‘Dad’ continued...

Written by Alex Taub and Bob Brush; Directed by Randy Zisk; (as "fanscribed" by Janet)

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Scene: Elevator in the Blackstone Hotel. Gary & Bernie are talking. Gary still looks stunned, the secret of the paper is no longer a secret to his dad. They exit at Gary’s floor.

Bernie: So you get tomorrow's newspaper... Today...[Gestures with left hand. His cap is on backwards. Gary just nods.] Comes in the morning... With the cat.

Gary: & Bernie simultaneously: With the cat.

Bernie: So you read a story in the paper, then you run out into the city and you save somebody's life, and then just like that, the story is gone?

[Gary & Bernie walk down the hall toward Gary’s room. Gary looks at the floor. Bernie is looking at Gary and still gesturing. Gary has the paper in his hand folded in half lengthwise.]

Gary: Uh, some-something like that.

Bernie: Well, how do they do that, some kind of special ink?

Gary: Well, uh... I-I'm not sure. I, uh...

Bernie: I'll bet it's the ink. [Shakes his left index finger] Disappearing ink. The army was working on a project like that when I was at Fort Briggs -- top-secret stuff.

Gary: Oh. Look, Dad, I really didn't mean for you to find out about this. [Gary inserts his key in the lock and half opens the door. Pauses and looks at Bernie.]

Bernie: You don't even have to say it. [Waves left hand in "stop" gesture. "Locks his lips" Gary still looks concerned.] Something like this gets out, it could cause a lot of trouble. Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. [Bounces on his toes. Has a far away look on his face for a second then focuses on Gary again.]

Gary: Good. I'm very relieved to hear that. [Starts to open the door with a smile and a nod of relief.]

Bernie: I'm your old man. If I can't help, who can? [Gary closes the door in a panic and looks at Bernie.]

Gary: What do you mean, help?

Bernie: With this. We're in this together, right?

Gary: Oh, no -- no -- no... Oh. [Gary & Bernie walk in to the room. Chuck is sitting in the chair or on the couch in front of Gary’s television.]

Bernie: There's nothing you could say. Hear me out on this.

Gary: Thanks for the offer but the answer's no.

Bernie: You're not thinking straight. Everyone needs a leg up once in a while. [Lots of gesturing with his hands. Chuck gets up from his seat with a remote control in his hand.]

Gary: Yeah, well, that's great, but my legs, they're fi-- hey. [Looks over toward his TV and sees Chuck] What are you doing here? [Walks toward Chuck who half turns his back to him.]

Chuck: I'm using your VCR. Mine's busted. "X-files" are on tonight. So, uh, how's it going with you two, huh? [Walks toward Gary & Bernie pointing and waving his hands at them.]

Bernie: Did you know he gets tomorrow's paper? [Looks at Chuck.]

Chuck: That was fast.

Bernie: Son, this is too much responsibility for one man. How long has this been going on?

Chuck: About a year.

Bernie: No wonder you look so tired. You're carrying the whole world around on your back. [Looks at Gary concerned. Gary walks over to the phone and picks up the receiver.] Where you going?

Gary: I'm going to call mom.

Bernie: Oh, put the phone down. [Somewhat irritated. Waves his arms around.] Come on, put the phone down, will you? [Gary replaces the receiver and looks at Bernie.] You want to know what I’m thinking here? I'm remembering that summer we went camping. You were around 10 years old, remember? You wanted to sleep outside in your sleeping bag. I wanted you in the tent, but you wanted to do what you wanted to do. So about 11:00, I get this feeling. I go out to see how you're doing, and there you are in your sleeping bag shaking like a leaf, scared out of your wits. But you didn't want to go back in. So I came out, and I stayed with you. I'm not saying that I believe in ESPN or anything like that – [Waves his arms around in front of his chest some.]

Chuck: E-S-P. E-S-P. [Waves finger in the air as if pointing out the letters in a book or on a chalkboard.]

Bernie: That's what I said. E-S-P. [Looks disgusted like he knows he’s right.]

Chuck: No, it isn't. You said ESPN.

Bernie: I know what I said!

Chuck: You said ESPN.

Gary: Guys! [Irritated with their argument.]

