Early Edition Trivia

104:  "The Paper"
(Gary tries to protect reporter Meredith while learning about paper's origins)
"The Paper" Answers

1. Where does the name Mr Gaboom come from?

2. What is the name of the restaurant?

3. What does Gary smell like?

4. What is the name of the missing labor leader?

5. Where does Gary say they’ll find him

6. What book is Gary reading?

7. What does Gary find in the book?

8. What happened to the Chicago Phoenix?

9. What is the reporter’s name?

10. What is the Editor’s name?

11. What leads Meredith to think that Gary is involved in Red Cooper’s disappearance?

12. Who is the man in the archives?

13. What is the old typesetter’s name?

14. Why does Morris go to Meredith’s desk and what happens to him?

15. What room is Morris in at the hospital?

16. How does Gary explain that he knew the plates on the green Volvo were Jersey plates?

17. How does Gary distract Meredith in the archives room and what does he do to her?

18. What do we get to read in Snow’s personnel file?

19. What else does Gary say is in the file?

20. What is significant about Snow’s date of death?

21. What does Meredith call Gary after Gary tells her to leave his apartment?

22. Who is Meredith’s informant?

23. Where and when is she to meet him?

24. What happens to Gary at the Motel?

25. Why won’t Gary’s car start?

26. Why does Gary chase after Meredith at his hotel?

27. Where does Meredith spend the night?

28. How does Gary like his coffee?

29. What’s unusual about Gary’s socks?

30. What does Gary yell when he throws the paper over the balcony

31. What does the paper say will happen to Meredith?

32. How does Meredith know about Gary’s unusual paper?

33. Where do Gary and Meredith hide out?

34. Who is the unidentified man that is to be found slain with Meredith

35. How do Gary and Meredith escape?

36. Where did Snow live the last year of his life?

37. What is the claim ticket for?

38. What is in the trunk?

39. What does Gary bring to Meredith?

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