: Honey, I’m home!

Gary & Jade simultaneously: Chuck!

(Gary & Jade roll off the bed and turn to face him as he enters the room.)

Chuck: What’s going on?

Jade: He hit on me. (Looks at Gary and then at Chuck)

Gary: I did not! (Chuck walks up to Gary and punches him. Then Gary is seen outside of the room where Chuck has pushed him. Gary goes back to the door and knocks.) Listen—Chuck! Listen, Chuck, you’re making a mistake!

(Brigatti walks up to Gary in the hallway.)

Brigatti: Hobson!

Gary: Brigatti. (Turns to face her with a panicked look on his face.)

Brigatti: Haven’t seen Amber, huh?

Gary: I can explain. You see, I just happened to—

Brigatti: Not here. (Grabs Gary by the collar and slams him again the wall when they enter another room.) I got that room under surveillance, Hobson. You nearly ruined everything.

Gary: Look, I’m not try—

Brigatti: I don’t want to hear it. You lied to me. You’re involved with a suspected jewel thief. If so much as a rhinestone earring disappears in this city while she is here, I’m going to throw your butt in jail as an accomplice.

Gary: Look, Toni, (Starts to approach her as she leaves) you don’t understand—

Brigatti: It’s Brigatti to you. (Slams him up against the wall again.) And forget it, Hobson. We’re through. (Brigatti leaves Gary.)

Scene: Brief time lapse of skyline changing from night to day.

Scene: Daylight shot of city street. Man walks down the street and stops at auction house door. Retrieves mail from mailbox. Finds package marked Open Me. Note reads: My advice – tighten security. Pulls diamond out of the package.

Scene: McGinty’s kitchen. Marissa seated at table. Gary walks toward her with coffee cup in his hand.

Gary; You should’ve heard the story jade told me. She expected me to believe that the Harland Diamond is going to start a Balkan War.

Marissa: What?

Gary: That’s what she told me. I don’t know how stupid she thinks I am. (Picks up paper from table.) I don’t believe it!

Marissa: What?

Gary: (reads headline) "West Morenia invades East. Recovered gem inflames region." She was telling the truth.

(Cat sits on a shelf in the kitchen watching him.)

Scene: Jade & Chuck’s hotel room. Both are seated in chairs facing each other. Chuck has his right hand in the air.

Chuck: I can’t believe it—my best friend hitting on my fiancee.

Jade: He probably just had too much to drink or something. (Jade sits with her hand on Chuck’s knee.)

Chuck: That doesn’t matter. I’ll never forgive him. I don’t want to ever hear his name mentioned again.

(Telephone Rings)

Jade: hello?

Gary: Yeah, Jade, it’s me—Gary.

Jade: Uh, look, now is really not a good time to discuss flower arrangements. (Walks away from Chuck with the telephone receiver to her ear.)

Gary: Easy, now. Listen to me. We have to meet.

(Camera switches back and forth between Gary & Jade.)

Jade: Why?

Gary: We have to get the diamond back. Look, I changed my mind. I believe your story. Can you meet me at my loft?

Jade: Well, it’s a bit difficult to get away right now.

Chuck: What is it?

Jade: Uh, it’s the florist. He’s got a problem.

(Chuck rolls his eyes and sighs.)

Chuck: You know what? Why don’t we just call the whole thing off?

Jade: Chuck…(walks back to her chair, sits and puts hand on Chuck’s knee) Listen…I love you. Now, we’re going to get married. I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry. Yeah, look, I’ll be right over.

(Chuck sits with his hand on his face. Index finger is straight across upper lip under his nose while others are slightly lower.)

Gary: Uh, the police are watching your room.

(Camera switches back and forth between them.)

Jade: Really?

Gary: I didn’t have anything to do with it.

Jade: Well, I’ll try and get there as soon as I can, Okay? Bye.

Brief shot of El passing McGinty’s. Switch to interior of Gary’s loft. Jade has the floor plan for the auction house. Unrolls it on Gary’s desk.

Gary: What is this?

Jade: This is the floor plan to the auction house.

Gary: Where’d you get it?

Jade: What difference does it make?

Gary: What matters is that breaking into this place is almost impossible in broad daylight. The auction’s tonight.

Jade: Yeah, not to mention my wedding today.

Gary: So, what do we do?

Jade: I have no idea. If you hadn’t stuck your nose where it didn’t belong, we wouldn’t have to worry about it, would we?

Gary: I’m really sorry.

Jade: You’re sorry. My country is going to be overrun, and all you can say is you’re sorry.

Gary: Well, your country’s—I thought you said that you were from Australia.

Jade: No, my father’s from Australia. My mother is from East Morenia. Her Great-Grandmother was a duchess. It’s the truth.