Bernie: All I'm saying is, maybe there's a reason I’m here, a reason beside your mother's china. Maybe I can be of some help. [Walks over to Gary who is hesitant to say what he thinks.] Come on, Gar, give your old man a chance, will you? [Shakes his head but ends up allowing Bernie to help him out.] You -- you won't regret it.

Headlines: Elderly Man Robbed at Cash Machine. [Two punks pull up in car. Bernie stands behind the elderly man showing them he’s ready for a fight if it comes to that. Gary approaches from the left. The two punks change their mind and drive off. The elderly man never knows what happened.] Child Disappears From Market. [Frantic young mother with small child in her arms wanders around part of a supermarket looking for the other child. Gary approaches her and directs her attention toward the front window where Bernie pops up holding the other child and mugging for the two children.] High Speed Accident Injures Six People. [Bernie argues with the driver of the car. Leans in and fastens the guys seatbelt. Gary crouches down by the left front tire and lets the air out. Bernie and Gary exchange "thumbs up" signs. Mission accomplished.]

Scene: McGinty’s game room. Bernie and Marissa are seated at a table. Chuck and Gary are playing pool. Marissa has a drink in her hand. Smiles at Bernie who’s grinning and nodding as he tells her about his day. Chuck has a pool cue in his hand and Gary is watching his father nervously.

Bernie: Ha ha ha. You should have been there. It was such a trip.

Marissa: So you like this save the world stuff, huh?

Bernie: You know, I can't remember ever having so much fun.

Chuck: Fun? That's something we don't hear very much.

Bernie: What is this stuff? [Makes a face.]

Marissa: I don't know.

Bernie: It's not gnocchi.

Marissa: What's gnocchi? [Camera switches back to Gary & Chuck.]

Bernie: Hasn't anyone in this town heard of gnocchi?

Chuck: Gar, hey. [Walks over to Gary from the far side of the pool table.]

Gary: Hmm?

Chuck: It's your shot. [Hands Gary the cue.]

Gary: Oh. Hand me the chalk, would you? [Chuck reaches for the chalk on the side of the pool table and hands it to Gary.

Chuck: So how's it going?

Gary: Good. No one got hurt, and nothing got blown up. [Nods. Takes chalk. Camera switches back to Bernie & Marissa.]

Chuck: So you're thinking you're out of the woods, huh? Gary, I don't want to say anything because it's none of my business, [rubs left index finger across upper lip] but I think you're headed for trouble. The rate you're going, you're going to end up with a permanent partner. I've known your old man almost as long as you have. Look at him. You're playing with fire. He's a good guy, huh? [Camera switches back and forth between them as Bernie picks up the paper and starts flipping through its pages.]

Gary: Yeah.

Chuck: Look at those eyes.

Gary: Yeah.

Chuck: Look at those eyes looking at that paper.

Gary: Yeah, well, he's -- Dad... [Rushes over to take paper away from Bernie.]

Bernie: This is fun. I was just --

Gary: Yeah, I know dad. Look, I hope you don't think this is going to be a permanent thing -- I mean, us working together.

[Camera switches back and forth between them and Marissa sitting next to Bernie.]

Bernie: No! Are you kidding me? In the first place, it's a waste of manpower. Two guys covering the same story – which is nuts. Tomorrow we split it up.

Gary: Huh?

Bernie: I know I’m new at this, but I really think I’m getting a feeling for it. The first thing I need is a very good watch.

Marissa: Uh oh.

Bernie: Then I figure you take page one, I take page two --

Gary: Dad, Dad, listen, listen.

Bernie: What?

Gary: I'm glad you had a good time and all, but, uh, I don't want your help. [Looks nervous but tries to be firm.]

Bernie: Okay, okay.

Scene: Gary’s room at the Blackstone. Gary & Bernie are getting ready for bed. Camera switches back and forth between them as Gary punches his pillow and looks over at his dad slightly irritated.]

Bernie: If that's how you feel. I just thought we might try --

Gary: No more.

Bernie: I was only going to suggest --

Gary: I need you to promise me something -- that you'll keep away from the paper.

Bernie: Oh, Gar... [Camera switches back and forth again.]

Gary: Dad, come on. It's nothing to fool with. Believe me, I know. I need you to give me your word.

Bernie: All right, I promise. [Crosses his fingers.]

Gary: Thank you. [Slaps his pillow relived. Puts another pillow over his head.

