Early Edition Trivia

113:  "Mob Wife"
(Chuck falls in love with a mobster's girl)
"Mob Wife" Answers

1. What is going to happen to the Shuttle?

2. How much are the experiments worth?

3. What switch is turned the wrong way?

4. What is the name of the Shuttle?

5. What is the mobster’s name?

6. What is the mobster’s girlfriend’s name?

7. How many times has Chuck been dumped this month?

8. What are the names of the goons?

9. What did Theresa’s old boyfriend do for a living?

10. How did her old boyfriend die?

11. What is plan B?

12. Why does Pirelli want to kill Theresa?

13. Why does Theresa change twice?

14. Theresa says, “If I’m gonna die today, _____________.”

15. In Frank Pirelli’s world there’s no such thing as what?

16. Who grabs Gary off the street the first time?

17. What does Chuck do to “hide” from the goons?

18. Chuck gets Theresa a ticket to where?

19. What does Chuck says is Theresa’s “insurance policy”?

20. Who grabs Gary off the street the second time?

21. Where does Pirelli take Gary?

22. What does Pirelli call Gary?

23. When does Pirelli’s life go into the crapper?

24. Who grabs Gary off the street the third time?

25. Gary says, “Couldn’t you guys at least get a ____________ in here?”

26. Gary tells Chuck, “You picked a fine time to ______”

27. Where does Chuck hide Theresa?

28. Theresa says Chuck could “do a half hour on ______”

29. Who will be found dead at the social club?

30. How does Chuck describe Theresa to Pirelli?

31. What does Gary give Pirelli to get Pirelli to listen to him?

32. What happens to Theresa on the bridge?

33. What is on the postcard Chuck gets?

34. Who visits the grave after Gary and Chuck leave?

35. When was Theresa born?

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