Early Edition Trivia

112:  "Frostbit"
(Chuck saves Gary and a homeless boy from freezing to death)
"Frostbit" Answers

1. From what does Gary save the man at the shrink’s office?

2. What is the prevailing theme of the show?

3. Why was Chuck rooming with Gary?

4. What is the name of Chuck’s fish?

5. What does Chuck show Gary that Gary really didn’t want to see?

6. Why did Gary graduate a semester early?

7. How long does Gary say Chuck can stay?

8. What excuse does the homeless boy give Gary?

9. What does the old man call Gary after he saves him from getting hit by a car?

10. Why was the old man mad at Gary?

11. What room does the “woman overcome by smoke” live in?

12. What excuse does the homeless boy give Gary the second time?

13. What soap opera is the woman watching?

14. Why does Gary have to come out the window of the burning building?

15. What are Gary’s options to get out the building?

16. Where did Chuck put Sparky after the bowl cracked?

17. Where does he put Sparky next?

18. How does Chuck suggest Gary do his business?

19. Where does Chuck put Sparky when the glass breaks?

20. What does Gary give the homeless kid the third time?

21. How much does the operator want deposited?

22. Where does the paper show up after Gary throws it out?

23. What is the name of Chuck’s masseuse?

24. What happened to poor Sparky?

25. What happens when the homeless kid bumps into Gary yet again?

26. Where does the paper show up after Gary throws it out a second time?

27. What is the date on the paper?

28. What does Gary yell before he throws the paper in the burn barrel?

29. What comes fluttering back to Gary?

30. What does Gary mean and what does Chuck think Gary means when he asks, “Have you seen it, did it come back?”

31. Who does Gary see when he’s sitting in the restaurant?

32. What leads Gary to the abandoned building?

33. What happened to the kid?

34. How much is the bill for the Chinese food, and what did Chuck tip?

35. What was Chuck’s fortune?

36. What does Chuck read in the paper?

37. What is the kid’s name?

38. How does Gary find a way out of the basement?

39. Why are the police stopped near the building?

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