Bernie: Good night.

[Cat meows]

Scene: Gary’s room daytime. Cat climbs up on Gary’s bed and walks on him. Gary reaches over and pulls the cat to him to cuddle.

[Suddenly realizes what he’s doing and wide awake stares at the clock radio. 10:13AM.]

Gary: He did it again. I told you not to turn the alarm clock off. Dad? Hey, dad? [Gets out of bed in a hurry looking for Bernie. Bernie is gone. Covers and pillows still on the couch. Looks down at Cat and realizes that Bernie must have read the paper.]


Gary: He read the paper... Oh, no. [Rushes to the door and finds the paper open to page 34. Headline reads Video Store Gunman Takes Hostages.]

[Tires screech]

Scene: Street outside video store. Three or four cruisers arrive on the scene. Detective Zeke Crumb exits one of them. Gary arrives and rushes toward the scene. Frantic with worry about his dad.

Crumb: Please, no! All right, let's lock up this whole block here now!

Gary: Hey, Crumb! [Runs up to Crumb.]

Crumb: Oh, no. What do you want? [Looks annoyed.]

Gary: Who's in there? [Points toward the video store then looks away from Crumb toward the store.]

Crumb: I was hoping you could tell me.

Gary: Wouldn’t happen to be a guy with a grudge and a gun with hostages would there?

[Plain Clothes Officer runs up with cell phone in hand.]

Plain Clothes Officer: We got someone on the line.

Crumb: Some nut with a grudge?

Plain Clothes Officer: Not the nut. Some guy named Hobson.

Gary: That might be my father. [Looks from younger cop with phone to Crumb.

Crumb: What? There are two of you?

Plain Clothes Officer: He says they're coming out.

Crumb: Really?

Gary: Really?

Man: There they are!

[Everyone gathered looks toward Paulina Video Exchange as a group of people exits the store.]

Bernie: It's okay, it's okay. It's no trouble. Everything's fine. [Gary rushes over to his dad.] Hey, Gar, what are you doing here?

Gary: Dad, what are you doing?

Bernie: When you weren't up this morning...

Gary: You turned off the alarm!

[Camera switches between them as Bernie turns back and gestures at the store.]

Bernie: I figured I could handle it.

Gary: Dad, you promised me. [Looks mad and frustrated.]

Bernie: Ah, what's the big deal, Gar? Everything worked out great! You know, I think I got a knack for this.

[Crumb and the plain-clothes officer walk up to them.]

Crumb: Hey, this nut -- what happened to his gun? [Bernie reaches in his pocket and pulls out the gun. Hands it to Crumb.] He just gave it to you?

Bernie: No, I sweet-talked him out of it. I said, "what good is a gun going to do you? [Shrugs] "If you want people to listen to you, you got to think bigger than a gun." [Taps right temple with his forefinger.] So he handed me the gun, threw his laundry down, and we came out. [Makes motions for showing bag being tossed.]

Crumb: What laundry?

Bernie: Some laundry he had wrapped in some paper. Chinese stuff something.

[Gary walks a short distance away from the others and pulls out his paper. Headline reads Grudge Bomb Destroys Video Store. Turns and runs toward the others yelling and waving his arms.]

Gary: Everybody get down! Get down, everybody, it's a bomb! [Crumb, the plain clothes officer, Bernie and Gary all duck down behind one of the cruisers. Bomb explodes. Cop sails/slides across the hood of another cruiser. Glass, wood and smoke everywhere as the front of the store blows out into the street.

Bernie: I'm hungry. What do you say we go get some gnocchi? [Gary just stares at his dad in disbelief.


Scene: Crumb’s office. He sits in his chair staring/glaring at the Hobson men who are seated in chairs across from his desk. Taps his fingers on the desk. Gary looks uncomfortable to be in the hot seat again. Bernie is blissfully ignorant of the trouble he’s in.

Bernie: Does this guy know I was a volunteer fireman for six years? [Leans toward Gary who is nervously rubbing his thumbs against each other.]

Gary: Put a lid on it, would you? [Looks annoyed & nervous.]

Bernie: I'm just trying to get the ball rolling.

Crumb: Bernie...It is Bernie? [Leans forward on desk staring intently at Bernie & Gary.]