Gary: You know what? I don’t really care anymore. I just want everything to back to normal.

(Brigatti walks into the loft and confronts Gary & Jade.)

Brigatti: Aha! Thought you gave me the slip, didn’t you? I’ll admit, I did lose the trail for a moment, but then I realized what neighborhood we were in and put two and two together and came up with Hobson. What’s this? The auction house—imagine that.

Jade: Look, officer—

Brigatti: You’re under arrest—(Points her pistol at them) both of you.

Gary: Brigatti!

Brigatti: Hands in the air! Now!

(Man from the hotel walks in. Points his gun at Brigatti.)

Man: Drop the gun, Detective, and kick it this way. Now, please. (Brigatti puts her gun on the floor and kicks it over to him.) Thank you.

Brigatti: Who are you?

Jade: I’ve got an idea. Excuse me, Detective. (Walks over to Brigatti and takes her badge & credentials from her purse. Also takes the radio.)

Brigatti: What are you doing? Hobson, what’s going on?

Gary: I have no idea. (Shakes his head and holds his arms out.)

Jade: Hmm.

Man to Brigatti: You’ll come with me now, please.

Brigatti: I will not. That’s kidnapping. Hobson, you’re in serious trouble. All of you. I suggest that you stop now and turn your—

(Man walks over to Brigatti and chloroforms her.)

Gary: Oh, this isn’t happening.

Man: Hmm. Very pretty. Oh, uh, please continue. (Looks down at Brigatti then carries her out of the loft.

Gary: Oh, boy.

Scene: Curb across from auction house. A black van pulls up and parks. Gary is driving. Jade is the passenger. Gary looks over at Jade.)

Gary: Brigatti’s going to kill me. She’s going to kill me, and then she’s going to arrest me. That is, if she’s still alive.

Jade: Will you quit moaning? She’s fine! (Puts Brigatti’s radio on her belt. Pulls her hair into a pony tail and fastens a barrette in it.)

Gary: She was kidnapped at gunpoint! How do you know that?

Jade: Well, she did nearly ruin everything.

Gary: You’re sure you don’t know that guy?

Jade: Total stranger.

Gary: And you’re not even the least bit curious?

Jade: You know, Gary, there’s an old saying in Morenia (Speaks words in Eastern European language then translates) "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Gary: ah.

Jade: How, pipe down and put this on, will you? (Hands Gary a black sweater.) I have to concentrate.

Gary: Okay. You still haven’t told me the plan.

(Jade takes out Brigatti’s wallet and changes pictures. Gary swaps his sweater for the black one Jade gave him.)

Jade: Oh, gosh. Looks like you’re going to have to trust me. (Sideways glance at Gary) Have you kissed her lately?

Gary: (Looks at Jade) Who?

Jade: Brigatti

Gary: None of your business!

Jade: Better make your move, Gary. She won’t be around forever.

Gary: When I see her again—if I see her again—(Looks out the window and back at Jade) she’s going to lock me up and she’s gonna throw away the key. Whatever happens, I’m doomed. Oh!

Scene: Dark room. One window high in the wall. Brigatti is gagged and tied to the chair. She looks around and tests the ropes on her wrists. Spots something on a beam that will help her free herself. Scoots chair over and starts to work on the rope.

Scene: McGinty’s Office. Marissa standing at the desk with her back to the door. Chuck walks in and closes the door behind him.

Chuck: Marissa, have you heard from Jade? She was supposed to be at the florist’s two hours ago. I just called. She never showed.

Marissa: Maybe she had other errands.

Chuck: Maybe she doesn’t want to get married. Oh, I knew it was too good to be true. Did you hear what happened last night?

Marissa: Gary told me it was a misunderstanding.

Chuck: Misunderstanding? He was laying on top of my fiancée. That’s not what I would call a misunderstanding. Yesterday I was the happiest guy in the world. Today everything is falling apart.

Marissa: Listen, Chuck, sit down.

Chuck: What?

Marissa: I have something very important to tell you about Jade.

Chuck: What could you possibly tell me about Jade that I don’t already know.

Marissa: The truth. (Pulls out a chair.) Now sit.

Scene: Auction House display room. Jade speaks to Security Guard and walks over to man at the display case. Shows him Brigatti’s badge and the altered ID.

Jade: Mr. Nemic. Detective Brigatti, Chicago Police. I’m here to review the security precautions.

Mr. Nemic: Again?

(Jade stand with hands on hips facing him. He stands with his hands in his pockets.)

Jade: I just got off the phone with your superiors.

Mr. Nemic: I can assure you, Detective, we’ve taken all the measures you recommended.

Jade: Really? So would you like to tell me how it is that that Harland Diamond was stolen last night?

(Mr. Nemic takes Jade’s arm. Walks a little distance away from the display.)

