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209: "A Regular Joe"
(A stressed-out Gary tries to give up good deeds---at least on Sundays---but his attempts to relax only get him involved in the marital troubles of a football player. Meanwhile, Chuck and Marissa clash over the running of the business. )
"A Regular Joe" Answers

1. What does Gary tell the psychiatrist that he wants?

2. What piece of advice does the psychiatrist give to Gary?

3. Gary reads the headline, “Psychiatrist killed in a freak accident by ______ _____”

4. Gary wakes up from his dream holding what book?

5. Gary sneezes after getting the paper. Who says “gesundheit”?

6. What does Chuck say about the new wine glasses?

7. Who ordered the wine glasses and why?

8. What does Gary plan to do with his day off?

9. Why does Gary need to go to St John’s hospital?

10. What kind of catalogue does Chuck say Marissa used to order the wine glasses?

11. What Bear player wears number 12 and what is his position?

12. What Bear player wears number 1 and what is his position?

13. Gary says he felt good after the Bear’s game. How does Chuck explain this?

14. In Gary’s second dream, the psychiatrist tells him, “You say you want to be a _______ ___, but you won’t let yourself *be* a _______ ___.”

15. Gary reads the headline, “_____ _______ kills psychiatrist. Scaled office tower.”

16. What book is Gary holding when he wakes up from this dream?

17. Chuck and Marissa argue over what issue that ends in Chuck quitting?

18. Chuck says of Marissa, “Beneath that angelic facade is a cauldron of _______ _________.”

19. What is the name of “Regular Joe’s” wife.

20. What is the name of the new waitress/barmaid?

21. What position did Gary play in “a little high school and a little less college” football?

22. What headline does the psychiatrist give to Gary?

23. The psychiatrist tells Gary to “____ ____ ____.”

24. Gary reads the headline, “Horrible mistake. _______ ____ wipes out psychiatrist office.”

25. What sits outside below Gary’s window?

26. What team are the Bears playing when “Regular Joe” winds up in intensive care after a fourth quarter hit?

27. What sport item does Chuck have hanging on the wall at his home?

28. What does Gary respond when Marissa asks him if he’s ok?

29. What does the cat do in an attempt to get Gary to read the paper?

30. How do Gary and Chuck sneak into the Bears’ locker room?

31. Where do Gary and Chuck hide while in the locker room?

32. Gary and Chuck take the place of which Bears players and why?

33. How does Chuck explain Damski’s visor and wrapped jaw?

34. What is Gary’s peace offering to Chuck?

35. What has Gary decided about McGinty’s?

36. What has Gary decided about the paper and his life, or lack thereof?

37. What does Gary need to make him happy?

38. How much has business gone up since McGinty’s went back to a sports bar?

39. What are the names of the other waitress and the unseen bouncer?

40. Gary sneezes. Who says, “Gesundheit”?

41. What is the final bit of advice that the psychiatrist gives to Gary?

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