Early Edition Trivia

201: "Home"
(Gary finds a new home and takes on a greedy developer)
"Home" Answers

1. At what time is Gary awakened by the cat (who then disappears)?

2. Headline reads, “Fire at Historic _______ ______”?

3. What is the cause of the fire?

4. Where does the cat lead Gary?

5. What is the waitress/bartender’s name?

6. Who wants to tear down McGinty’s and why?

7. How much space will the parking lot take up?

8. What does Kadison say about foster homes?

9. What game does McGinty like to play?

10. Marissa leaves to take an exam for what class?

11. Mona tells Marissa to “Break a ______.”

12. What are the names of the three orphan trouble-makers?

13. What is the name of the teddy bear and what was it named after?

14.Gary saves 2 of the orphans from getting hit by what?

15. Gary saves the third orphan from getting hit by what?

16. These near-accidents happened at what street-corner?

17. Where was the bus going to?

18. What is the address of the foster home?

19. What mishap befalls Gary at the foster home?

20. What is the name of the woman that runs the foster home?

21. What do they call the foster home and how many kids live there?

22. How long has McGinty owned the bar?

23. Why did McGinty need to sell the bar?

24. Kadison offers to write up a new contract for how much money?

25. The three orphans attempt to save the foster home by doing what?

26. Gary says, “And don’t open up any more mail - that’s a ________ ________, you know!”

27. What is the name of the receptionist at “Kadison Group”?

28. The soonest Gary can get an appointment with Kadison is when?

29. What are the names of Kadison’s goons?

30. How old is Annie?

31. What is Annie’s last name?

32. Who plans to kidnap Kadison in a robbery attempt?

33. When did Kadison turn into a money-grubbing meanie?

34. What happened to turn Kadison into a money-grubbing meanie?

35. What was the flight number of the plane that crashed?

36. Who else was on the plane?

37. How long after the plane crash did Annie’s mother die and what happened in the meantime?

38. What does Kadison give to Gary as a reward for saving him from robbery and kidnapping?

39. How did McGinty get the bar and from whom?

40. Where did Chuck work when he was growing up?

41. For what reason is Chuck going to quit his boring job and cash in a few stocks?

42. What is Gary’s new home?

43. The headline on the paper in the dresser drawer reads, “Fire at Historic ______ _____.”

44. What is the date on the paper in the drawer?

45. Who shows up at Gary’s door and why?

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