Bernie: Actually, it's Bernard, but my friends call me Bernie. [Grins. Camera switches back and forth.]

Crumb: Well, Bernard, I have three choices here. One -- I can arrest you for interfering with police activity, two -- I can recommend you for a medal for saving all those lives, or three -- I can throw the two of you out of here on your ear.

Bernie: I kind of like the medal thing. [Looks at Gary in happy anticipation.]

Gary: Three. [Holes his middle three fingers up on his left hand while giving Bernie a dirty look.]

Bernie: Three. [Mimics Gary’s gesture of three fingers up.]

Scene: Busy lobby of Police Station. Bernie & Gary leaving. Gary is trying to distance himself from his father.

Gary: Don't say anything. I don't want an explanation.

Bernie: I thought I could help. [Gary stops in mid-stride and turns back.]

Gary: You blew up a video store. What would Mom think about that, huh?

Bernie: She wouldn't like it. [Gary starts to walk ahead but stops at Bernie’s words.]

Gary: No, she wouldn't like that very much, would she? [Gives Bernie an angry look.]

Bernie: For what it's worth, I think I learned my lesson here.

Gary I’m glad to hear that.

Bernie: This thing is nothing to be fooling around with. [Gestures with both hands.] It won't happen again.

Gary: Good.

Bernie: From now on, I think you should do the life-saving stuff, and I'll back you up. Remember when you were about 9, we were playing softball --

Gary: Dad! No more. [Officers stare as Gary half shouts. Bernie stares surprised by his son’s outburst.] You understand? No more. [Gary looks somewhat self-conscious about his outburst.]

Scene: Busy street. Gary is walking faster than Bernie leaving him behind. Bernie half runs to catch up with him.

Bernie: Gar... Hey, Gar, wait up! Gar! Gar, wait up! Where we going?

Gary: Home.

Bernie: Great.

Gary: I'm going to pack your bags, then I’m going to put them in the trailer. You're leaving. Not tomorrow, today. And I don't want any more stories about when I was 6 years old, all right? [Waves his hands impatiently/angrily.]

Bernie: Remember that birthday party -- [Hands in pockets]

Gary: Mom was right. You're trying to find yourself. That's fine. But don't try to find yourself in me, okay? [A lot of hand waving.]

Bernie: Is that how you feel? [Gary & Bernie stop walking and face each other.]

Gary: Yes, that's how I feel.

Bernie: All right, fine. I'll pack my own bags. [Stalks off.]

Gary: Hey -- ah! [Frustrated with himself and his dad. Walks alone back toward the Blackstone. Another man with a small boy on his shoulders passes him and stops as the youngster points to something across the street.]

Man: Which one? That one over there?"

[Gary continues walking and rounds the corner by the Blackstone. Sees Bernie getting into the truck towing the Gray Ghost. Starts to run after him.]

Gary: Hey, dad!

[As he stands there a sedan pulls up. The driver rolls down the window. It’s the father of Jennifer, the girl from the other night.]

Jennifer’s dad: Ho! [Leans toward passenger side of car.] Excuse me. Gary Hobson?

Gary: Yeah. I know you? [Leans toward the passenger door.]

Jennifer’s dad: No, but you know my daughter.

Gary: Oh, you're, uh -- [Makes a little gesture of remembrance.]

Jennifer’s dad: That's right, sonny. How about we take a little ride? Now! [Points a pistol at Gary and forces him to get into the car.]

Gary: So where are we going? [Looks at Jennifer’s dad nervously]

Jennifer’s dad: None of your business. [Locks the car door on his side.]

Gary: Well, maybe I shouldn't be he-- [Jennifer’s dad locks the door on Gary’s side from his side of the car. Rolls up the power window. Gary getting more nervous.]

Jennifer’s dad: You know what's wrong with the world today? People don't have any respect for their parents. [Drives off with Gary as a hostage. Gary looks scared.]

Gary: Look, mister, uh...

Jennifer’s dad: See what I mean? You're after my daughter, and you don't even know her last name.

Gary: I hardly know your daughter.

Jennifer’s dad: Is that why you were in the woods together?

Gary: No, no, that wasn't me. I mean, it was me, but I wasn't in the woods -- I wasn't there because I like your daughter. [A lot of head shaking and nervous gestures & movement.]

