Early Edition Trivia

119:  "The Cat"
(Gary's cat mysteriously starts delivering the paper to an eccentric woman)
"The Cat" Answers

1. What is the title of the movie that has the child upset?

2. What is the child’s name?

3. Who helps explain the movie to the child so he isn’t so upset?

4. How does Gary rate the help?

5. What does Chuck want to do with the cat to find out what’s wrong with him?

6. What is the vet’s name?

7. Gary asks Chuck’s help in preventing what?

8. Marissa is going back to school to study what?

9. How is she paying for the classes?

10. What does Chuck say to the Japanese tourists?

11. What is the name of the vet’s mother?

12. How old the Gary say the cat is?

13. What does Gary say the cat’s history is?

14. What does Gary answer when the Vet asks about the cat’s shots?

15. Why doesn’t the cat show up at Gary’s?

16. Eunice is taking a vacation to where?

17. What is the name of Eunice’s boyfriend?

18. What does Gary tell the cat when he starts acting sick again?

19. How does Gary explain the paper to Louie?

20. What news does Eunice reveal to Gary?

21. Why does Chuck go with Marissa to register for classes?

22. What does Louie accuse Gary of?

23. What does Gary order for lunch?

24. How long has Eunice known she was dying?

25. How many times has Eunice been married?

26. Who is the “one who got away” and when did Eunice know him?

27. How old is Eunice?

28. Why does Louie say Eunice wants to go to Rome?

29. What does Louie say about the worst things in life?

30. Gary says, “People get lost all the time. Maybe the reasons don’t matter as much as ______.”

31. What does Louie give to Gary from Eunice?

32. In Chuck’s closing monologue, what does he say is the secret of life?

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