Early Edition Trivia

302: "Collision"
(Gary must prevent a deadly pile-up; McGinty's is looking for a new manager.)
"Collision" Answers

1. What did Gary wear to bed the night before?

2. What is the headline in the paper?

3. What does Gary eat for breakfast on the run?

4. What are the two reason Gary can’t get to his destination fast enough?

5. What is the guy on the cell phone talking about?

6. How does Gary pull off his rescue of the morning?

7. What happens as he passes the guy with the cell phone?

8. How long does Gary’s would-be victim say he’s been swimming?

9. What "rank" did he achieve at the Y last summer?

10. How does Gary greet Cat the next morning?

11. What is his reaction to Cat’s meow this time around?

12. What is the headline in the paper?

13. Where does this disaster occur?

14. What time will this disaster occur?

15. How many people are injured but not killed in this disaster?

16. Who is in the picture that is on the desk in the office?

17. McGinty's has a standing order for how many cases?

18. What happens whenever Marissa mentions Chuck's name?

19. What kind of problems does Marissa say they have?

20. Where does Chuck's memory live on?

21. Who placed the ad for the bar manager?

22. Who is their first applicant?

23. What did Chuck say about McGinty’s before he left for California?

24. What is the "repo man" there to collect?

25. What does the applicant for the manager’s job say about the chardonnay?

26. What does she tell them about buying small bottles of wine/liquor?

27. What is Marissa’s advice for Gary on stopping the disaster?

28. What is the name of the victim who may have fallen asleep at the wheel of his vehicle?

29. Why is he so tired?

30. Where is he employed?

31. How much time does his boss say he has wasted on "chit-chat"?

32. How does he know this?

33. What does Gary pass himself off as in order to save this victim?

34. Who is it he’s supposed to represent?

35. Gary says he can make one phone call and have what happen?

36. Rather than having Gary make that phone call, what does the boss agree to do?

37. What does the total number of victims change to once this one is taken care of?

38. What is the wording on the cart in the park?

39. Where do Gary and the cart vendor chase the young thief?

40. Who gets knocked down in the school corridor?

41. What time is it on the principal’s clock?

42. What is the name of the young thief?

43. How does the principal conduct the "interrogation" of Gary, Henry Paget and the cart vendor?

44. How much does Gary give the vendor for the food Henry stole?

45. What did the boy take?

46. Where did the principal get called away to?

47. What is the real reason the boy almost fell into the river?

48. How did Henry "invest" his lunch money?

49. Who is Henry’s mom?

50. What time is it when Gary is sitting on the bench outside the principal’s office?

51. How many kids are sitting on the bench with Gary?

52. What does one of the kids ask him?

53. What is Gary’s response?

54. What does the kid do when they hear what Gary did to wind up at the Principal's office?

55. What does Henry's mom say to Gary when she leaves the office?

56. What does Gary want to talk with her about?

57. What is the name of the next victim of the pile up that Gary saves?

58. Why would he be on the Expressway?

59. How is this person employed?

60. What time is his customer’s meeting?

61. Who is this guy?

62. Who does Gary say he works?

63. How is the victim now going to get to the hospital?

64. What is the customer’s name?

65. What does Gary say about the customer's pants?

66. What color are all the bills that Henry is going through?

67. How often does his mother get called by the Principal's office?

68. What is the new total number of victims in the pile up after this latest save?

69. Why do Henry and his mom go to McGinty's?

70. What does Gary tell Henry's mom to "enlighten" her?

71. What is Patrick’s secret to a good chocolate milkshake?

72. What did Mrs. Paget’s husband do when he left her?

73. What is his problem?

74. What is Henry's father's name?

75. When did Mrs. Paget and Henry move to Chicago?

76. How many jobs is she holding down?

77. Who is the next victim that Gary saves?

78. Where does he find her?

79. What does he return to her?

80. What case is she working on?

81. Who supposedly sent her briefcase back to her?

82. What does the total number of victims change to this time?

83. What is the name of the pizza shop?

84. How does Gary stop the pizza delivery guy?

85. What is the pizza guy's name?

86. Why does Mrs. Paget believe she doesn’t owe the doctor for Henry’s last visit?

87. What is the death toll up to now?

88. What stays the same with the article about the pile-up?

89. What 3 characters can they make out on the license plate of the car in the picture?

90. What is the name of Patrick’s cousin that works at the DMV?

91. Who does Gary say should take over the bar while he and Patrick go to the DMV?

92. Who arrives at McGinty's and why?

93. How many possible license plates have HOT in them?

94. What time is it on the clock at the DMV?

95. What does Patrick say to Eleanor instead of "you're the bomb?"

96. What is the other headline in the paper?

97. What did Patrick kidnap during his fraternity days?

98. What is painted on the cart Henry passes?

99. Who is Gary trying to call but having no luck?

100. How many of the license plate possibilities does Marissa get through to?

101. Who else is calling the people on the list?

102. Where does Gary have Marissa and Patrick go?

103. Where has Henry gone?

104. Why can't Mrs. Paget go alone to find Henry?

105. To whom is the guy with the cell phone speaking?

106. What is this person he's speaking to supposed to do?

107. How do Gary Henry’s mom get to Archer Street?

108. How do they manage this?

109. What time is it when Marissa & Patrick get to the overpass?

110. How much time do they have before the accident will occur?

111. What would Patrick do if he had to shut down the expressway?

112. What happens to the car Gary is driving?

113. What kind of car did Gary steal?

114. How does Henry lose his backpack?

115. What does the sign on the bridge say?

116. What is the license plate on the cruiser?

117. What does Henry like on his pizza?

118. How does Gary end up reaching Henry?

119. What does the other sign on the fence say?

120. What time is it after Henry is saved?

121. What does the car owner say just before it explodes?

122. What is the license plate on the car that explodes?

123. What was the car owner about to do when Gary "borrowed" it?

124. What does the headline on the paper change to?

125. What time does Patrick tell Marissa it is?

126. What does he do to make sure if that's the right time?

127. What is Marissa going to treat Patrick to?

128. What does one of the cops say to the whining owner of the car?

129. What does Gary ask Henry's mom?

130. What nickname does Gary use for Henry?

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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