Jennifer’s dad: You're not helping your case any.

Gary: No, I'm not, am I?

Scene: Bernie in his truck towing the Gray Ghost fighting with his map. Lays it across the steering wheel. Looks at it and the street. Sees another vehicle approaching. Signals for them to pull up alongside. Hollers out the window at the other driver.

Bernie: Lost again. Hey, you, which way's Canada? Thanks, pal.

[Cat meows]

[Bernie’s attention is drawn to the cat who climbs up on the seat from the floor of the truck.]

Bernie: What do we have here, a stowaway? You're not coming with me, fur ball. You're going back to the hotel. [Cat meows again. Looks up at Bernie as he does a U-turn.]

Scene: Street in front of the Blackstone. Gary and his captor still sitting car.

Gary: What do you say we talk this over? [Gary is nervous. Jennifer’s dad is upset.]

Jennifer’s dad: No. I've tried that. She doesn't listen to me. Here I tell her no dating until she's 21, but she dates anyway, so the time to talk is over. It's time to show by example.

Gary: What do you need me for? [Still looking at Jennifer’s dad.]

Jennifer’s dad: You're going to be the example. [Drives off.]


Scene: Street in front of the Blackstone. Jennifer’s dad finally pulls away from the curb with Gary a hostage at gunpoint. Bernie arrives back at the Blackstone just in time to see them. Gary sees his dad.

Bernie: Gar!

Gary: Dad!

Jennifer’s dad: Hey... [Looks irritated as Gary turns.] Don't make me put you in the trunk.

Bernie [to Cat]: He's in trouble, isn't he? Hang on, son, I'm coming! [Makes a U-turn and goes in pursuit of the car his son is in. Cat sits in the passenger seat staring out he window and meows again.]

Gary: Look – [Turns in his seat again.]

Nick. It's Nick. [Irritated.]

Gary: You sure you want to do this? [Gestures with his right hand.] I know I don't want to do this.

Nick: You should have thought about that before you snuck around behind my back with Jennifer.

Gary: You can't spend the rest of your life trying to kill your daughter's boyfriends. [Looks back and forth between Nick and the street.]

Nick: And why is that? [Looking straight ahead.]

Gary: Well, because no matter how many of them you kill, there's always going to be more of them. [Has turned back in his seat again.]

Nick: What? [Looks at Gary confused and irritated.]

Gary: Let me -- let me rephrase that.

[Horn honks.]

Nick: What is that idiot doing? [Sees Bernie chasing him.]

Bernie: I'm coming, son. [In hot pursuit of the other car.]

Bernie [to Cat]: Hold on!

Nick: What's with that guy? [Looks back and forth between street ahead and side view mirror]

Gary: That would be my Dad. [Turned back in seat again.]

Nick: Yeah, what does he want?

Gary: Well I think he wants you to stop, Nick. [Turns back toward Nick and waves his right hand in somewhat of a circular motion.]

Nick: Fat chance. [Stomps on the accelerator and tries to lose Bernie. High-speed chase ensues as Bernie tries to rescue his son. Gary keeps turning back and forth in his seat.] Persistent.

Gary: You have no idea.

Bernie: There's no escaping the Gray Ghost. [Cat meows. Looks at Bernie then out the window again.]

Nick: He's right on my tail. [Tries evasive maneuver. Speeding. Narrowly misses another vehicle. Tires squeal. Going wrong way on what appears to be a divided highway.

Bernie: Olly, olly in free. You can't get away from me.

Nick: Lost him.

Gary: Not quite.

[Bernie and the Gray Ghost come out of a side street and cut Nick off.]

Bernie: You all right? Who are you, and what do you want with my kid? [ Bernie gets out of the Gray Ghost and confronts Gary’s kidnapper.]

Nick: What does he want with my daughter? [Lots of hand gestures. Nick still has the gun in his hand.]

Bernie: I asked first.

Nick: I'm older.

Bernie: Are you sure?

Nick: I've got the gun.

Bernie: You're right. You're first. [Left hand on chest. Points with right hand.]

Nick: I caught them together in the woods. [Points at Gary.]

Bernie: The paper? [Looks at Gary.]

Gary: No, Dad. Look, whatever your name is – [Shakes his head.]

Bernie: Will you let me handle this? What is your name?

