Early Edition Trivia

118:  "Psychic"
(Gary, in partnership with a psychic, helps find a kidnapped baby)
"Psychic" Answers

1. How did Gary wake up the lifeguard?

2. What is the gift from Chuck to Gary?

3. What does Chuck get out of it?

4. The psychic’s name is?

5. According to Claire, Gary’s (what?) is more decorative than sensitive?

6. What did Chuck have for lunch?

7. What zoo creature was on the bus?

8. What is the name of Gary & Claire’s “partnership?”

9. Claire gets her talent from whom?

10. When did Claire say it would hail in Chicago?

11. Who is Marissa’s clairvoyant relation?

12. At what time is Gary awakened, not by the clock or the phone by the bed, but by the cell phone in his coat?

13. What is the name of the kidnapped baby?

14. Why doesn’t Gary prevent the kidnapping?

15. What kind of sandwich does Gary make?

16. What time *does* it start hailing?

17. What points Claire to the kidnapper?

18. Who is the kidnapper?

19. Where does Gary say the kidnapper is?

20. What kind of pizza does Chuck want?

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