Mr. Nemic: I don’t know where you heard that rumor, but it is totally false. The diamond is safe.

(Jade looks away briefly. Gary has entered the room.)

Jade: The thief rappelled down the elevator shaft, avoided the infrared detectors and the pressure pads, and removed the diamond from a hole cut in the display box. You know quite frankly, Mr. Nemic, I don’t know how you stay in business.

Mr. Nemic: How did you know—

Jade: I stole it. You should have reported it, sir.

Mr. Nemic: We wanted to keep it out of the papers.

Jade: Well, as do we, which is why I’m here. Now, may we review those security measures? The weight sensors are off?

(Walk over to the diamond display and touches the glass after testing the sensors.)

Mr. Nemic: We have buyers examining the items Detective. Well, everything’s on the same circuit—the alarms, the infrareds. We do have a guard at every entrance.

Jade: What about the elevator?

Mr. Nemic: The elevator?

Jade: Please tell me you have an alarm on the first-floor doors.

Mr. Nemic: I’ll get right on it. (Walks away.)

Jade: Yes, I suggest you do. (Walks over to Gary and hands him a black ski mask.) Okay, put this on.

Gary: Why?

Jade: Do you want to have a debate? Put it on!

(Gary puts it on as a stocking cap.)

Jade: For Pete’s sake! (Pulls it down over his face.) Now run!

Gary: Huh?

Jade: He’s got the diamond! (Points toward Gary. Gary runs. Gets out of auction house chased by security guards.) Bart, go after him. Oh! Oh!

Bart: Stop! Hold it! Check the alleys.

Security Guard 2: Okay.

Jade: Robbery in progress at Kaufman and Moore (speaks into Brigatti’s radio) on East Washington. The suspect—male, Caucasian, black sweater and cap, approximately 180 pounds, 6’2".

Mr. Nemic: Oh, my God.

Jade: Don’t worry, sir. We’ll get him.

Scene: Street outside the auction house. The two security guards come out. Gary is not in sight. Changes to the alley behind the auction house. As a red truck passes the security guards Gary, minus the mask and sweater comes out the back door. Gary crosses the street and approaches the van.

Woman: Hold it! (Meter Maid approaches) What do you think you’re doing?

Gary: It’s not what it looks like Officer. You see, uh—

Meter Maid: Can’t you read the sign?

Gary: Huh?

Meter Maid: You’re over the limit. Next time it’s a fine.

(Gary looks up at the sign as the Meter Maid leaves. Sign says one-hour parking. Gary unlocks the van and gets in.)

Gary: Thank you!

Scene: Room where Brigatti is held prisoner. She is still tied to the chair and gagged. Manages to get loose and removes the tape from her mouth. Tries the door but it doesn’t budge. Climbs to the window instead.

Scene: Brief exterior shot of a large synagogue.

Scene: Interior of the synagogue. Chuck waits inside for his best man and his bride.

Gary: Hey, Chuck?

Chuck: Hey.

Marissa: Hey, Gary.

Gary: Marissa, Hi. I, uh, got your note. You sure you want me to be here?

Chuck: Marissa told me the whole story. You’re my best man. Always have been. Always will be.

Marissa: How’d it go with the diamond?

Gary: There’s not going to be any Balkan War, at least not tomorrow.

Marissa: That’s a relief.

Gary: I still haven’t heard from Brigatti.

Marissa: First, world peace, and we work our way down.

Gary: Yeah. So, uh, Marissa told you everything, huh?

Marissa: It didn’t change much.

Gary: Still going to get married?

Chuck: There’s one thing missing.

(Look around for Jade)

Gary: Yeah. Amber—Uh, Jade.

Chuck: Exactly.

Gary: We took that diamond three hours ago. You haven’t heard from her?

Chuck: Hope. She’s not going to show up.

Gary: What?

Chuck: I really wanted to believe Jade wanted to marry me, but she’s not the type of girl to settle down. I’m going to call the whole thing off.

(Chuck walks over to the rabbi.)

Gary: Chuck, you—

Chuck: Rabbi…

(Jade comes running down the aisle taking her coat off as she does.)

Jade: Damn, it’s hard to run in these heels.

Chuck: Jade. (Runs to Jade and leads her to the altar.)

Jade: Thanks.

Chuck: I knew you’d make it.

Jade: Did I miss anything?

Rabbi: Rather difficult, considering the circumstances.

Jade: Sorry. I had a terrible time with the dress and my stockings ran.

Chuck: It’s ok, honey. I know.

(Chuck and Jade turn their heads to face each other.)

Jade: You know?

Chuck: I know about everything, including the diamond.

Jade: You do?

Chuck: Mm-Hmm. (Looks back toward Rabbi.)

