Early Edition Trivia

120:  "Phantom At The Opera"
(Gary falls for artist, Emma, who may be reunited with an old love)
"Phantom at the Opera" Answers

1. What are the red items in the opening scene?

2. When is the museum open?

3. Who does Gary need to save at the museum?

4. Why can’t Emma hear the phone ringing?

5. How does Gary get into the museum?

6. What is on Gary’s answering machine?

7. Where did Emma come from?

8. In referring to Emma’s message, what does Gary call himself?

9. Why does Gary miss his dinner date with Emma?

10. Where does Emma find Gary the next day?

11. What information does Gary use from the paper to help Emma?

12. What is “the Hobson Triangle”?

13. Where does Gary take Emma for supper?

15. What is their specialty?

16. How did Emma get interested in art?

17. Who is Emma’s old friend?

18. What does Gary show Emma?

19. Why does Emma want to stop seeing Gary?

20. What happened to Marco?

21. Who comes to investigate the stolen art treasures?

22. What kind of dilemma does the paper present to Gary?

23. What does Marissa advise him to do?

24. What opera does Gary take Emma to?

25. “Some dances you sit out. Others, you change partners. The important thing is _________”

26. What is the running theme of this episode?

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