Early Edition Trivia

110:  "The Wrong Man"
(Gary must prevent ex-boss's murder. Ex-wife Marcia engaged)
"The Wrong Man" Answers

1. What is Gary’s ex-boss’s name?

2. What does Pritchard say he blows his nose with?

3. Who does Gary save by using CPR?

4. What is the only thing Chuck could think about while watching the “talking pig” movie for 93 minutes?

5. Why are all those men hanging out at the beach at 6:30 am in November?

6. Chuck takes the place of which Polar Bear?

7. Who is waiting for Gary in the lobby and why?

8. What does Chuck say he would never get over?

9. What does Marissa say Gary needs?

10. What does Chuck say Gary needs?

11. What is the name of the brokerage firm that Chuck and Marissa work for?

12. Which stockbroker is going to commit suicide?

13. What is the mailroom guy’s name?

14. According to the mailroom guy, what happens to the mail sometimes?

15. What kind of advice does Chuck give Harrison?

16. Who does Gary see walking into a restaurant and who meets her there?

17. What is Marcia’s maiden name?

18. What does Chuck read in the paper that Gary dropped?

19. What does Marcia think is really bothering Gary?

20. What is the name of the boat with the loose mast?

21. Who did Gary play squash with?

22. What does Gary do to Pritchard during the game?

23. What does Chuck call Gary’s “accident”?

24. Who does the paper say will be murdered?

25. What doesn’t Gary want to do?

26. Where does Pritchard run to hide from Gary?

27. Why does Gary go to the French Restaurant?

28. How does Pritchard catch on fire?

29. What does Mrs Roberts do to help Pritchard?

30. Who bails out Gary?

31. Why was Pritchard scared of Gary?

32. Who does Gary think is going to kill Pritchard?

33. Who *is* going to kill Pritchard?

34. What does Gary make Pritchard promise?

35. What does Gary want Pritchard to say every day?

36. What happens to Pritchard’s car?

37. What happened at the wedding?

38. What happened to Phil and Gary at the Salsa joint?

39. What does Gary put in his nightstand drawer?

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