Jade: You still want to marry me? (Looks toward Chuck. He looks at her.)

Chuck: I love you Jade. I’m not going to let a few unproven felonies get in the way of that.

Jade: Oh, Chuck!

Rabbi: Please, let’s get on with it, hmm? (Rabbi looks at them and gestures with his hand.)

(Gary approaches Jade from behind.)

Gary: You could’ve let me in on the plan.

Jade: If I had, you wouldn’t have done it.

Gary: I could’ve gone to jail!

Jade: I knew you’d get away.

(Rabbi gestures with a "come on" movement.)

Rabbi: If we’re not interrupting anything, let’s go.

Gary: Sorry.

(All turn to face Rabbi)

Rabbi: Chuck, Jade…in this precious hour, we are gathered to join two hearts, two souls.

(Brigatti enters the sanctuary behind the wedding party.)

Brigatti: Hold it! Detective Brigatti—Chicago Police. And you are all under arrest.

Gary: What? Brigatti, you’re all right!

(Brigatti walks up and punches Gary in the face.)

Marissa: Gary?

(Gary is holding his mouth with his left hand.)

Rabbi: Pardon me, Miss—(gestures toward Brigatti.)

Brigatti: Save it, Rabbi! Wedding’s off.

Man: Wedding’s on.

(Two men approach from the aisle.)

Brigatti: What?

Man: Central Intelligence Agency. (Shows his credentials.)

Brigatti: This is my jurisdiction, and these people are going to jail.

Man: The U.S. Government disagrees.

(Gary moves to speak to Brigatti.)

Brigatti: No, Hobson (turns toward him) it doesn’t work like that.

(Everyone, except Marissa, starts arguing. Lots of finger shaking between Jade & Brigatti.)

Man: Excuse me! Thank you. (Walks up to and past the group at the altar.)

Brigatti: You knew about his heist all along didn’t you?

Man: Informally. Officially we couldn’t take a position, but we have a contact in East Morenian Intelligence who kept us apprised of the situation. (Holds a radio up to his mouth. Gary looks at him and away. Brigatti looks at the CIA agent.)

Brigatti: I don’t get it.

Man: it’s in our nation’s interest to keep Morenia at peace, detective.

Chuck: Policemen to the world.

Jade: (Puts arm around Chuck) No, it’s the oil, Chuck.

Chuck: Oh, the oil, of course. (Looks heavenward)

(Man who kidnapped Brigatti enters the room.)

Brigatti: You.

Man: Meet Gregor Antonovich. I guess you two are already acquainted.

Gregor: Sorry for the inconvenience. Well, I had to make sure the diamond was stolen. Good job, both of you.

Gary: Thank you.

Jade: Well, it took some improvising, but we managed.

Brigatti: Forget it. She’s a felon, and she’s going to jail.

Man: This might interest you, Detective.

(Pulls an envelope from his inside coat pocket and hands it to Brigatti to open.)

Brigatti: A Presidential pardon?

Marissa: Whoa.

Chuck: A clean slate. (Jade puts an arm around Chuck and kisses him.)

Man: I’ll need that back. Our report to Langley will, of course, include the fine cooperation of Chicago Police Detective Antonia Brigatti.

Scene: Interior of the synagogue. Chuck performs the traditional glass smashing and kisses Jade. Rabbi & witnesses applaud.

All: Mazel Tov!

(The Chiffons "One Fine Day" starts playing.)

Shoo be doo be doo be doo be do bop bop. Shoo be doo be doo be doo be do bop bop.
One fine day

(Rabbi looks at his watch. Chuck & Jade, Gary & Marissa walk together down the aisle.)

You’ll look at me and you will know our love was meant to be

Scene: Exterior of the synagogue. Everyone standing on steps as Chuck and Jade approach their limo. Gary approaches Brigatti from her right as he catches up to her.

Gary: Hey, Brigatti, what do you say we catch a movie tonight, huh?

Brigatti: Leave me alone.

Gary: Aw, come on, Brigatti. Look, you know, at least you got to—got to sock me in the jaw, didn’t you?

Brigatti: Well, there is a bright side to everything. (looks at him sideways)

Gary: Yeah, well, I guess so.

And you’ll be proud to have me right by your side one fine day

(Jade tosses her bouquet. Brigatti catches it.)

Gary: Congratulations.

Brigatti: Don’t get any ideas, Hobson.

Shoo be doo be doo be doo be do bop bop

Gregor: (To Marissa) Allow me.

Marissa: Oh, thank you. (Takes his arm and they walk down the stairs together.

(Everyone throws rice as Bride & Groom depart.)

Oh, I know you’re the kind of boy
Who only wants to run around
I’ll be waiting
And someday, darling
You’ll come to me
When you want to settle down oh


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