Nick: Nick.

Bernie: Well, Nick, what's she like, your daughter? [Camera angle changes to focus on their faces as they talk. Goes briefly back to Gary.]

Nick: What's -- she drives me crazy. I -- all I want is what's best for her, but she won't listen to me.

Bernie: They do that, don't they? How old is she?

Nick: She's just 20.

Bernie: I remember when he was 20. Wouldn't listen to anything I had to say. [Looks at Gary and then back to Nick. Camera switches back and forth.] Then I figured it out. Somewhere along the line, he learned what I was trying to tell him. Remember when she was a baby? All those cries. One meant that she was hungry, and one meant that she was tired. You figured it out, right?

Nick: Yeah.

Bernie: Yeah. Well, see, it's no different now. She's grown up, yeah, but she's still your kid. Listen to her. She'll tell you what she needs. And they'll tell you what they don't need.

Nick: And what about me?

Bernie: Same as me. [Walks up to Nick. Gently takes the gun from his hand. Camera switches between them.] We're still their fathers... No matter what kind we make of ourselves. Hey, you hungry? What do you say we go grab something to eat and talk this over?

Nick: Yeah, there's a place up the road. They serve gnocchi. [Gary’s attention is caught by this comment. He straightens up and looks stunned/surprised at hearing that food mentioned by someone other than his dad.]

Bernie: Really? Is it any good?

Nick: Not like mine, but it'll do.

Bernie: Great. Why don't you drive? I never rode in one of these things. You like this? [Goes to get in Nick’s car.]

Nick: Yeah, they're the best. [Heads for the driver’s side.]

Bernie: Yeah.

Gary: Dad. [Looks like he feels left out.] You want some company?

Bernie: I thought you'd never ask.[Takes the keys out of his pocket.] Follow us in my rig. [Tosses Gary the keys.] You got a phone in here and everything, huh? [Gets in Nick’s car and closes the door.

Gary: Hey –

Scene: Street curb outside the Blackstone. Gary is helping Bernie pack the truck. Marissa and Chuck stand on the sidewalk. Marissa has Spike with her.

Chuck’s Closing Monologue: They say that no one can teach you to be a father, but it's not really true because every father was once somebody's son.

Bernie: It was such a pleasure to meet you, Marissa. [Shakes her hand. Clasps it in both of his.]

Marissa: Same to you, Mr. Hobson.

Bernie: You can call me Bernie.

Marissa: Bernie.

Chuck: Bernie!

Bernie: Take care of yourself, Chucko.

Chuck: ‘Cause nobody else will! [Bernie gives Chuck a half hug.]

Bernie: You're right. [Puts fist to his chest.] Ooh.

Chuck: You got indigestion?

Bernie: Something I ate, I think. [Looks in truck to see what’s what.] There aren't any cats in there, are there?

Gary: No. You want to stick around, I'm telling you --

Bernie: Nah. It's time. I've spent enough time saving your bacon. Besides, I talked to your mother this morning. She misses me. [Faces Gary with a big grin on his face.]

Gary: What did you tell her?

Bernie: I told her it was all your fault.

Gary: Oh, Dad. [Has pained look on his face as he turns his head.]

Bernie: Look, son, I know this is not easy for you. You've got a big job to do here. God knows, I couldn't handle it. I'm proud of you. [Shakes Gary’s hand, then hugs him.]

Marissa: Hey, Bernie, you sure you're not going to miss saving the world? [Still standing on sidewalk. Chuck stands behind her.

Bernie: I got better things to do. I got shelves to build. [Gestures with both hands. Slaps Gary on the back of the shoulder.]

Gary: Hey, dad. Come back any time, huh? [Raises and drops both arms.]

Bernie: There's always tomorrow.

Gary: There's always tomorrow. [Shrugs. Bernie gets into the truck.] Hey. [Bangs on window of truck as Bernie prepares to pull out.] Take care. [Bernie looks back then drives off as Gary watches. Final shot of Gray Ghost wending its way through the darkened streets toward home.]

Chuck’s Closing Monologue: Thing is, you don't get to pick your parents. No one automatically gets the father they want. No one. Sometimes, however, if you're lucky and if you're blessed, you get the father you need. That's the best you can hope for, and really...that's more than enough.


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